Should Traffic Exchanges Focus Mainly On Delivering Traffic?

I was on the Saturday Affiliate Funnel conference. The Guest speaker Steve Ayling was Talking about the changes he done inside his TE’s. He is moving away from the bribe system in Traffic Exchanges – Crazy Surfing Contests and concentrates more on the Marketers. This has stirred up some feelings and created a debate.

This is a answer I was going to a post on a Blogpost on this topic…

Customers always comes first – period… (Basic common sense, even if this is far from the truth in reality). Many Owners do not even answer support tickets, pay out commission in time.

It’s about Focusing On The Surfers or The Marketers. How to get better results in Traffic Exchanges?

Surfers who wants to surf will surf 10 000 pages, 35 hours straight as long as they have that option somewhere.

Surfers who want to make 1cent/Hour surfing will continue do so.

Surfers who want to win contest, collect clocks, balloons, badges, team surf, surf for therapy will also continue do so.

Some Surfers Love to Interact and Chat (I remember when I was arguing with Mr. Olson and a few others about this in SWAT conference when StartXChange added their chat) They where against I was For. Why? Because I got gr8 results with it and Always Built my business this way using Skype, MSN and later Chats in TE’s. I’m a Social Guy…

Did you Notice Guys… Surfers, Surfers, Surfers…

The talk I was listening to, the conference with Steve Ayling was Focusing on The Marketers aspect not from the surfers eyes. Yeah I know many say they are both surfers and marketers… up to each person to label them self.

What do you as a marketer, advertiser want? (My viewpoint is for people who treat this as a business, extra income – Not a Hobby)

Results…Results…Results… Period

That was the Whole Point With the Talk… But as always people put them self first me me me… and have hard time seeing or listen with an open mind. So with this in hand… Back to the conferences… here is what been said… hint there is a recording…

1. The Ones who Chat when surfing gain from it!

2. Advertisers who are using Te’s this way. I watch your site you watch mine and mostly buy credits and not use the chat, get less results now compared to let say before the Chat boom, Surf for cents, Outrageous contests! (because the chat, contest and so on steal a part of what they paid for… 100% pageviews)

3. How do you create a better marketplace for the Advertisers, marketers who want to use a TE to get more sign ups, sales what ever, get better results from The Actually Page they added.
Answer: No Surf Contest’s where you win because you surf 35 hours straight, no chat, no Surf for cents, longer timer and a max daily surf limit. That was a few points.

4. That way Steve Will Focus more on getting other marketers interested in TE’s, target a much larger group outside TE Land.

5. Most Owners want to make more money and keep the Members active, have them upgrading, surf a lot, interact, use their programs, add ons and stuff of Course…

But – Do this increase the results for the Advertiser? (My tracking shows No – Big time No for my pages) I know Branding, people must see your pages 7 times and so on. But I want Both 😉 Direct Conversion and the more indirect, long term one.


I see this a lot – people have problems to see, grasp the main topic. Steve asked us to widen out, open up our mind and see it from the Advertisers eyes not the surfers…

If you don’t do that, you don’t grasp what he was saying.
The main topic: Results…Results…Results…

Yeah getting results from The Main Thing a TE offer: I watch your page, you watch mine. I want my page seen, If have low credits I have to surf or buy credits to make that happen mindset. Not I surf for the tons of other reasons.

Of Course there are Rooms for Both sides… if You want the Hybrid/Combo TE – Chat – Social Interaction – Contests, You can have that. More and more now days.

I want to see more Of this…
Focus on delivery results for The Marketers who want results using the Actually Main Source: Advertise your Pages. This was what I heard in Steve Aylings Talk – nothing else.

I’m welcoming Steve’s Change of Focus. More Focus on the Results then mindless clicking. Why & How to use a Traffic Exchange? Hopefully this is the way to Better Results for the advertisers. You need Credits to be able to Show your page… Ah I need Credits … I either have to surf or buy credits to be able to use the Traffic Exchange…

See You start with what you want to advertise… That is the main reason you are Surfing. Not the other way around is Steve Aylings More Defined way of seeing this…

I prefer Pears over Apples – Does it mean I don’t Like Apples?

Last Thought…
There are tons of ways to interact… I use Skype, Skype groups, Msn, Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook, Fan pages, My Blog, Conference rooms + many more… Even Te Chats lol…

The Magnetic Leader

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Are You a Surfer or a Marketer? Free Coaching Included.

This is a hot topic indeed. Are you a Surfer or a Marketer. A Marketer is a person, who do more then just advertising, create traffic etc. A Marketer do all steps needed to make money. From setting up the LCP(sign up) pages to Call customers, brand your name, face, company. Outsource stuff he can’t do himself or get better quality stuff. Yes a real Marketer need to spend money. Many people online tell me they work hard, many hours and that is true, but…
“It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours”.

You don’t need to be a Surfer to be a Marketer but all
Surfers must be marketers to Make Money in the longrun.

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What Have You Done Today – To Make More Money Tomorrow?

What do I Mean by that?

To make more money, you have to do things you never done before.
You have to try things you never tried before. You have to walk,
drive, crawl on streets you never been on. Try new things….
Go to new places, places you didn’t know exists.

walk, drive, crawl on streets you don’t you where they end.

You have to track your results and be honest to yourself.
Result’s is What counts The numbers don’t lie…

Let’s say Your Goal is to make $100 This Month

Disclaimer: This is only an example… Some make more and some make less.
Some even pay to surf (They are Upgraded) but make less then they pay


You surf quite a few Traffic Exchanges. You spend
4-5 hours/day. You using Twitter, FaceBook, Faceplate
and such from time to time…

Results after 1 month. $10

Ah cool… You start calculating… If I surf 8-10 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 2nd month: $20

Ah cool… You start calculating… If I surf 12-14 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 3rd month: $30

And again cool… You start calculating… If I surf 16-18 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 4th month: $40

Now You can’t surf any more hours and you make
$0,10/hour… If surfing 16h/day 6 days/week

Can You do something different?

How about Your pages, better design… How about Branding YOU and that way
get more people recognize you and that way make more money in the future.

How about Put together a system. Instead of selling stuff, sponsor ppl direct to
your mlm, te’s etc. Use a Funnel system. Expose ppl to your ads not only 1 time,
but up to 4 times more ASAP and unlimited times in the future? (same amount of traffic)

How About using other Traffic Sources, make a blog and update it every day…
Have a designer do your pages.

Videos… Yes Videos is what everybody should do, heaps of them… Article Marketing – Press releases, online/offline conferences, safelist marketing, forums, using your phone, mail, email (I can mentioned and recommend a lot more things, see this as a start, beginning of your new Journey)

To make more money, you have to do things you never done before
You have to try things you never tried before.

This is just a wake up call… There are a lot more between the
lines above… Some stuff might be hard to do on your own

I Can Help YOU… Have a Look at This Coaching Program:

Are You Ready to walk, drive, crawl on streets you never been on.
Try new things. Go to new places, places you didn’t know exists.

Remember… “Every Click Counts”

Take Care

Stefan Berg

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Traffic exchange advertising can be one of the most effective forms of online advertising and has been for over a decade. However, hundreds of new members every month simply “give up” because they are not seeing the results they expect…

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Cool concept huh?

Traffic exchange tools, designed by traffic exchange users!

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Forever Concepts Are a Win Win Win

Its well known by most of the other traffic exchange
owners that’s its not the script or the domain name,
or the design that makes a successful exchange but
the owner

What I wanted to do was interrogate the prospective
owner Joseph Riley

I knew that what Joseph did with forever concepts
was and is always the key to whether this was
something worth spending my and your surfing time

If Joseph was just another TE owner with no long
term plan and goal then I knew it would just be
another TE.

Joseph passed the interrogation with flying colours…

So take this as my unreserved recommendation to
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I’m so excited by the concept of
that were going to have massive prizes for all the new
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Which will include

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Plus massive credit and banner prizes
in AKH, Bootscootin traffic and of course FC itself

All you have to do is Join now

The more you surf… The more you promote the more
chances you have in the draw to win those prizes.

This is a massive new TE launch with Joseph dedicated
to helping 10,000 entrepreneurs reaching there goals.

Let ForeverConcepts help you reach your goal

Your Success

Stefan Berg

PS: Remember the more you surf and promote
over the next 2 weeks the more prizes you could


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Get Online Traffic with Traffic Exchanges!

From The Desk of: How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?

Many many people come online every day, they start their own business, some only
want to make some extra money others want to change their career, be rich and so on.

A few of all these people find Traffic Exchanges and some of them start surfing…

The Questions all of You should ask Yourself…

1. How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges
and Other Free Traffic Sources like Safelists?

2. Do You want to trade time for Money, work for
pennies or do you want to make your living Online?

I have Many years of experience in Traffic Exchanges and Online Business
TE’s are ONLY Good for 2 Things…

1. Build Your List!
2. Brand Yourself and YOUR Brand

Everything else many Members does is a waste of time and will never make you money in the
longrun. Advertise Other peoples Business, their brand or program, direct sell in TE’s
Will never going to help you in Your Business…

Build Your List with Aweber:
Your Own LCP’s, (squeeze pages) then start sell
what You have… with Emails, videos, Messenger, what ever.

This way you use This Traffic Source the way it
was designed… The List Is Your Business!

Only do 1 and 2 … All other ways is a Big waste of time for every serious person who wants to make Money With Traffic Traffic Exchanges

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HERE is a List Of the Best Traffic Exchanges!

Best Regards

Stefan Berg

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