Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges:

What is a Traffic Exchange? (TE)

You can hear it on the name. You Exchange Traffic. I look at your page, You look at mine. All TE’s now days give you credits for watching a website. from 0,33-1credit/view. You can get higher Ratio if you upgrade. The cost is $5-30/month. That usually includes some TE, Banner and Text Credits. On Top of that, many TE’s pay commission. Some pay free members like 10% and Upgraded member 40-70%. This means. You pay 10/month and get 3 paying members in a 50% TE… You make $5 with your advertising tool.

Surfing Traffic Exchanges is very time consuming, that’s why I recommend most people to Buy Credits. It’s Better to build your business then spend to much time on one ad source.

Dragon Surf

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3 Comments on “Traffic Exchanges
  1. Dear Stefan
    I read so much about Traffic Exchange and wonder if that is a good thing?
    With a traffic exchange I violate the Google Adsense rules and maybe they suspend my Adsense Account. From what I read I could also be banned from the Google search engine!
    How is your opinion?

    • Hello Richard … Yes Google Adsense do not allow Traffic Exchange (TE’s) Traffic. You need to use different pages in TE’s to build your business. Do not promote your Blog with Adsense in them. You will be banned and they do not help your Google search engine ranking. You’ll not get band from the SEO’s . It’s the same as any tools, offline, online. All tools have to be used different. Build your list and brand your name, face and your business is what Traffic Exchanges are for. Then send people to your blog after the signed up to your list. Stick your url in the sigfile in every email.

      Use your Blog as The Center Of Your Universe. Glue everything together with your Blog

  2. Hi Stefan, I like your blog much.. Im medical student so dont have time to check which TE is best Or which is working.. Plzz Tell me 10 Best TEs which gives results … I want to promote “All in One Profit”
    Hope you help.

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