Now VirtaPay Is It a Scam?

Hi My Friends!

I have a Few Serious Questions for Every Person Who Joined and
Are Promoting This new Payment Processor/Program – Now VirtaPay!

Who is Behind the Service, Program?
Why are they Using .me and not .com , net?

Why DO They Claim to Give Away $100 when you sign up,
$25 for each referral and up to $20/day for participating,
When It’s not US Dollars??? (Read inside the prog)

Did you read the TOS – Terms of Service?
Do You agree with it ?

Everything in RED and INSIDE THE () IS MY NOTES.

ps … I don’t scream lol… I just put Capitals to make it easier to read and see
what Notes is mine and what is from TOS)
I want answers from People who promote a program like this to me
and my friends! (I have seen this many times before) reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time
to time and without notice. (WITHOUT NOTICE – No Serious pay processor, PP, AP can put
this in their TOS… Change The Terms without any notice!)

Continued use of the Service after changes to the Terms of Service shall constitute
your consent to such changes. (This mean that YOU AGREE TO Every Changes they do in TOS,
without giving your OK, or getting a notice from the company about it), in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your account and refuse any
and all current or future use of the Service, or any other service, for any
Wow I would love to see a Bank, PP have this in their TOS or any serious Business where you have an account)

Such account termination would include the deactivation and deletion of your Account
and your forfeiture of any account balance shown in your Account.
(YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR MONEY, ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON) reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently,
the Service (or any part there of) with or without notice at any time.
(They Can Close, take all the Money and disappear at any Time)

“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
We reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason at any time.”

Tell Me Now … All Members…
Do You agree with With The TOS?

I have a few reasons… Why I stress this matter…

1. It do Matter even if it’s free to join…and you can’t lose any Money… Initial… Why?
You spend time, effort and credits in TE’s, safelist’s = That is Money in the Longrun…
You could spend the credits on Other Businesses, Building your Business!
I Mean if It’s turn Up to Be a Scam… Do You Care about…

2. Your Reputation… Do You Promote any Program Under The Sun?
Are You concerned, doing any serious Investigating, research before
you recommend things to ME, your online friends, your family, Contact List?
I Mean I trust people, let’s say I just go ahead and promote it… Then You
waste my time, reputation as well… If it’s turn out to be a scam!

I Ask YOU… Cause I don’t Know Is It a Scam?
I Need Some Serious Answers!
Why Do YOU Promote it?
Do You Know The Owners, People Behind It?

I Don’t See Who Is Behind it

Regards from the Author … “The Coach”…

Stefan Berg

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How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 2

What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?

Some of your emails will end up in the spam folder. Some people enter false email addresses, others forget to confirm their subscription. (Ask your reader to check out their spam folder.) Do that on the Thank You page, direct after they signed up. Give them a 2nd chance to sign up on this page, if they did put a non working one. Another problem people have is receiving so many emails on a daily basis that yours might get lost.

How to overcome these obstacles to get your emails opened and read?

1) Spam Filters – Be careful when you embed an image in your emails and don’t send attachments – Your emails may be blocked by email client servers. Instead of an attachment, give a link and direct them that way.

2) Don´t use all CAPS in your email. It gives the feeling you are screaming at people – and you know how people react when screamed at. In other words – don’t be rude!

3) Don’t use the Word Remove. It is much more effective to use the word Unsubscribe. The word Remove can trigger spam filters.

4) Do not write Click Here – If you are inviting to something, a webinar for an example, use words as Register Here or We invite you to respond here instead.

5) Do not Make Your Line Width More than 60-70 Characters. The human eye processes information better in shorter groups of words on the page, especially on the computer screen, where our brains have taught us to “scan”.

6) Do not use too many links in your emails. You can repeat your link twice, but instead of put the actually link make it look good. Exaple: Each email should focusing on sending one message to your readers – One call to action.

7) Trust
– once again I want to stress how important this is. Build trust amongst your subscribers, who you are and what your story is vital in being successful in Internet Marketing. Get subscribers to know who you are before they join your list. Writing articles, posting videos on YouTube, and joining forums and sharing your expertise is a great way of branding your name. When you email them they already view you as an expert. They know you have good and relevant information to share.

Research your market well. What are your subscribers interested of?
How can you make your emails fit your readers?

Offer discounts for your subscribers. Everyone loves a deal.
Discounts or promotions makes them feel special.

Use Trigger words that catch the readers attention and make them want to learn more. Some words you can use are how to, secrets, strategies, free, tips, and why. Using questions is effective because it makes people wonder – even if it’s for only a second.
That second may be all you need to get your readers curiosity started.

Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!

Is this hard work?

Yes – Marketing in general is hard work. If you think this is too much work, re-adjust your attitude. There is no shortcut. Remember that it will take a while to learn how to write compelling interesting emails. But done right, with the right tools will turn your hard work into success.

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How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 1

You are probably familiar with the expression The money is in the list –
How can you benefit the most from your email list?

Building YOUR LIST- Listbuilding, is a very important part in Internet Marketing – a vital part. But to make that list profitable, you need to know how to write compelling interesting emails (or having someone writing them for you = cost money). It is a skill to write emails that catch peoples attention. It takes time and effort to learn this skill. But This is a vital part in your internet business. You have to master it, otherwise you will certainly drown in the fierce competition.

Let see what you can do to stand out from the crowd – Develop this vital skill.

Your Headline = Grab attention. You want to provide just enough information to have your readers wanting to learn more. The main purpose is to get the readers open the email.
Give them a small hint of what is inside. You can use something like Mistakes you want to avoid when writing emails. People will open the email, If you have a great headline,

Be Personal – do not hesitate to use the persons first name. Use a natural greeting. Make yourself sound like a real human being. Use a personal sign off. A nickname. I use Talk to you soon. The what if guy in my sign off. It sounds more personal then Sincerely.

Write as to One person – Your reader should feel that this is something between you and him. Even if they knows that is not the case it will affect them positively to what you write.

Get straight to the point – People are busy. Why are you writing to them?
Talk about a problem they’re facing in their business, life – Provide a solution.
Build a relationship of trust with your readers by giving away valuable tips and information.

Get the reader to Do something – be clear and specific about what you want your reader to do. Spell it out clearly. Never assume that your reader will figure it out on his own. Give them a reason to act now. Put a limitation into the deal. A time limit – Quantity limit – Bonus material if they act right away.

Finally – read other peoples email. There are experts in this area. Sign up to their lists and learn from them. Ezinearticles – have a great educational email campaign about how to write emails if you sign up to their newsletter. Take notes if you find something you like. From your notes you can find inspiration to write your emails.

Just a Last Golden Nugget:
Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!


Part 2 – What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?
Will come out tomorrow… On a screen close to you…

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What Have You Done Today – To Make More Money Tomorrow?

What do I Mean by that?

To make more money, you have to do things you never done before.
You have to try things you never tried before. You have to walk,
drive, crawl on streets you never been on. Try new things….
Go to new places, places you didn’t know exists.

walk, drive, crawl on streets you don’t you where they end.

You have to track your results and be honest to yourself.
Result’s is What counts The numbers don’t lie…

Let’s say Your Goal is to make $100 This Month

Disclaimer: This is only an example… Some make more and some make less.
Some even pay to surf (They are Upgraded) but make less then they pay


You surf quite a few Traffic Exchanges. You spend
4-5 hours/day. You using Twitter, FaceBook, Faceplate
and such from time to time…

Results after 1 month. $10

Ah cool… You start calculating… If I surf 8-10 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 2nd month: $20

Ah cool… You start calculating… If I surf 12-14 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 3rd month: $30

And again cool… You start calculating… If I surf 16-18 hours/day
in a few more Traffic Exchanges, post a few more
tweets, facebook and such… then I will make $20
(using the same pages)

Results 4th month: $40

Now You can’t surf any more hours and you make
$0,10/hour… If surfing 16h/day 6 days/week

Can You do something different?

How about Your pages, better design… How about Branding YOU and that way
get more people recognize you and that way make more money in the future.

How about Put together a system. Instead of selling stuff, sponsor ppl direct to
your mlm, te’s etc. Use a Funnel system. Expose ppl to your ads not only 1 time,
but up to 4 times more ASAP and unlimited times in the future? (same amount of traffic)

How About using other Traffic Sources, make a blog and update it every day…
Have a designer do your pages.

Videos… Yes Videos is what everybody should do, heaps of them… Article Marketing – Press releases, online/offline conferences, safelist marketing, forums, using your phone, mail, email (I can mentioned and recommend a lot more things, see this as a start, beginning of your new Journey)

To make more money, you have to do things you never done before
You have to try things you never tried before.

This is just a wake up call… There are a lot more between the
lines above… Some stuff might be hard to do on your own

I Can Help YOU… Have a Look at This Coaching Program:

Are You Ready to walk, drive, crawl on streets you never been on.
Try new things. Go to new places, places you didn’t know exists.

Remember… “Every Click Counts”

Take Care

Stefan Berg

ps… If You are Interested to make more money and like Traffic Exchanges
and things related to what I just wrote. Have a look at this professional
Coaching Program:

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Why you should start using IM Faceplate now!

If you not already have an account there already – its time to get one. Why?

It doesn’t matter if you been a Internet marketer for a long time or just a beginner. IM Faceplate is a great place to interact with other internet marketers.

I would like to give you some tips and some warnings before you set up your new account

You will notice that many will write “on your face” and directly urge you to sign up under there program. This is something you should avoid when you use Faceplate. Why?

As you already know from my earlier posts Internet marketing and connecting with people is that you build up trust, give valuable information and solutions to your business connections.

Sending affiliate links upfront to people you don’t know is not a good way of doing that. Just turn to yourself. How do you react if someone you don’t know at your first contact you urge you to join his/hers program? It is very easy to press the “Delete” button. And that´s just what is going to happen if your using Faceplate that way.

Instead – build yourself a name at this Forum, be a thrust worthy person that have information and valuable tips. People will turn to you and also refer to you. Use the opportunity to get people to know you by present a picture of you. Use your name in the username section. This is not the right place to put a funny picture or (one of your dogs, cats or kids). This is about Branding YOU…. Don’t use a “fake” name.

Write good articles, publish them in your profile. You can of course use the articles you already written. Your YouTube videos is a great way of presenting yourself. Connect your blog, Facebook, twitter, give people as many options as possible to connect to you.

Connect to other internet marketers present your self and give people your story. Use the “Groups” and “Discussions” to further brand yourself

Use the Spotlight and “Shout” regularly! As you see there is a lot of tips and tricks you can use in this new community.

It is really a Great “Plate” to meet new marketers. Done right you can grow and benefit as an Internet marketer from this tool.

If you are a new internet marketer – feel free to use my training here to learn how to write articles, create YouTube videos and other tools that is vital in developing as an internet marketer

Connect to IM Faceplate if you are not already have an account already

Regards from the Author….

Stefan Berg

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What is a Safelist and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

From the desk of StefanBergs.Com

You need the right tools to get results in any serious business. What is the next step after you have your lead capture system up and running and your email serie done? Yes Traffic to your site, tons of traffic. It’s very easy to disappear in this jungle of pages and the endless flood of all ads.

Getting a lot of traffic to your site has a lot to do with where you are advertising, what you are advertising and How you are advertising. Safelists is very cost effective, even a free way of getting traffic. They are easy to use and they great results, if you know how to use them.

Using Safelists correctly makes all the difference. They are very effective advertising tools if done right and very time consuming, if done wrong.

What exactly is a Safelist?

A Safelist is a membership site which allows members to exchange email ads with one another. This means that you will be able to email a certain amount of members, send your advertisement to them (spam free).

Why is that? All members have to agree that they will receive emails from one and other. (If Pro member less or non received)

The most common safelists are Credit Based Safelists. I recommend you to use only credit based. A credit based safelist is pretty much like a Traffic Exchange in the way they deliver traffic to your website. Everytime you visit another members site you are awarded with credits after a certain amount of time viewing that page. In a safelist you open an email and in TE’s you click next otherwise same. You use those credits to send your own emails and show your pages.

Most Safelists allow you to join free, with limitations. Free members might only be able to send email to some of the members once a week. Paid members are allowed to post a few times/day, every day or every other day and to many more members.

You’ll get a lot more traffic with a paid membership and other advantages. If you can afford to upgrade do so. The best deal is often when you sign up (The OTO) onetime offer… grab that if possible. The Viral Listbuilders in particular have very good and quite cheap onetime fee. You can often email 3-4000 ppl every 3 days for life with very good results.

What kind of people are using Safelists?

@ People who are promoting a home business opportunity, mlm. These people use safelists to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other marketing services – ebooks, safelists and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

Targeting thess groups with tools or services that can help them to get more traffic will give you much better results then direct selling Cars, hot dogs, etc. Promoting something that other Internet marketers are interested of. Often free e-books, memberships are working great.

What tools do you need to use a Safelist Effective?

Two email addresses, only to be used for your safelists. A contact email address and a list email address. Many safelist owners recommend gmail.

You need emails to send. It takes practice to learn how to write emails but it is one of the most important Internet marketing skills that you can develop. The Most Important is the Headline.

You can get started by reading what other people write in there emails. Do any of these Headlines, emails catch your eye? What makes these headlines, emails stand out from all the others?

If you see something you like – take notes and save it. Your notes will help you come up with new and better ideas. Tweak what others do, make it your own. Remember – most of the members are only visiting your site to get their credits. But take every chance you get to make yourself stand out from the crowd, brand you. This will give you better results.

You can send your ads as html emails in many Safelists. Usually this is for upgraded members. “A picture says more than a thousand words”. Use a picture of your product, a banner, logo or best of all, a picture of yourself.

And last Thing you need is a schedule and organisation. When to send to what list. Every day lists. Headlines and emails stored in folders.

What is the difference between Safelist and Viral Listbuilders?

The biggest difference between Safelists and the Viral list builders is how many people you can contact. You build a downline (often 10 levels) of referrals under you in many Viral Listbuilders. You can send your ads to the whole downline, this can grow fast when your downline are referring new members to the program

It is a lot of work to refer new members, but you are not limited to just emailing the people in your downline. Usually you can use the credits you earn from reading emails to contact additional members. You can also purchase an upgraded membership which gives you an automatic list of people to which you can send your ads. You can also buy credits.

If your not using Safelists then it is time to start – your traffic will increase a lot, your list will grow and you will make more money. If You are using Safelists the way they are supposed to be used of course.

A short repetition:

1. You have your lead capture system up and running = Autoresponder, own hosted squeeze/splash pages, thank you page and confirm page,
tracking. The 3 Musketers.

2. You have your email serie in your Autoresponder

3. You have 2 new gmail accounts only for safelists.

4. Now you start sending traffic through Safelists… Using a Squeeze or a Splash page and Headlines that works.

5. Take some of the OTO’s and click some emails to get credits.

6. Make a schedule, when to send to what list. This is my schedule and recommended LISTS Use this if you want or do your own schedule. ps you can also use This:

7. Now you get Results… YOUR LIST GROW BIGGER and BIGGER. Your Brand as well and the most important you need a bigger wallet.

From the desk of StefanBergs.Com

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