First I would like to say a Big Thank you!

Your support and to be able to work with you has inspired me to continue on this exciting journey as a business owner and Internet marketer

“Thumbs Up” to you!

Stefan Berg 2011

“I get Excited Every 3 Days When It’s Time 2
send in The Lead Magnet – It’s a Great and Responsive
Viral List Builder And with a Push of a Button, I get to
see New Signups Coming into my Business without Fail…
In fact, a lot of the Most Recognized Marketers in our Niche
would Agree (and have stated) that like me, their tracking
shows The Lead Magnet Consistently being one of
The Top Performers…”

Darren Olander Owner of – Adchiever/ListSurfing – September 2011

“Stefan always goes the extra mile to
over deliver to his members. Impressive to work with
and focused on goals. Easy to work out plans and
ideas with a great partner to have in business.”

Sean Supplee, Owner of Visitmaniac.com – February 23, 2011

“Stefan Berg is a true leader in the industry and his The Lead Magnet is a TOP Quality,
Highly Ranked tool for advertising and branding. I highly recommend it.”

Randy Ritter, Owner, Top Flight Traffic – February 22, 2011

“Stefan and I have worked together on many
of the same programs and now he has his own site and is
a great owner – honest with his members, works very hard
to keep traffic coming to the site and is a pleasure
to work with. I would never hesitate to work with him
on any project – sticks with it till the job is done”

Nancy Radlinger, Co-Founder, Family Networker – February 23, 2011

“Stefan is a great list builder and awesome friend and colleague.
He is a very smart internet marketer with multi-skills and really enjoys
helping others succeed. His site theleadmagnet.com is an awesome site and
list builder. If your not in it then i suggest making it a point of joining
and upgrading to get the full potential of a awesome list builder.”

David ORourke, Webmaster, Owner of Listbuildingdirect.com – February 22, 2011

“Stefan’s a self motivated person who has spent a great deal of his time
in the development of others! and is always on the leading edge.”

Ron Holcomb, Owner, rdholco’s Marketing – February 22, 2011

“I have known Stefan Berg for over 2 years.
He is a professional in every sense of the word. Always
willing to share his knowledge and lend a helping
hand. His online knowledge in his line of promotional
work is extensive and his successful tips are worth
following. Always professional, always consistent and
always a pleasure to work with. I recommend Stephan highly!”

Neil Sperling – March 1, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Well I would have to say that Stefan knows how to make a beautiful web site.
But what really works and impressed me is how how details are not
overlooked right from the start. Stefan shows that he cares for his
customers by providing them with detailed step-by-step instructions
to get them started. Also Stefan overdelivers and provides services that
simular sites that offer the same time of service do not provide.
I am looking forward to a long and profitable relationship!”

Terry Russell – February 24, 2011

“It is an absolute please to write this recommendation
for Stefan. I have watch Stefan grow his business from the ground up.
He worked out the strategies required to run a successful
online business and then put what he learnt over the years into
his now very successful business The Lead Magnet. I would recommend
Stefan as a leader in traffic generation in the internet marketing arena.”

Sandy Moore, Consultant Carbon Copy Pro, Prepare2Succeed – February 23, 2011

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

“I have know Stefan for years, he started as an Internet Marketer
and has grown to program owner status. His LeadMagnet Safelist Program
has provided results for my business, it is the best performing Safelist
of 2011 for me. He’s a great guy, a great owner, and if you’re
considering doing business with this man, do it!”

Rob Gehring, owner of Traffic Leads2Income.com – February 27, 2011

“Stefan Berg Is dedicated and knowledgable in his
work with focus on customer relations.”

Vivian Paff , Owner, Dogllar – February 25, 2011

“I got to know Stefan through ApSense. Through our connection
there I could quickly see his Leadership Abilities and became a member
of Lead Magnet. This program which he developed and owns is a winner.
It is a must for internet marketers.”

Sue and Shawn Kelly, Member Dealer, ApSense – February 24, 2011

“Stefan is a good man to work with. He is personally active
and a great help to associates.”

Glen Brink, WorldProfit Franchise owner – February 24, 2011

“Stefan is a dedicated professional and his goal is to provide
quality leads to those marketers who demand his service.”

Jeannie George, Member, WebTrafficircle – February 23, 2011

“Stefan Berg has a keen knowledge of helping you grow your business.
I have worked with him in different business opportunities and he
knows how to train people to succeed. His suggestion to me to brand
myself has always been helpful. I recommend Stefan.”

Debbie Nelsen, QR, Commission River – February 22, 2011

“Stefan has always exhibited a keen sense of business values.
His unique ability to offer services to the business community that
are always relevant and beneficial sets him apart from his contemporaries.”

Wally Pieper, KB Gold Franchisee – February 22, 2011

“I have known Stefan for several years now and can tell you that he is
a man of great dedication, determination and integrity. He has always
taken the time to help me improve my business contacts online.”

Rick Nauman, Independent KB Partner – February 22, 2011

“Stefan’s Lead magnet system is the ultimate lead generation
system for generating and attracting leads for sales.”

Charles Hopson – February 22, 2011

“Stefan is an honest, down to earth person. He likes to help you out whenever
you need his advice, and expert opinion. Thanks a lot Stefan.”

Sumaya Kabbara El Ayoubi – February 22, 2011

“Stefan is a great guy willing to help and encourage with much free support”
Brian Baulch – February 22, 2011

“Stefan has a incredible talent regarding Internet Marketing. I have learned
from him how to use free time working in promotion. I never has med such
skilled and friendly person in this area of bussines.Beside he is a honest
person rarely someone can find in Internet Marketing bussines. I you are looking
for someone who can teach you, he is a best teacher, not guru, but teacher.”

Roman Legierski, engineer, El-ShaddaY – February 22, 2011

“Stefan has provided high value services an products for years. His reputation is
one of integrity and honesty.I`ve learned a lot from him and look forward to
more of his help in the future.”

Dave Riebe, Distributor, TriVita – February 22, 2011

“Stefan is a great and fantastic worker and builder, a great
Marketer consider to work with him Success”

Willems Patrick, Trainerteamcoach, DHS Club – June 5, 2010

“Stephen Berg is a man of principal. He is very detail oriented
and provides excellent advice for those in need. I highly recommend him!”

Lisa Robertson, Owner, Open Pages – October 10, 2009

“Stefan is one of the people I look to for great information about article writing
and general business information for my business. Stefan has similar values
and beliefs about his business to mine, so I understand and agree with most of
his views about the personal attributes and commitment we all need to bring
to the table to help our customers (and hopefully long-term friends).
These values help us to grow and make our businesses more successful and personally
satisfying. I have been working at home full time for almost five years in my
present version of my business, and have owned and operated several different
businesses with the name Reliant Services for almost 20 years now, and I
appreciate the guidance and business suggestions from experienced marketers
and business owners who are willing to share their excellent ideas and knowledge with me.”

Terry Russell – September 5, 2009

“Stefan Berg is a excellent problem solver, dedicated, highly experienced
with a positive personality who handles all personality types with ease and enthausiasm.”

William Crane, Student, California State University-Long Beach – August 4, 2009

“Stefan is great! I always look forward to his emails and learned an awful lot
from him. He is also a hard worker. This is a tough business and you don’t get
to meet such a nice person like he is every day. He is a relly good person to get to know.”

Sylvia Einwechter, Owner, Webmaster, Marketer, Pet Store USA.net – August 3, 2009

“Stefan is an upstanding, animated and genuine friend both personally and in business.
He is a hard worker striving to provide a comfortable way of life for his family
and also in helping others. Stefan is dedicated to his home business and also
to his voluntary pursuits.”

Zurieka&James Model, Owner, Quickstart Home Business – July 29, 2009

“Great Guy with a hugh knowledge on how to build an online business!”
Gino Descamps, Founder and CEO, Nigo G&D Bvba – July 28, 2009

“Stefan is a great person to have as a friend, he is always
willing to help any one who needs help.”

Myrna Ferguson, Founding Member, Cagora – July 28, 2009

“I warmly recommend Stefan as a one of best I know from many other internet marketers.
Very educated skilled man. Everyone who wish learn IM is adviced to contact him”

Roman Legierski, engineer, El-ShaddaY – July 28, 2009

“Stefan is one of the good guys!!”
Bruce Williams, Owner, Prince Williams Painting – July 27, 2009

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  1. “Stefan is a great guy willing to help and encourage with much free Stefan has a incredible
    integrity and Stefan high value services an products for years

    have learned
    from him how to us

  2. It has the just like you find out my mind! You seem to knowledge a whole lot approximately this specific, just like you wrote the ebook within it or something. I have faith that you just can perform by incorporating Per cent to push your message household somewhat, yet aside from that, that is ideal web site. A fantastic read. We’ll easily be returning.

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