Internet Based Home Business – Your Insurance For The Future?

Can starting an Internet based home business be your insurance for the future?

People everywhere in the world are affected by the Recession that we seen the last year.
Are you scared about your future financial situation? Afraid of losing you work? Afraid of getting sick?
Maybe you already lost your work… we are all affected by this crash one way or the other.

So how should you deal with it? Anxieties over our finance and how to cope with daily
life is something that concerns us all.

Is this the right time to build up an Internet based home business of your own? Wont it be a great risk?
Of course if we start something we never has done before it is a risk – to do something new
we have to try something we never done before! But the risk is mostly lying in ourself –
if we are willing to work hard – put in time and effort we will succeed.

Look at the positive sides – would it not be great to be able to work from home – be able
to spend more time with your family – work when and where You want?

If you start now to build up something of your own – an internet based home business – then
you will not depend on someone else – You do not need to worry about losing your work. To
start your own business will be your insurance for the future.

To start your internet based home business you will need a Online strategy to follow

Here are 3 valuable and important ways to accelerate your work when you start.

1. Brand your name. In every step of your internet based home business you want to build up
trust to your customers. When they see your name you want them to know that you are a
person that they can rely on – get help from. Do this by writing articles,doing press releases and
videos. You can submit your articles at different Article Directories and your videos on You Tube.
Traffic Geyser is also a great tool for Videos. All this will help you to build up your name and
your credibility of being a good marketer.

2. When you write – do relevant articles – it is important that your articles have value.
You want to give your customers the answers they need. You want to give them a solution to
their problems. If you have a schedule and provide articles, press releases, and
videos on regular basis, people will start to see you as an expert in your area/niche.
The more people read about your expertise, the more you improve your chances of people
coming to you to buy your products and services.

3. Listen to your customers. Give them support. When a customer tells you an idea, instead of thinking of
reasons that wont work, listen with an open mind. It also encourages people to talk to you.
When you are a non-critical sounding person, people like that. Many people complain – and
they will. Instead of brushing them of – try to listen and you can reveal their real
concerns. Being open minded makes your customer feel relaxed and that you take them seriously
will increase the respect for you. Eventually this can lead to a sale.

Do you want to know more how to start your own internet based home business and get more
Online strategies?

Do you want to learn how to use articles like this to drive targeted traffic to your site?

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How do you use your time effectively in your Internet home Business?

From The Desk Of: Stefan Berg

Maybe one of your goals with starting a Internet home business is to spend more time with your family – friends and/or your hobby.

Of course it will take time to start an Internet home Business – But do you need to spend hour after hour in front of your computer?

When you´re your own Boss No one beside yourself will decide how much time you spend at work. Surely you don´t want to spend more time then necessary. How much time do you need to spend to be successful?

What are the secrets behind being effective and productive in Internet home Business?

Surprisingly many people have not decided What they want to accomplish with their Internet home Business, and many don’t have a daily schedule or clear goals.

This is something you should spend time on. Think it through, put it in context. It will be much easier When you have this sorted out. A Clear Goal, 100% focus will help you make the progress you deserve.

You need to develop a realistic and effective schedule to be able to get more and better results in less time.

Visualize what you want and will accomplish with your internet Business by writing down your goal on paper. Make up a Step by step schedule.

Take time to learn the best techniques and how to use the best tools. Then – Take Action. You need to practice what you have learned. You will discover how you progress by taking action and where you can save time in different tasks.

Being realistic in your schedule means that you have to think through how much time you can spend on your Internet home Business. If you have a full-time job, it’s not practical to assume that you can spend all night working with your internet business too.

Write down a “What to do” list and write down how much every task will take. Decide how much you can spend on every moment. And then do at least one thing on your list everyday.

Track your results, what ad works, what kind of advertising works best, time wise and money wise?
Don’t expect different results when doing the same things day out and day in… To be effective you need to track and measure your work.

Things that don’t work, drop them and use things that works better… Cost/subscriber.

This will make you much more effective and productive when you are at your computer. You will notice the difference and see that it is not the time on internet you spend that makes you successful – It is how effective and what you produce that makes your success.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
James Lane Allen

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Best Regards

Stefan Berg

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Do you know where the best places is to publish your articles and How?

From The Desk Of: Using article marketing is a effective way to drive traffic to your site.

This Article is about, how you can use Article Directories and how to use them right. When you are ready with your article and checked spelling and grammar it is time to publish your article. Where is the best place to publish your article?

To get maximum of people to read your articles you have to submit them to different Article Directory sites.

You can make a long list of different Articles Directories that you can use. A few examples are: Ezine,
Article Dashboard, Article Alley and Go Articles. The best way to find them is on Google, search for Article Directories.

Here is what to do;

1. Start setting up an account in the Directories you want to submit your article.

2. Post your articles. Read through the guidelines to get your article approved. URL:s
are mostly only approved in the “resource box”.
Adjust your article if needed – that will save you a lot of time – sometimes it takes up to a week to
get your article approved. – Take your time and do it right from the beginning.

3. You are allowed to have a “Resourcebox” – that is your Pitch – where you can advertise yourself.
It is important to make it look professional. The purpose of this box is to get people to click on your
links, because this is the only way to get traffic to your website or blog.

4. Choose the proper category for your article – use one that reflects your article best. Then it will be
targeted for the right people. If you put it in wrong category your article may not be approved.

5. Take time to find keywords. Of course you already chosed your main keyword or frase for your article – now
you need tags or keywords that are related to the main keyword you use in the article. Fill out the “tagline”.
This will make sure that your article show up when people search for your topic, in the Article Directories, on your blog and other places.

Besides Article Directories you can alse post your article on blogs and in different forums. Social bookmarking is a great place. You may need to shorten your article or do a teaser with a link in this sites.

Last and most important is of course your own website and blog. This will increase vistitors to your site and help you get
a higher ranking in the search engines. Your URL;s should always link back to your site.

If you deliver quality in article marketing you will get customers that rely on your expertise and they are much more likely
to buy something from you.

Did you find this article interesting? Do you want to learn more about Article Writing?
I Have a Video Serie About This… Watch The 1st Video Here!

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How to Be Successful in Article writing, even if English is Your 2nd Language

From The Desk Of Many people, including me, don’t have English as a their mother tongue. Maybe are you one of us or maybe you have English as your mother tongue, but your not feeling confident enough about writing articles.?

What is the solutions? How is it possible to be successful in article writing even with the competition from many people who has English as their mother tongue? This article will help you to develop confidence in this area.

In article marketing and writing articles the experts often say; “- Submit one article a day. Don´t spend to much time on the article. Limit the time to 30-60 minutes per article”

“- Wow! How is that possible – my mother tongue is Swedish (read; your language)!
“- Wow! I’m not a good writer!”
Don´t be discouraged even if it takes longer time in the beginning to write an article.

To be successful in article writing and marketing depends more on what you write about, how you write. Try to develop your own style. Write about something that brings value to people and help them solve a specific problem. The Best Results will come when you provide a subject that interests people.

Can You write in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd?
Try to answer and solve peoples questions!

You can also provide the tools and Techniques they need to progress and move forward and grow their business and life.

If you say; “- Yes I do – I can help people” – then you will notice that the language will be in subjection to what you have to offer!

If you have English as your second language or not being the best writer (who is?) you know of all the anxieties other people
are going through. Make that an advantage. You may express yourself simple, easy to follow – not using words that are to complicated. All This could attract people. Write and explain complicated things simple is always the best.

The only way to progress in writing articles in English – is too writing articles in English!
Read articles on the topic you want to write about. When you get more experienced in article marketing and you done article writing to your daily routine. They won´t take you more then 30-60 min to write.

After 30-60 minutes put the article aside. Let it rest until next day. Then begin to adjust it to be proper in sentences and in spelling.

If you try to be one step ahead, it won´t be a problem to spend some extra time on your articles. You will still be able to submit a article per day.

Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.
Quentin Crisp

Read a lot of Books is the best way to be a better writer. Write a lot of Articles is even Better … lol…

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Stefan Berg

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Building Your Business lists is not an Option it’s a Must

From The Desk of
Do you know how to build your list? Why do so many fail in this area?
Maybe you say: “I already build my list – I´m in a Affiliate Program and I build my list there!”
Learn Why this is not a best option and how to do it right.

Different tools in business is essential – Today we are going to learn why building your Business lists is so important

Do you remember “the 3 Musketeers”?

1.Hosting – Build your own sites exactly as You want them

2.Tracking – By tracking you get better result and know where to advertise

3.Autoresponder – How to continually keep in contact with your customers.

All of these is needed to help you grow in your business and glue things together. But The Autoresponder will also help you build your own business lists.

Let us start with – How to build your own list? How important is it to build your list? The list IS your business.

Why do I stress this? Here is Why…Many people say as I wrote earlier:

“- I´m building my list. I´m in a Affiliate program and I build my business list there.”

But do you really build your Own list then? By Promoting other peoples products, MLMs then you don´t build your own list. You are building Their list and their members.
What happens if the MLM, company you promote disappears or You want to change focus, start your own business?
Then you´ll have to start all over again. You have nothing, the members you sponsored to that company stays with that company – it is their members not yours.
Most of your work is in vain.

Instead you should Build Your List First and promote You. Then you always have Your Business. Nobody can take your Contact List from you.
So to prevent you from making this mistake – it´s time to start to build your own business lists.

To start your own list you need a Autoresponder. Manually sending email to your increasing customers is time consuming and not very effective.It will provide you with a “opt-in form”.
You can build lists for different projects. You can Broadcast your messeges to all your lists with one click. You can design your emails as newsletters etc…
As you can see – it´s a great idea to get a Autoresponder right now if you not already have one.
One good Autoresponder that works and really deliver your emails is Aweber – If you have one you´re satisfied with – keep on using it.

Here is the most important reasons why you should have a Autoresponder;

1. It takes care of your Customers.
2. Helps you to Avoid spam complains.
3. Save time and automate your business. You can’t send out 1000s of emails every week manually.

Building your list and having a Autoresponder will make a big difference for you in your business and you will notice the results.
But now You need a Great email series. You also want your costumers to come back.

That is what we´re going to discuss in the coming articles.

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. Henry Van Dyke

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Do You Use Pro Tools or Is Free Always The Best?


From The Desk of … Is Free really FREE? Is Free Always The Best?
Why pay for Pro Tools when things are free?

When it comes down to success in business you really have to decide if you want your own Business or if you want to trade your time for money (read employee). If you´re looking for your Own Business what are you prepared to do make your business profitable?

All begins in your mind. You have to decide, where to focus. Where should you spend your time, What kind of tools do you need, is everything free?

We´re going to discuss is Free always the best, if you want to progress in your business?

I doesn’t matter if you want an offline or online Business… you have to do some investments. You can´t avoid it. If you believe in your idea and you have a business plan, GREAT, don´t hesitate. The Money you’ll put in is worth it.

You can´t say, I don´t need to invest in my business – I can do it for free.
There is No Options. From Day 1 you need certain tools and services.

Let us Illustrate it:

Your car needs to be fixed. It´s broken – and you really need it!
You have 2 choices:

1. You do it yourself – you may have to buy a book, search on the internet and find the instructions. It says: grab that tool and that spare part to make it work – This is not free. It takes time and money

2. Pay someone who do it for you.

In both examples you need knowledge, the right tools and money!
If you did it yourself you saved a few bucks – but instead –
how much time did you spend, Was it free?

Same goes in your business. If you want your Business vehicle to Run Smoothly. Either you pay someone for the things you need that you don´t have enough knowledge about or you start to learn yourself – by getting the right tools – in both ways you have to invest..

One thing you learn while you progress is that it actually saves you both money and time to invest in the Right tools
So what kind of Pro tools do you need in a Online Business? Where do you start?
You need 3 Things. We can refer to them as “The 3 Musketeers“ These are real Pro tools.

1. Autoresponder – AWeber – the most effective way to keep in contact with your customers

2. Hosting – Not an option – the most essential tool in your Online Freelance Work

3. Tracking – will help you to see where you should put your effort in advertising and to keep up to date with where you get your best results.

“The three Musketeers” are not free – but they will give you results! The Value in having these Tools are priceless in your business to grow. Is free always the best?

No, YOU can only get results if you are willing to invest money and time in your business.

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.
Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005)

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