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From The Desk of Stefan Berg A help in life and business is to master your mind. A free web master tool. Many times the Mindset is underestimated. How important is your mindset when it comes to succeed in business or in other areas in life?

The Owner of says about Mindset:

“- Mindset is one of the best Free web master tool there is. And it is really free. All is up to you. There is a saying “You can´t stop a bird flying over your head – but you can stop it from building a nest on your head”
We all have negative thoughts from time to time – but do we keep them? It is hard work to stay focused and have a positive attitude in business – but it is possible.”

To replace negative thoughts you need something else to ponder over. Here is 4 main points when it comes to change a negative attitude:

1. Develop a positive attitude of yourseld and what you do

2. Change your mindset to “I Can”

3. Set a long term goal

4. Make a everyday schedule

Take advantage of one of the best free web master tool that really are Free. Your mindset.
You will notice progress in many different parts of life.

When you master this it is time to take a step to a higher level whether it is in business or other parts of life.

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Do You Use Pro Tools or Is Free Always The Best?


From The Desk of … Is Free really FREE? Is Free Always The Best?
Why pay for Pro Tools when things are free?

When it comes down to success in business you really have to decide if you want your own Business or if you want to trade your time for money (read employee). If you´re looking for your Own Business what are you prepared to do make your business profitable?

All begins in your mind. You have to decide, where to focus. Where should you spend your time, What kind of tools do you need, is everything free?

We´re going to discuss is Free always the best, if you want to progress in your business?

I doesn’t matter if you want an offline or online Business… you have to do some investments. You can´t avoid it. If you believe in your idea and you have a business plan, GREAT, don´t hesitate. The Money you’ll put in is worth it.

You can´t say, I don´t need to invest in my business – I can do it for free.
There is No Options. From Day 1 you need certain tools and services.

Let us Illustrate it:

Your car needs to be fixed. It´s broken – and you really need it!
You have 2 choices:

1. You do it yourself – you may have to buy a book, search on the internet and find the instructions. It says: grab that tool and that spare part to make it work – This is not free. It takes time and money

2. Pay someone who do it for you.

In both examples you need knowledge, the right tools and money!
If you did it yourself you saved a few bucks – but instead –
how much time did you spend, Was it free?

Same goes in your business. If you want your Business vehicle to Run Smoothly. Either you pay someone for the things you need that you don´t have enough knowledge about or you start to learn yourself – by getting the right tools – in both ways you have to invest..

One thing you learn while you progress is that it actually saves you both money and time to invest in the Right tools
So what kind of Pro tools do you need in a Online Business? Where do you start?
You need 3 Things. We can refer to them as “The 3 Musketeers“ These are real Pro tools.

1. Autoresponder – AWeber – the most effective way to keep in contact with your customers

2. Hosting – Not an option – the most essential tool in your Online Freelance Work

3. Tracking – will help you to see where you should put your effort in advertising and to keep up to date with where you get your best results.

“The three Musketeers” are not free – but they will give you results! The Value in having these Tools are priceless in your business to grow. Is free always the best?

No, YOU can only get results if you are willing to invest money and time in your business.

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005)

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Are You Using The Best Free Web Master Tool?

Male HeadWhen I woke Up this morning I felt frustrated. This is not going to work! I give up! What had happened? What had changed since yesterday?

The answer is nothing – except my Mindset! That is what we´re going to discuss today and learn how our mindset is one of the best free web master tool and how you can use it for success in your business.

Do you master it – Your mindset? Many times the Mindset is underestimated – if we have negative thoughts about ourselves and what we do we will never succeed.

How can you change your mindset? Where do you start? The famous Marketer Stephen Pierce said in a live seminar: “- I decided to shout; Cancel! or Stop! every time negative thoughts showed up. Many days it felt like shouting Cancel was the only thing I did! Slowly I learned how to change my negative thoughts to positive… After STOP! I started to say – I can do it, I will succeed!” . – And he was right lol

What was his point?
Stop the negative thoughts direct, before they take over your brain! …There is a saying…

“You can´t stop birds from flying over your head – but you
can stop them from building a nest on your head!”

This shows that you have to put in great effort to change your mindset, hard work but It’s possible. To replace your negative thoughts you need something else to ponder over. How should you do that? Take advantage of one of the best free web master tool that really are Free… Your mindset!

Here is 4 main points when it comes to change your attitude:

Believe in yourself – you deserve to have a good life – you are the one deciding what to do in
your life – life does not decide over you.

“I Can” is valuable words to you. You need to decide what you want and then Do it! If you really think you can do it –
then you will reach your goal, in all parts of your life

What is Your “WHY”, what are your motivation for success in your business? You can ask yourself; What is my strongest reason to start a business? This reason will take you further and make you keep going, when things don’t work out the way you wanted or takes longer time then expected. This is Important… think about this for 30 minutes and write it down. Put it up where you can see it. My WHY is: “I want to Work Where ever I’m in the world, with Who I want, when I want and with What I want, never ever work for someone else, or be stuck in a boring work ever again.” Remind yourself of your “Why” every day and especially when negative thoughts comes to your mind.

Use an everyday schedule – write down what to do everyday. Make at least one thing on your daily schedule. Don´t wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today.

Is this easy? No, but it is possible – and you will notice progress in many different parts of life.

So if you wake up one day, like I did, and think; This is not going to work – Use the best Free web master tool there is. Your mindset!

To succeed in business what do you need? Different kinds of tools, and to Use them right –
in the next topic we will discuss other important Tools.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right” – Henry Ford

To get the Full Picture and help with your Mindset, and start
making money with your changes… Grab this System:

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