Can You Benefit from Using a Viral Listbuilder in Your Advertsing Campaign?

We all Need Traffic to Our Websites – Right? In order to get Traffic to Your website you Need to use the Right Sources when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign. One Source is Viral Listbuilders. Lately the Internet Industry has Exploded with Viral Listbuilders. This has not gone Unnoticed…

Are Viral Listbuilders a Good Source to get Traffic to your Website? Can You Benefit from Using them? Important Questions – we All want to get the Best Results we can from Our Advertising Campaigns.

You might wonder – What is a Viral Listbuilder? How should you Use a Viral Listbuilder to be Successful with your Advertising Campaign?

What is a Viral Listbuilder?

Viral List Builders are The New Generation Safelists – they are proven to give the members Higher Conversion and Better Overall Results. Easy Explained Viral List Builders are a Platform where you can Advertise to other Members by Sending Emails. Members can Place Banner – Text – and Login Ads in the System – benefits that will get the members Maximum Exposure of their Business.

Viral List Builders is Credit Based – which means You Earn Credits when you Read Other Members Emails (clicking a creditlink inside the email) – click on Text links and Banner Ads. The Member can Use these Credits to Advertise. An Effective System that makes Members Stay Active to Be Able to use the Program.

How can you Use a Viral Listbuilder?

Most Viral Listbuilders Allow you to Join as a Free member – with limitations. As an Upgraded member you can Email a Lot more members – and you will receive more Benefits then as a free member. Usually the Increase of How Many you can Email is Thousands of Percent. Always check out the OTO’s – they can be a Real Moneysaver if you have decided to Upgrade.

Using Viral Listbuilders correct makes All the Difference. They are an Effective Advertising tool if done right and very time consuming – if done wrong.

What kind of people are using Viral Listbuilders?

@ People who are promoting a Home Business Opportunity – MLM and so on. These people use Viral Listbuilders to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other Marrketing Services such as Ebooks – Traffic Exchanges – Social Network sites and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

To Target these groups when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign you Need to Provide Tools or Services that can help Internet Marketers. It will give you much better results then direct selling Cars – hot dogs etc… Promote something that other Internet marketers are interested of. A free E-books – a Memberships site or a Service that Deliver Traffic usually works great.

What do you need to Use a Viral Listbuilder?

A Valid Email Address – for serious Business a Gmail account is recommended. Viral Listbuilders only allow certain email providers today to be able to provide the best delivery service. Gmail works great.

Emails to Send – It takes practice to Learn How to Write Emails – it is one of the most Important Internet Marketing skills that you can Develop. Most Affiliate programs provide Emails you can use. Rewrite them a bit and make them personal. Remember that a Viral Listbuilders works a bit different – you will receive 1000’s of Emails to your Inbox. A Hot tip! Do a folder for every Viral Listbuilder you have joined in your email Inbox and you will save yourself a lot of trouble with a Overloaded Inbox.

Your Emails should be Shorther and Formated a bit different from the emails you send to your Readers at your Business Blog (check out how the Credit Mails are Formated when you Receive them from Experienced Email Marketers). Use “Call to Action words”. The Most Important is the Headline. Work on a Eye catching Headline – this will Make people Open up your email!

Always Follow the Email Guidelines of a Viral Listbuilder. Don’t use too many web links in your Email – this only Turn People Off. The web link in the Creditbox is the Best Way to get your Website Viewed.

Read other Well Known Marketers emails and Learn of their Techniques. If you see something you Like – take Notes and Save it. Your notes will Help you come up with New and Better ideas. Tweak what others do – Make it Your Own. Take every chance you get to make yourself Stand out from the crowd – Brand you. This will Boost Your Advertise Campaign

Now – make a Schedule and Organize When to Send emails and What to Send in Each Viral Listbuilder. Be persistent and Continue to send Out your Email Everytime Possible (how often you can Email will depend on your Upgrade and how Often the Viral Listbuilder allow you to send)

When there is so Many Different Viral Listbuilders – How Should you Choose which Ones to Join? One of the Best Ranking sites that is Around in this Industry help you Choose Among the Crowd. You will Find a Fresh Ranking report for Every Week at Traffic Hoopla

Is the Owner a Well known Marketer? How Many Active Members has the Viral Listbuilder? With that said it is not Always the Number of Members that counts. Even a Viral Listbuilder with a smaller amount of Members can give Great Results. Most Important is that the Site is continually growing with New Members and that they stay Active.

If your not Using Viral Listbuilders yet then it is time to Start. Choose from these Recommended Top Sources – Viral Listbuilding at Its Best. Email Marketing might be “Old Fashioned” – but when Done Right You will Notice – Using a Viral Listbuilder in your Advertise Campaign is a Must!

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Why do you Need to be Passionate about your Internet Marketing?

    With all promises that we see on the Internet now days, about Earn Millions and Do Nothing, it can be hard to realize what it takes to become successful as an Internet Marketer! Is it really that simple? Make Millions doing nothing?

    Let me ask you – When – if ever in the history has it been working to “Do Nothing and accomplish Great things”?

    It is sad to see so many people desperately seeking fortune and success believing that the solution is Doing Nothing, just join one program after the other… It will all turn out just being that – Nothing…

    There are ways to be successful on the Internet, but it will take you a little bit more then “Doing Nothing” to reach Success 🙂 Let me explain…

    To begin with – To reach success – you need the Right Tools – 3 basic ones are Autoresponder – Hosting and Tracking You can read more about these tools in this blogpost Building Your List is a Must…

    When you have the Tools – you need to use them and be determined, focused about your Internet business. You need to be a Passionate Internet Marketer!

    How can you be Passionate about your Internet Marketing and
    Why is that so Important?

    1# Be Social

    Nowdays – there is NO excuse to not have contact with your customers – affiliates and other Internet marketers. Networking is one of your central tools in being an Internet Marketer. There is Skype – Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – LinkedIn and so on… You can have your pick of what suits you best to use. If you are a Business Owner – to have a Support is a Must! You should also take responsibility to Answer support tickets in a reasonable time. Of course you can Outsource this part because it can be time consuming but In my Opinion it is a Excellent way to create an relationship with your customers.

    Being Social also includes Branding your Name and Face – Tell people about Yourself. Who are You? What is your story as an Internet Marketer? What has been your Obsticles and Highlights on your Internet journey. You can set up an About you page

    2# Be Persistent

    If you are an Passionate Internet Marketer you don’t give up! You will be out there day after day. You will keep to your Daily Schedule. You will continue to remind yourself about your WHY – your Reason why you want to work Online. You will set up Partial Goals how to reach to success. Stay Focused and Determined to succeed and You will be the Example to follow…

    3# Give Value

    Be Generous with your Expertise… Go the extra mile when your able to. Write on your blog about topics that solves peoples problems. Give meaningful comments on other blogs – Be active in forums etc… Do Educational Videos on Youtube. One way of Giving Value can be to give away an Ebook – a Video Training course etc…

    If you are giving Value to people they know that they can turn to you – you are someone who is Trustworthy and gives Practial Solutions on how to Progress as an Internet Marketer.

    4# Take Responsibility – Be professional – Be Honest and Fair to your customers – In time you will be known as an Serious Marketer who keeps what he promises and have good principles. Remember there is no shortcuts. Worth mentioning again is if you are an Business Owner you should have Customer service high up on your priority list. Have respect for others time as well as your own time.

    5# Take Action – One friend of mine once said: “- It is sometimes better to take a less good decision than making no decision at all!” This is so True! A decision you can change but doing nothing will take you nowhere! Don’t be unrealistic and think that things will happen over night – we all have a Learning Curve. If you do things right from the beginning it will save you a lot of time in the end 🙂 Apply what you learn – as soon as possible – Every small step will take you closer to success. A simple rule is – Take action and work with people who takes Action!

    So why are these Steps of such importance?

    You will be known as an Passionate Internet Marketer who people can Trust – you are Familiar to them – Easily Contacted – they know they get Help and Great Advice from you – you are proven to be an Expert in your field…

    An Internet Marketers Journey never ends. It is an Ongoing Process were we all learn from each other – sometimes from our mistakes and many times from when we take Action.

    I’m sure you are an Passionate Internet Marketer – you already showed action by reading this blog 🙂 As an Bonus you can download Listbuilding Made Easier and learn How to build your Own list of Subscribers…


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Do you know where the best places is to publish your articles and How?

From The Desk Of: Using article marketing is a effective way to drive traffic to your site.

This Article is about, how you can use Article Directories and how to use them right. When you are ready with your article and checked spelling and grammar it is time to publish your article. Where is the best place to publish your article?

To get maximum of people to read your articles you have to submit them to different Article Directory sites.

You can make a long list of different Articles Directories that you can use. A few examples are: Ezine,
Article Dashboard, Article Alley and Go Articles. The best way to find them is on Google, search for Article Directories.

Here is what to do;

1. Start setting up an account in the Directories you want to submit your article.

2. Post your articles. Read through the guidelines to get your article approved. URL:s
are mostly only approved in the “resource box”.
Adjust your article if needed – that will save you a lot of time – sometimes it takes up to a week to
get your article approved. – Take your time and do it right from the beginning.

3. You are allowed to have a “Resourcebox” – that is your Pitch – where you can advertise yourself.
It is important to make it look professional. The purpose of this box is to get people to click on your
links, because this is the only way to get traffic to your website or blog.

4. Choose the proper category for your article – use one that reflects your article best. Then it will be
targeted for the right people. If you put it in wrong category your article may not be approved.

5. Take time to find keywords. Of course you already chosed your main keyword or frase for your article – now
you need tags or keywords that are related to the main keyword you use in the article. Fill out the “tagline”.
This will make sure that your article show up when people search for your topic, in the Article Directories, on your blog and other places.

Besides Article Directories you can alse post your article on blogs and in different forums. Social bookmarking is a great place. You may need to shorten your article or do a teaser with a link in this sites.

Last and most important is of course your own website and blog. This will increase vistitors to your site and help you get
a higher ranking in the search engines. Your URL;s should always link back to your site.

If you deliver quality in article marketing you will get customers that rely on your expertise and they are much more likely
to buy something from you.

Did you find this article interesting? Do you want to learn more about Article Writing?
I Have a Video Serie About This… Watch The 1st Video Here!

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Always if you are Interested to work with me, start your Online Journey, be your Own Boss, Entrepreneur… Subscribe and Get a few $1000 value Gift!

Best Regards
Stefan Berg

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How to Be Successful in Article writing, even if English is Your 2nd Language

From The Desk Of Many people, including me, don’t have English as a their mother tongue. Maybe are you one of us or maybe you have English as your mother tongue, but your not feeling confident enough about writing articles.?

What is the solutions? How is it possible to be successful in article writing even with the competition from many people who has English as their mother tongue? This article will help you to develop confidence in this area.

In article marketing and writing articles the experts often say; “- Submit one article a day. Don´t spend to much time on the article. Limit the time to 30-60 minutes per article”

“- Wow! How is that possible – my mother tongue is Swedish (read; your language)!
“- Wow! I’m not a good writer!”
Don´t be discouraged even if it takes longer time in the beginning to write an article.

To be successful in article writing and marketing depends more on what you write about, how you write. Try to develop your own style. Write about something that brings value to people and help them solve a specific problem. The Best Results will come when you provide a subject that interests people.

Can You write in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd?
Try to answer and solve peoples questions!

You can also provide the tools and Techniques they need to progress and move forward and grow their business and life.

If you say; “- Yes I do – I can help people” – then you will notice that the language will be in subjection to what you have to offer!

If you have English as your second language or not being the best writer (who is?) you know of all the anxieties other people
are going through. Make that an advantage. You may express yourself simple, easy to follow – not using words that are to complicated. All This could attract people. Write and explain complicated things simple is always the best.

The only way to progress in writing articles in English – is too writing articles in English!
Read articles on the topic you want to write about. When you get more experienced in article marketing and you done article writing to your daily routine. They won´t take you more then 30-60 min to write.

After 30-60 minutes put the article aside. Let it rest until next day. Then begin to adjust it to be proper in sentences and in spelling.

If you try to be one step ahead, it won´t be a problem to spend some extra time on your articles. You will still be able to submit a article per day.

Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.
Quentin Crisp

Read a lot of Books is the best way to be a better writer. Write a lot of Articles is even Better … lol…

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Best Regards
Stefan Berg

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About Article Marketing – Mother & Father

From the Desk Of: Stefan Berg… This is The last part About Article Marketing – Mother & Father. Number 6 out of a 6 part Video Series About Article Marketing. Why, How, When, Where, Now What and last Mother and father. This is about repetition and Action. You find the 1-5 parts on my Blog under videos: Article writing is an art and so is article marketing. Try to develop your own style. Article writing is very profitable, when done right and done often. Watch and listen to Article Marketing – Mother & Father. Now It’s time for Action. Don’t forget my challenge… 1 Article/day. Let’s Fly together. Feel Free to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: stefanbergscom and Don’t Forget to Grab Your 60Min MP3… on my Blog: Next Video series is about Video Marketing! They will be released on a screen close to you

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