Now VirtaPay Is It a Scam?

Hi My Friends!

I have a Few Serious Questions for Every Person Who Joined and
Are Promoting This new Payment Processor/Program – Now VirtaPay!

Who is Behind the Service, Program?
Why are they Using .me and not .com , net?

Why DO They Claim to Give Away $100 when you sign up,
$25 for each referral and up to $20/day for participating,
When It’s not US Dollars??? (Read inside the prog)

Did you read the TOS – Terms of Service?
Do You agree with it ?

Everything in RED and INSIDE THE () IS MY NOTES.

ps … I don’t scream lol… I just put Capitals to make it easier to read and see
what Notes is mine and what is from TOS)
I want answers from People who promote a program like this to me
and my friends! (I have seen this many times before) reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time
to time and without notice. (WITHOUT NOTICE – No Serious pay processor, PP, AP can put
this in their TOS… Change The Terms without any notice!)

Continued use of the Service after changes to the Terms of Service shall constitute
your consent to such changes. (This mean that YOU AGREE TO Every Changes they do in TOS,
without giving your OK, or getting a notice from the company about it), in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your account and refuse any
and all current or future use of the Service, or any other service, for any
Wow I would love to see a Bank, PP have this in their TOS or any serious Business where you have an account)

Such account termination would include the deactivation and deletion of your Account
and your forfeiture of any account balance shown in your Account.
(YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR MONEY, ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON) reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently,
the Service (or any part there of) with or without notice at any time.
(They Can Close, take all the Money and disappear at any Time)

“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
We reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason at any time.”

Tell Me Now … All Members…
Do You agree with With The TOS?

I have a few reasons… Why I stress this matter…

1. It do Matter even if it’s free to join…and you can’t lose any Money… Initial… Why?
You spend time, effort and credits in TE’s, safelist’s = That is Money in the Longrun…
You could spend the credits on Other Businesses, Building your Business!
I Mean if It’s turn Up to Be a Scam… Do You Care about…

2. Your Reputation… Do You Promote any Program Under The Sun?
Are You concerned, doing any serious Investigating, research before
you recommend things to ME, your online friends, your family, Contact List?
I Mean I trust people, let’s say I just go ahead and promote it… Then You
waste my time, reputation as well… If it’s turn out to be a scam!

I Ask YOU… Cause I don’t Know Is It a Scam?
I Need Some Serious Answers!
Why Do YOU Promote it?
Do You Know The Owners, People Behind It?

I Don’t See Who Is Behind it

Regards from the Author … “The Coach”…

Stefan Berg

    JVZoo Product Feed

189 Comments on “ Now VirtaPay Is It a Scam?
  1. Hey Stefan,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information, sometimes with so many marketers sharing and pitching products and service, it is easy to neglect to do a full review, especially when they tell you there is nothing to pay and you don’t have to do dodgy stuff like take car number plate numbers or watch advertising to get paid 1 or 2 cents, l have seen all this stuff and refused but thankfully you done the home work l neglected to do Stefan, l will confess this time l had my blinkers on!

    And your investigation and due diligence Stefan shows there are huge warring signs for those who chose to keep on promoting, this service with the so called money for nothing.

    Thanks again Stefan for the private investigation you done on and the potential scam alert this could quit possibly be, the possible scam and why they give the figure bait, could to build there list to spam it my thoughts other than that l cant see what else they can gain from this scam so far if after all it turns out to be a scam or not l guess we cant 100% sure until down the road of life in the distant future

  2. Greetings Stefan,

    yes i did agree because i am a member i joined and took a step forward.

    when you join you see more of the plan *Road Map Launch Schedule*
    the surveys are up and runing,the share tool is working

    and beside they could write the TOS different
    and stil it would not fit everybodys mind.

    one man said some day * i have a dream*,
    and we all know dreams can come true!

  3. Stefen,

    The ?’s of loosing / delete / and loosing one’s money ??

    1) i want to earn money
    2) i plan to use money for my business /
    3) i not hear: loose/account & money @ terminate’s
    my account

  4. A Friend of mine found this Information…

    I like this part re: account balances..”All account balances are held in PayBox currency. PayBox maintains a currency that is autonomous and independent of all nations and governments. The PayBox currency is denominated in dollars and cents (similar to the currency of the United States and over 20 other countries)..The value of our currency is estimated to be close to that of the U.S. dollar. As is the case with any currency, once the PayBox currency becomes openly exchangeable, its value as weighted against other world currencies can and will fluctuate due to forces beyond our control.”.

    My note… This means, you promote a page where it says, You get $50 and $5/ref $ = Us, American Dollars… But the truth is, you get PayBux Money similar to Monopoly, Disney Money… *They need a Disclaimer on the page. I guess most people think it’s real $Us…

  5. Hi Mr Berg,

    Thanks for your comment on my page Why Is A Scam. I left a reply on that page and I figured I would expand on it here.

    I don’t understand either why this program is being so heavily promoted by marketers. Even if their payment structure was in US Dollars (instead of a fantasy currency) $5 per referral on only 1 tier isn’t worth the effort when you get $20 just for logging in.

    At first I thought their terms of service were a little “shady” but after signing up and making $100 paybox dollars in two days, it’s a blatant lie when Pay Box says “The value of our currency is estimated to be close to the U.S. dollar.” There is no company in the world that can afford to pay out that much money to everyone who signs up to their site.

    To answer another question you had, Pay Box seems to also be a type of payment processing software made by a company call Sybase. It is very unclear the relationship between Pay and Sybase or Pay (.net, .org, .biz). If I had to guess I would say Pay is trying to piggyback off the software’s image, reputation and success. But that is just a guess since they provide very little information on who they are on their site.

    My recommendation is: it’s fine to check them out but don’t waste your time, effort or traffic exchange credits promoting them and if they start asking for more personal information other than your name and email just ignore them.

    (P.S. I will give $1,000,000 David Dollars* (trademark pending) to anyone who visits my site)

    • Lol David…does that means You don’t think will pay out
      your money or what?

      Hey 10 000 members x 55 it’s only $550 000
      let’s say they get 100 000 members That is only $5 500 000
      Ooppss I forgot … It’s not $ Us dollar we are talking…

      But why on earth are People promoting it that way then?

      Not serious in my eyes… I have not seen 1 person who
      put a disclaimer… just Promote it like it is….

      I’m a bit Surprised People agree with this… I mean if this is the New Paypal, Alertpay:, in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service, or any other service, for any reason at any time. reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time and without notice…

    • David,

      really i think i side with you a lot.. I am a member myself and after some days i really lost interest in it though i really want to get on the marketing web too…im really going to be on the look out this time around….

      P.S. and for your $1,000, 000 why not send it to my account first !!!

  6. Hi Stefan!

    Thanks for this interesting and important article! To suceed being a Internet marketer today is not easy. Spending time effort and Money (ex. money you could have earned while spending your time on Scamprogram like this)will certainly make it harder to Suceed! And as you mention – What will it do with your Reputation – Your name – next time you Promote things will people just remember you as the one Branding a Scam!

    I try to follow the principle – If it sounds to good to be true – It Usually IS to good to be true!

    See U
    Catarina 😉

  7. If they do ever get approved to exchange their currency for dollars the exchange rate is not going to be 1 for 1 like they imply on their site. Right now the exchange rate for Linden Dollars in Second Life is L$267 for $1 USD ( That value is attained by players exchanging USD to buy Linden dollars and selling Linden dollars to buy USD like an actual foreign exchange marketplace. PayBox currency has no value other than what says it has. If it gets approved, the exchange rate will be at least 100PayBox for $1USD.

    (They also haven’t stated what there minimum payout will be, we’ve all seen sites where you have to have $10,000 before you can cash out. There seems to be an unlimited number of ways PayBox can get out of paying anything to anybody.)

    • True David… Not a very serious start for a Pay processor…

      I found this review on IM Facplate

      This site is currently offerring a $50 signup bonus (registration is free) with a $5 referral bonus and $20 per day for participating on their site as they prepare to launch.

      Initial look at the site raised some concerns over their terms of service and privacy policies, site design was found to be very basic. Investigation using whois turned up that company details are masked via and that the domain is a masked re-direct and they are using a counterfeit security seal.

      The actual domain is using a low grade GPT (Get Paid To) script and it was also discovered that the signup bonuses and payments would be made using paybox dollars which have no monetary value and can only be currently spent at

      Further investigations revealed that paybox actually started in europe as a mobile phone based payment processor but after spreading through 3 countries suddenly collapsed and dissappeared leaving many people out of pocket.

      Conclusion: is an attempt to set up an elaborate scam which will see many people lose actual money, the bonus’s offered are worthless as are the payments for filling in the surveys etc members will be expected to complete daily in order to maintain their accounts which the company state they will terminate if they feel that way inclined.

      Members are afforded no protection from this scam and I would strongly suggest it be avoided at all costs.”

  8. Very good summary of the situation Stefan. Like you, when I checked it out I was disturbed by all of the things you mentioned – particularly the private domain registration and the TOS. Then when I heard friends say they are requiring members to complete surveys, I put two and two together. I am 99% certain that they are willing to “pay” their members with no member investment because they are selling their members’ information to big-bucks marketers who can then target their marketing.

    I plan to stay far away from this one.

  9. thanks for sharing this I never join new programs, processors, products, etc anymore just to much risk. I don’t pay attention to anything new so do not know much about this processor. I have seen processors that have done this before they turned out to be scams so it will have to prove it’s self before I join. So far it is looking like a scam though

    • Hi Denis…

      I Guess it’s best if people who join, support and Promote a program answer Why, What They are Promoting!

      Tx for asking. DHS Club is a good example… They pay out Real money, month after month.
      They Been in Business since 1997. All other Affiliate programs you find on my Blog will Pay
      out “Real Money” ($Us) If you do what it takes, make a sale… Like a Clock.
      You’ll also get a quality tested products, quality traffic and so on…

      Cheers …. from “The Coach”

  10. I found this article. Hope it helps.

    David made a point…

    I’m thinking they are banking on not everyone is going to keep their accounts active and in turn not having to shell out as much money. Their “roadmap” states this development process is going to take 12 or more months from now to complete.

    Who do you know will actual stay up on their requirements to keep their account active long enough to see a payout if there is ever going to be such a thing?

    But read the link above…

  11. Hi Stefan,

    I totally agree with your Comment. about is Paybox a scam? I find it very interesting to see herds of people promoting this product. It reminds me of the the time of the big website that everyone was promoting and was earning these big, huge payouts only to find out in the end not one person received a dime.

    Isn’t it strange this is a prime example? Think about it, day after day people claiming these big amounts already in their accts there. Join and get 50 dollars up front. I find it kinda hard to believe a company would shell out that type of money for every sign up.

    Thanks so much for enlightening us again on another important issue.

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce

  12. Stefan, great blog I certainly agree! Doing no reserach or at least read the terms of service is Seriously wasting everyone time and Reputation along with not teaching your downline what to do and the
    order it should happen! There is no reason to toss your downline more than 1 thing at a time…the more you put out there the more you are
    confusing them and A lack of communication is the CORE PROBLEM in my eyes and ears! Boy the can of worms can be opened here! Looking forward to following you around town!

    Rose Taube

  13. Dear Stefen,

    Hi from Indonesia,

    I believe this is a SCAM paybox. How could just sign up, users can get 50 dollars free. Which companies are willing to pay so expensive the easy way.

    • Yeah, I agree

      It looks strange. I see some people claim to have many $100 just in a day or 2 selling nothing.
      But, if you read closer… It says Dollars … Not $US … we’ll see how the exchange
      rate will be, if any… “The Coach”

  14. Ok now you got me worried, as a newbie i joined 4 days ago and have friends to that joined and now with all this info im confused what to beleave I do know that they just started a blog for members to go to
    and said This.

    We appreciate your efforts. Thanks for all you’ve done so far. We look forward to your support and help in testing an exciting new feature–hopefully by early October. Now, I can’t reveal exactly what it is yet, except that this feature will give you some ability to use your account balance. As we continue to grow, add new features, and integrate with more networks your account balance will become usable in more and more ways.

    Sorry about not giving my real info im just not wanting to lose my account just yet for any reasons. But all i wrote is true you can find it on the website.

    I can wait till oct. to see how real this company is.

    • Hello Mr Smith,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I want to turn this back to you. Why did you join in the 1st place?
      What do you see in that make you believe they are the real deal?
      Does anything inside, their webpages, the whole presentation looks like a real company –
      The new Paypal, Alertpay? … Do You know any of the Owners?

      What about their Blog, who is behind the whole thing?
      Why start a company backwards… First give away money, then build the Business?

      For me the whole thing looks unprofessional…

      But I want to know why People join and promote it, so far I only got answer like…
      Maybe it’s the real deal, free to join etc… If that is reason enough for you to
      promote it… fine…

      “The Coach”

  15. Im kinda skeptical about whta if the paybox currency is like pesos? 50 Mexican pesos = $3.9 USD. And also its a long waiting time too. Launch is set to be by December of 2011. Im not going to use no more…. waist of time for me….

  16. Now I pull no punches. A Scam Artist is a scam artist & should always be exposed for exactly what they are. From my experience, they never seem to change their ways. Many of them get off because they can afford high power attorneys (that their victims have funded) then return again to do it all over again. The only thing they learn from their pasts is how to do the next scam a bit better, closing a few loopholes from their last scam along the way. This one smells, no it reeks, of Damon Westmoreland.
    Its been a few years since he pulled a scam out of his hat. (how quickly we forget) His pattern is once every few years.
    If you dont know who he is start with googling his name + greenzap.
    Sounds fairly much along the same lines to me. Almost exactly.
    I am almost willing to bet everything I have , that I am right!!!
    If it aint him then its one of his cronies.
    I exposed him last time well before Greenzap gathered momentum, & still people lost thousands. The blind had so much faith in him & led the blind. Seems many like to follow the pied piper to their own doom.

    Stay away people. Spread the 2 words Paybox & scam & save your friends & family

  17. Ok here’s the clincher for what I said above.
    I just visited (ok i know its not but its just all to ‘coincidental’ isn’t it) That redirects to Now go to our friend Google & type in greenzap sybase Wow the close relationship reiterates everything I said in my previous post

    Something for the more technical mind of you:

    Seems he might have spent the last few years researching cleverer ways to cover his tracks (not too good with Greenzap) however this is pretty easy to see thru also.
    Crims always forget something. He should have forgotten about reusing relationship with sybase. Thats just a dead giveaway!!!

    • Thank You Boris….

      It’s Looks Fishy to said the least…. This is from the site/your Link about …
      Trustworthiness of this site is poor. Vendor reliability, privacy and child safety is very poor

      I also got this from a post I did in a forum:

      I re-checked with some page rankers along with GeoTool and I made my own observations. The Alexa rank is 18,545, no Google rank (don’t expect it to be included) No .com or .net Located in Seattle with the following IP Address —> I.S.P. There you have it, too many users trying to get in and be proved wrong.
      You’re right, Stefan! Ladies and gentlemen, remember WealthToolbox? Remember VineFire? I wouldn’t wonder if the same people who were behind WTB and VF were also the authors/owners of PayBox. Don’t waste your advertising credits on it.

  18. Hey Stefan,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable’s kind a weird the TOS was writing like im surely this was wasting my time..

  19. I joined so I could actually check it out and see where it was heading. Most of the time I can not even get Internet Explorer to pul it up. So there are days go by, I can not even get the signin page to be pulled up to sign in. I figured they had just disappeared like so many others, then I get a newsletter saying they are going to blogs and that I can get the blog by e-mail but I must sign up for the blog and cancel the newsletter. Ok, that day I got into the site, got logged in and changed from newsletter to blog. Now I can not get back into the site at all, nor if I try the blog page can I actually go to it and it is suppose to be on wordpress.
    If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it is a duck and this is looking, acting and sounding more like a duck (scam) each day.

  20. Personal opinion … It seems to me that someone is just building the value of a domain name… I have messaged via their Job application Page .. as that seems the only way other than the blog, which is near impossible to access. I have addressed them as follows > I have some questions before I submit a resume and it would be courteous to receive a reply.
    Could you please explain why so many feel such things as .. I don’t understand why this program is being so heavily promoted. Even if your payment structure is suppose to be in US Dollars (instead of a fantasy currency) $5 per referral on only 1 tier isn’t worth the effort when you get $20 just for logging in. Why would anyone want to promote it other than just logging in for $20! Sure one could make a lot more if it appears genuine, which on the face of it and with the terms and conditions that apply, it leaves little option other than to believe it isn’t! It all appears a blatant lie when Pay Box says “The value of our currency is estimated to be close to the U.S. dollar.” and there is no company in the world that can afford to pay out that much money to everyone who signs up to their site. Not with 100,000 hits a day
    To ask another another question, Pay Box seems to be a type of payment processing software made by a company call Sybase. It is very unclear the relationship between Pay and Sybase or Pay (.net, .org, .biz). and people say Pay is trying to piggyback off the software’s image, reputation and success.

    But that is just a guess since you provide very little information on who you are at all on your site.

    To suceed being a Internet marketer today is not easy. Spending time effort and Money (ex. money one could have earned while spending time on what people say is a possible Scamogram ) and that will certainly make it harder to suceed!
    I will mention – What will it do with our reputations – name – next time anyone wants to promote things, will people just remember us as the one Branding a Scam! If online in google and other personal blog sites you are receiving these kind of reports whats going to happen to you from an outsiders point of view. Is the FBI the next step or dept of trade ethics and then revenue.
    I urge you to come forward with some serious answers please as I have already had many clients ask me the very same questions!

    • Thank you Ron

      Very interesting comment and I look forward to see what they answer…

      I don’t trust anybody I see promote site after site with the same structure… There are many programs like this out there. Marketers must take their responsibilities if they will call themself Internet marketer, entrepreneurs. To many just follow the flow, that will never make you any real money online…

      Work hard, invest money and time to build a business… That is the only way… I can Help You if you want!

      “The Coach”

  21. Hello Stefan berg

    My real name is Gerard Rivera and im not worried anymore i can see what you are saying about this company. Im a newbie to all this and i am
    Just hoping that it’s real yes i have read it all and it does sound funny. Can we just feel good till oct LOL. I may have only $268.48 thats worth $2 or not. I am learning new things online and i want to learn with out pulling money i don’t have out my pocket. I live in las vegas where it’s scary right now. (ANY help for the newbie to learn would be greatfull)
    Thanks to all that is listening
    and to you Stefan berg

    • John

      Thank you for posting.

      I provide tons of free help to Newbies…
      Videos, coaching, my skype group and
      so on… If you are serious…. have a look
      at Family Networkers… or Traffic Leads 2 Income

      “The Coach”

  22. Domain:
    Website ISP: AMAZON.COM
    Website Organization: AMAZON.COM
    Hosting Location: Seattle in United States
    Website IP:

  23. Stefan Berg

    Thank you very much. I checked out those websites and im going for it. I’ll keep u up dated.

    Again Thanks
    Gerard Rivera

  24. Check this out wow sounds funny.
    So, what’s the Loophole?
    Ah yes, the “loophole” I mentioned earlier.

    As with any “closed system”, people often figure out a way to get what they want. This isn’t intended to put ideas in anyone’s head, but, PayBox doesn’t have any rules against doing this yet. (I hear that would only happen if it becomes a problem).

    The idea is simple really. The key is person-to-person transactions. Once those come online, it would allow you to get money in and out of your PayBox account without it ever leaving the “closed box”.

    Here’s one way it could work:

    ■Let’s say you have $500 in your PayBox account and you want to “withdraw” $250 of it.
    ■Once person-to-person transactions are available, you could just find someone who wants to add $250 to their PayBox balance.
    ■That person would just pay you $250 using some outside payment method. It could be PayPal, cash, or whatever you agree on.
    ■Then, after receiving your “outside” payment, you would transfer the $250 within PayBox from your account to the buyer’s.
    Such an arrangement would allow you to “withdraw” from your PayBox account without the money ever leaving the “closed box”.

    • Hi There Jhon!

      I see a few problems with your example.

      1. No one have any $us American Dollar in his account only PayBox currency.
      2. I’ll Join ASAP … Now If You are willing to pay me $250 to my Paypal
      I can give you 500 PayBox money when I’m able to transfer them.

      Deal? …

      Seriously speaking. Why not start doing some real business.
      Set up a system, from Lead to Profit?
      Sell something useful or at least something people want to buy?

      Never walk alone … “The Coach”

  25. This is what they are saying on there blog it sound to fishy to me. If
    I get someone to give me money from there account for $250 of these wish bucks does not sound rite im not liking this more and more.

  26. I see many people promoting this and just from what they were tweeting and the way they are promoting it on Facebook it screamed scam to me and I have not bothered to join. The whole thing sounds fishy to me. Why would a pay processor pay out all that money? Doesn’t make sense. Thanks for putting this review out.

  27. Thank you for posting.
    Very interesting comment and I look forward to see what they answer…

    I don’t trust anybody I see promote site after site with the same structure… There are many programs like this out there. Marketers must take their responsibilities if they will call themself Internet marketer, entrepreneurs. To many just follow the flow, that will never make you any real money online…

    Work hard, invest money and time to build a business… That is the only way… I can Help You if you want!

    “The Coach”

  28. Great review and data.
    I joined too. Anyone wants to buy my paybox money? I sell 50 for 5usd.


    Job Description
    The best jobs are found through friends

  29. Roadmap & Launch Schedule
    The Roadmap and Launch Schedule shown below outlines the stages and target dates we have set for launching the PayBox service. This list is an overview which is by no means all-inclusive, but rather, is intended to help you understand how and when you can begin using your PayBox account balance.
    Stage 1
    Target Timeframe: September 1, 2010 – October 16, 2010
    Begin hiring team members who are qualified for and will begin working immediately on the following tasks: Research laws and regulations pertaining to our service in the countries where we plan to initially launch. Draft technical specifications for accounting rules and processes that must be built into our service platform. Begin collecting and aggregating user opinion surveys to help guide the development of our service.
    Stage 2
    Target Timeframe: October 17, 2010 – November 28, 2010
    Begin hiring team members who are qualified for and will begin working immediately on the following tasks: Perform in-depth market analysis on a wide range of topics including our competition, our potential partners, clients, users, etc. Business model analysis. Business process and design analysis. Technical business analysis.
    Stage 3
    Target Timeframe: November 29, 2010 – January 24, 2011
    Begin hiring team members who are qualified for and will begin working immediately on the following tasks: Design a solid business and technical framework. This stage will require hiring specialized high-level architects in many discrete fields of Information Technology including: database, network, systems, software and security.
    Stage 4
    Target Timeframe: January 25, 2011 – April 5, 2011
    Begin hiring team members who are qualified for and will begin working immediately on the following tasks: Create prototypes and begin internal quality assurance testing. Upon successful completion of testing, prepare services for launch. This stage will require hiring many mid- and entry-level programmers, designers, analysts, specialists and testers.
    Stage 5
    Target Timeframe: April 6, 2011 – June 1, 2011
    Launch person-to-person transactions. This will allow PayBox users to make payments to—and receive payments from—other PayBox users.
    Stage 6
    Target Timeframe: June 2, 2011 – July 28, 2011
    Launch small business level services. This will include the design, testing and public launch of PayBox gateway integration modules for all popular shopping cart software on the market. This will allow PayBox users to purchase from any small online store where the integration module has been installed.
    Stage 7
    Target Timeframe: July 29, 2011 – September 2, 2011
    Launch mid-sized merchant payment processing integration initiative. This will allow PayBox users to purchase from integrated mid-sized merchants.
    Stage 8
    Target Timeframe: September 3, 2011 – October 8, 2011
    Launch payment processing integration initiative for major online stores. This will allow PayBox users to purchase from any major online store where PayBox payments are accepted.
    Stage 9
    Target Timeframe: October 9, 2011 – December 4, 2011
    Launch debit cards linked to PayBox accounts. This will allow PayBox users to purchase from thousands of merchants both online and offline—anywhere the associated card network is accepted.
    Stage 10
    Target Timeframe: December 5, 2011 – January 9, 2012
    Launch PayBox currency exchange, allowing for open exchange with all major world currencies. This will enable users to convert their PayBox account balance (or any portion thereof) to any major world currency for withdrawal, or convert back for deposit.
    This document is to be used as a general guideline only. The dates shown for each stage are estimates, and may be moved closer or delayed if necessary to accomodate unforseen circumstances.

  30. i did signed me up yesterday on and i was not sure about it so i checked on google and found your page, read all this on your blog Stefan and im really confused about it, now im not sure to stay there or delete it, i got it from a familymember and he said its from new zealand the company or what it is from, help me out please what to do with it, i send earlier the roadmap & launch schedule from them.
    (sorry for my bad english but im from the netherlands)


    • Moon np… with your English … I’m a Swede living In Malaysia lol…

      Read what Boris commented. They use a postbox in New Zealand..

      My question is still… Why do you join and Promote PayBox?

      I mean don’t you have any better options, more reliable stuff
      to sell, promote, making money with then a company who claims
      to give you money doing nothing or very little… Sell nothing…

      Internet is no different to real life…

      Tell me where I can go, what company give me money
      doing 0… offline… ok if they sit in Reagan masks and
      give me Monopoly money to come and visiting them
      I would be worried… If not… send me the Address!

      Stefan Berg

  31. Hi Stefan!

    Thank you so much for this very interesting information. This is really such a big help for me and for all my friends who have been one of the members of Just when we observe something about the process of transfering the money into the paypal. Lack of information on it. Glad to read this blog of yours. Now, we will stop promoting this site.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  32. Good post. I was sceptical and this has supported it, how many times do people get burnt before they learn.

    One of your flags was about serious business closing or terminating your account at any time at their discression, Only ONE famous business I know for doing this is GOOGLE if you use adsense. They have the power to close and seize any funds accumulated in it and even pull back funds they have paid without warning you at their discretion. Their proof does not need to be given.

    • Thank You Sam … Yes there are many companies who can close your account, if you break their rules… and I know what ppl do with adsense… Cheating, breaking rules. I got my account closed when I first started out some years ago. I got a warning and thought I did all adjustments needed… But when I checked again… I did actually break their TOS. I did not try to cheat… The difference I see is this…. You don’t see this very often: They have the right to close your account

        for any reason at any time

      … My ? where … Do You agree with the PayBox TOS?

      If Yes… cewl… Take responsibility for it then ok with me…

      I see People every day breaking Googles rules… Hey click here or using PTC, Auto traffic, TE’s and such… I’m not surprised many get their accounts
      closed and no money being paid out… Hey, each Click is paid by someone… Don’t steal marketers money…

      Tx again for your post Sam…

  33. Hi Stefan,

    How are you? This site is really getting out of control. I looked on and it might get into the 1000 sites on the web. If they’re going to start their scam (like charging people to access their balance or something) they’ll probably do it soon. I wrote a new article and hopefully this one will stop people from signing up and promoting paybox.
    I look forward to any comments you have on it.


    • David, thank you

      I did read your post… Very nicely written. I still can’t see any reason to join or even less reason to promote it…
      I’m usually all in for taking risks… based on calculation you can understand Risk-Reward.

      I can’t see any serious rewards in PayBox… only fake promises so far…


  34. Hello,

    Here is the Registered Domain Owners info

    The Domain name expires on :02-Aug-2011

    There is also a phone number to call

    Hope this helps

    Domain ID:D1233166-ME
    Domain Name:PAYBOX.ME
    Domain Create Date:02-Aug-2010 19:37:14 UTC
    Domain Last Updated Date:01-Oct-2010 20:50:09 UTC
    Domain Expiration Date:02-Aug-2011 19:37:14 UTC
    Last Transferred Date:
    Trademark Name:
    Trademark Country:
    Trademark Number:
    Date Trademark Applied For:
    Date Trademark Registered:
    Sponsoring Registrar:eNom Inc R32-ME
    Created by:eNom Inc R32-ME
    Last Updated by Registrar:Afilias R54-ME
    Registrant ID:e240e37cdc96cb38
    Registrant Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization:WhoisGuard
    Registrant Address:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732
    Registrant Address2:
    Registrant Address3:
    Registrant City:Westchester
    Registrant State/Province:CA
    Registrant Country/Economy:US
    Registrant Postal Code:90045
    Registrant Phone:+1.6613102107
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+1.6613102107
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Admin ID:e240e37cdc96cb38
    Admin Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Admin Organization:WhoisGuard
    Admin Address:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732
    Admin Address2:
    Admin Address3:
    Admin City:Westchester
    Admin State/Province:CA
    Admin Country/Economy:US
    Admin Postal Code:90045
    Admin Phone:+1.6613102107
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin FAX:+1.6613102107
    Admin FAX Ext.:
    Tech ID:e240e37cdc96cb38
    Tech Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Tech Organization:WhoisGuard
    Tech Address:8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732
    Tech Address2:
    Tech Address3:
    Tech City:Westchester
    Tech State/Province:CA
    Tech Country/Economy:US
    Tech Postal Code:90045
    Tech Phone:+1.6613102107
    Tech Phone Ext.:
    Tech FAX:+1.6613102107
    Tech FAX Ext.:

  35. Here is some more info i found out about
    There adsence account is making $1,518.53 daily.
    Very interesting

    Mike is the 2,162nd most visited site on the internet. The top incoming anchor texts for are, PayBox, and Kunjungi Website. There are 52 homepages that link to a page on The homepage of links out to 1 other website. There is 1 other website sharing the same adsense account as The website’s IP address is attempts to set one cookie named test. gets about 506,176 pageviews per day, and earns an estimated $1,518.53 daily. The server location of is Seattle, WA, United States (US ).

    • Mike Interesting stats …

      Where do you get that information from?
      How much they make/day with adsense?

      Is that a estimated sum for 500 000 page views?

      Thank you for your information. Yeah server in US. Mailbox in New Zealand hmmmm…

  36. This gets more interesting by the Minute… is hosted by AMAZON.COM?

    Mike is hosted by: AMAZON.COM
    Hosting report about is currently hosted at AMAZON.COM visit site. The IP links to a server in Seattle, United States. The company behind this all is AMAZON.COM.

  37. so many ppl wasting their time on! :(( and I’m the one. Please can someone do report this website! <– . and banned their I.P address, i've been spending too much time for this!. About 3 day's Inviting my friends on facebook and twitter :(( . Please this website must remove immediately!

  38. Hey Stefan,

    I just did a search for who is hosting

    Very interesting stuff.
    It looks like AMAZON is trying to get more customers….
    By the time people figure this out AMAZON will have Millions or Billions of emails on file…


    Here is the info: Is Hosted by AMAZON.COM

    * Hosting: AMAZON.COM host the domain
    * IP Address:
    * Name Servers:,,,

  39. I sent an email to Amazon to see if they will answer my question to Will post the response as soon as I get it…


  40. If you look at two lines in the Registered owners sheet you will see two lines which mention eNorm Inc.
    Sponsoring Registrar:eNom Inc R32-ME
    Created by:eNom Inc R32-ME

    Now just Google eNorm Inc. and you will get an idea of what is going on.

  41. Guys, I tried it and I had almost 500 “Dollars” then I didn’t log on for ONLY 2 days and they deleted my account. Then I asked them what the deal was and their like your expected of fraud. WTF?! 🙁

  42. Bastards are geting rich with google…look at the very first web page it states…Note: The browser you are using is quite old and will not display the content of our website properly. Also, certain features of the website may not work at all.

    Please consider upgrading to a newer browser that is more secure and works with modern web standards. Here are a few good options…
    Google Chrome
    Internet Explorer

    Need I say more!!!

    • Thank You Guys for your comments. I’m a bit surprised that 99% of the Post’s
      says that is a scam or at least are doing something fishy…

      Don’t we have any Fans out there?


      Stefan Berg

  43. Dear mr. Berg and all other readers, I USED to be a fan of paybox! That is, until I read all this..Got sold on a dream and some “what if”-hopes… Apparently, those kind of crooks live on people like me. . To be honest, to this day I even thought my 693 dollars would equal almost 500 euros.. When I get 5 eurocents out of it, I buy all of you a beer! I love the Internet for providing a lot of info on various topics. I hate the Internet for raising hopes and being able to quit my job, bla bla bla..
    For now, I’m about to produce my own bunch of shit. I will to this on my WC, though.
    ps. Is there something legit out there? Cheers!

    • Ok… tx for sharing.

      There are tons of Stuff that is legit out there. My blog is full
      of great programs. I explain what to do, how to do it…
      When? … Start Today!


  44. since joining my computer is getting hundreds of tracking cookies daily does anyone know if they are dangerous. I admit i know little about computers so simple persons terms greatly appreciated. I think its a scam now and am getting rid of it.

  45. I am understandably curious. I agree $20 daily is not chump change when you consider all you’re doing is minor housekeeping. $5 for each signup…not bad. But I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment. Didn’t PayPal start out the same way? Does anyone remember a tiny little venture known as X.COM? Their site looked VERY different quite a few years ago but not when you view it, it shows…yes, you guessed it…PAYPAL.COM. I’m not sayin’…but I’m just sayin’ may all be right and the planet is about to implode. On the other hand, sometimes a cigar is just that. What if it’s true?

    • Fair Enough Chris!

      I’m All in for Offering people Some Money or other things to take market shares in the beginning.
      Make People join. That can be a smart move I agree. But If Paybox are talking $Us and many have
      100’s even 1000’s in their account – Doing What exactly?

      PayBox Needs Many Million To Cover The Promises… Or change the exchange rate
      Paybox dollar vs Us Dollars…

      Many are Complaining about PayPal… I don’t Think PayBox need to pay at all to get
      Costumers If they where interesting to be the New Payment Processor to be honest…

      $1-5 Should be Enough…

      I’m Not a Member – But Start a Business The way They Do It The Year of 2010 –
      When Millions of people can get a Blog up and running in Minutes – The Whole
      Thing Looks very Unprofessional to put in Nice…

      Tx for sharing Chris…

  46. I believe it is a scam. I have outlined a lot of information on my blog (check my website url field). I believe I have found the Whois Information of the owner.

  47. I have someone who has been promoting PayBox to me. At first, I ignored it. Then after reading this blog, I decided to start questioning him. He said the usual “What have we got to lose?” and also that he didn’t feel it was a scam. I replied we have time, advertising, and our credibility to lose. He said that entrepreneurs take risks sometimes. That we cannot be afraid to invest a little time into something that could produce a huge return, etc. So here is my reply to him and to anyone else out there promoting PayBox:

    “You say there is no way of knowing whether a program is a scam or not. But there are many signs that a program is
    most likely a scam. You may think that ignoring those signs is courageous and what a good entrepreneur would do.
    But all the people that join them, whether they lose money or not, are just encouraging scammers to keep on doing it.
    I’m wondering what would happen if as marketers, we stood together to stop these things from happening –
    that instead of helping people get away with their scams, we educated and encouraged people to look out for the warning
    signs and stay clear.
    It doesn’t matter to you or your followers that you could lose time, advertising dollars and your credibility if a program you
    join does turn out to be a scam? Well, what about this? Does it matter to you at all that you just helped yet another scammer
    get away with it? That because this scammer got away with it, they are encouraged to keep on scamming? That
    because they got away with it and so many fell for it (or took a courageous risk), that other people are encouraged to create
    yet even more scams -because scamming people is so easy and a faster way to earn money than by creating or promoting
    a legit business? That because there are so many scams out there, the Internet, Internet marketing, and online home
    business have a bad rap? That legitimate businesses suffer because of this bad rap? That some people that fall for a scam
    give up their dreams because they aren’t as knowledgeable as you or I?
    I will not join any program that has the slightest hint of being a scam -not for my sake, but for the sake of our industry.
    I won’t even take the slightest chance that I am helping a scammer.”

    • Thank You very very much Susan

      I love the way you go about the problem we face everyday – Scams. You have nothing to lose attitude is like a plague in this industry.
      I agree 100% there is a lot to lose and i like your question:

      Does it matter to you at all that you just helped yet another scammer get away with it?

      This is a very good question, more people should consider before they start promoting any program.

      There is enough scammers out there, why feed more ugly fishy programs – just to make a few bucks?
      Often You’ll make 0 and the only thing you did was sponsoring people to a bad program. You lost time and
      money you could have made doing legit, serious business and the most important thing your reputation.

      Susan McCook is right – Why Help More Scammers? Be careful out there!

      Thank you again!

  48. I´ve been following this discussion – it´s very Interesting and an Important Topic!

    Thanks Stefan for Bringing this Up! – this is something that´s needed to be brought up!

    Great comments – Thanks Especially to Susan Mc Cook! – Your answer was spot on!

    Keep on With Serious Business!
    Catarina recently posted..EN DAG PÅ STRANDEN…

  49. How long u spent time to promote and grow up ur balance account hugely, maybe later u terminate, bcos they find fault from you or they looking fault to terminate u. And its a big “hahaha”. maybe that is their strategy. briliant mind Arselio. hehehhee

  50. Actually, scam is a harsh word for all the disclaimers they have to protect themselves. So if it fails after a year, they are protected and they’re making $1500+ a day with AdSense….that’s over $500K for maintaining a website for a year. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a stretch myself to actually work, but from the owners standpoint, they’re racking it in…daily. I think we may see more of this in the future. Just claiming their own currency and free money has made people run to the site with them claiming over 100K subscribers….seems ingenious to me.

  51. The rushed close of the recent Pay Box Shop, without any warning, doesn’t give many assurances about I’m expecting one day to find no Paybox at all. And the TOS of Paybox allows that, just read them. Now, to sell paybox dollars one has to use places like

  52. I worked hard sacrificing my time and would like to claim earned money as Pay box me promised long time ago .
    Any body else has the same claim?

  53. Hello Stefan, thank you for this post, I am a member of PayBoxMe although have had my doubts after finding them on a list of banned programs at Residual Quick – following that I ceased promoting them altogether – and now, after reading your valuable information here I have completely dropped them, you are quite right, time is money especially in marketing, and my time is much better spent listening to the valuable training you provide and promoting The Lead Magnet instead! Thank you!
    Sean Ladyman recently posted..Congratulations to our top 20 Team Building Project partners!

    • Thank You very much Sean.

      I agree of course. Why take a risk and spend so much time and money on something like that. When you can build
      a serious business with no risks at all?

      You are very welcome and thank you very much for your comment

      Stefan Berg

  54. Hi All,

    The said website is really scam! I tried to call the registrant phone and no answers. Also, if that’s really a company there should have an address where their company from. Should put their contact rather. Very very scam site. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME THERE!


  55. Today i got an invite to from a friend. In the invitation mail its noted, among other classic bullshit, that the starting capital of project is a billion $ (yeah, shure). I tried to check the About/Contact us on the main page, but amazingly*, couldnt found any. A sure sign, that a serious buisiness is going on! Anyway, didnt even googled it down (did it later, obviously), just traced the domain IP location. It operates from , a public service that is available for like 300$ per 3 years. Far from an expert, but am sure that the obtained database of fished info alone can bring a (deserved) profit to conceptors.

  56. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  57. Hi Stefan,

    Are you sure you never head of

    We need to click the advertisement and they pay you..

    It’s free membership, $500 signup bonus, $50 referal and if we reach

    $25,000. We can request payout but it take 30 – 90 days, for upgrade

    members (need to pay $165) the payout will take 14 days only…

    Before a month I have collect $25,000…

    Could you please find out for me whether it’s same as scam..

    Thank you coach…

    • Hi Norma … $500 signup Bonus?

      Already there I know it’s a scam…
      $25 000 is a lot of money… click emails and take away 4 zeros… $2,50 is more realistic
      But no one can pay you 25k … It’s time to do some serious Business Norma…

      This is my program 100% Scam FREE – Join Today

  58. Useful information shared..Iam very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post

  59. I like how now they are “paying” people paybox “currency” to upload copyrighted images for use with their “credit cards”…

  60. I didn’t hear anybody mention the **** LOAD OF ADVERTISEMENT ON THEIR SITE!

    If this site can afford to give all their members anything greater that $1 i’d think that they have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to put 2 ads PER PAGE (FYI i dont yell either, I just emphasize *DE JA VU!*)

  61. Been there before, seen this before .. every time something new comes up people think it’s a scam and freak out.

    I don’t see any information here that proves to me that paybox is a scam. I see a lot of people ignoring the proof though like it being hosted by Amazon.

    If that’s a lie, there site will be down in no time anyways.

    I wouldn’t give any personal information though, one should never do that unless they are 100% sure it is okay to do so. I’d just wait and see.

    • Hi Peachy.

      Thank your for your comment.
      I Do Business the other way around myself. I don’t promote stuff I’m not 100% sure about…

      1. They are Legal
      2. I Know who is behind it or the person I join under can guarantee it.
      3. If I joined a program and see Their TOS, other FAQ and I don’t agree with it I can’t promote it either
      4. I don’t join or promote programs where they claim to give away money and you never get them
      5. When a program promise to give away $100 000 000 to people who done very little to make them then you should run… That do not exist. “To good to be true” comes in play here

      There are other factors to.. I take them another time. My last 2 cents, when I see every dreamer I know promote program after program like PayBox and never make I dime then I know this will also be a Scam.

  62. Hi,

    I don’t know what the problem is that people seem to have with Paybox. I am a member with Paybox since September and the registered email address haven’t gotten spammed. The terms and conditions are pretty similar to everything that one can get these days when buying an electronic item from a shop (some might remember the warnings of not using a microwave to dry a pet in?). Paypal as an example has a lot of terms and conditions similar to Paybox.
    As far as I’m aware there is no promise of the money earned on Paybox being paid in US$. (It could be their own currency.)
    It doesn’t take much of my time to answer their questions (less than browsing for a few minutes) and I have the dream that someone out there will produce the perfect payment program.

    I don’t see Paybox as a scam as it hardly takes my time and I don’t have to invest money. (A scam in my understanding would be a site which gives me false promises BUT takes money out of my own pocket!Paybox doesn’t do that!)
    And identity theft? Hardly. There are easier ways to this these days if you do a bit of research.
    It is fun doing their survey. And I’ve done so many surveys for PP, eBay and other companies before WITHOUT the promise of getting paid.#
    So, WHERE is the scam? 🙂

    • Chronossa…

      Thank You for your answer. There is many problems. The Track record they done this before. I read many TOS. But I have never seen one where you can lose your account or future money for any reason at any time… Or You agree to any changes they do without they sending a notification in any form…

      2. Where is the Payment Processor? Why not open up that 1st and have companies signed up and take PayBox Money…
      3. This is from Their Squeeze Page:
      You start with a $25, You get $10 per person you refer to PayBox. You could have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account by the time we launch, without ever making a deposit!

      I don’t see anything else but US Dollars, here… Do You?

      This is The Page People are advertising… It’s Miss leading and False up front. You Promise People US Dollars to join!
      A Scam for me can be just this… A False marketing method that take peoples time and later their money. meanwhile they make money with Google ad words and build a huge mailing list. Yes you can’t loose any money at this point, but a lot of time promoting it and what happens later on, Do You take full responsibility for any loss I may have?

      4. You can Loose Your Reputation… Some People are Promoting things like this time after time and never make any money.
      That is not good for your Reputation or Wallet!

      Further More: ApSense and a few Traffic Exchanges have now Banned
      The name Paybox is a registered trademark of Sybase Inc

      The move to ban is being taken to protect APSense, both the reputation of the site and from possible legal ramifications.

  63. I have taken the time to read the information they have provided so far. A couple of points I see that are a judgment call. Think of the price that would and could be paid for a world wide site that ranks in the top thousand in the world. Or how much would an ad cost on the home page? While the scam potential is there think of the revenue too.

    I hope that there is more competitors entering the payment processor ring. The rivalry could only serve the users well with lower prices and more money in our own pockets. I enjoy using paypal but is the fees were just a little lower it would make my pocket book a little happier too.

  64. Maybe the most interesting blog that I have read all year I so sick of all scams on the internet and praying on desperate people in desperate times and so many MLM selling over priced junk like Vitamins, sports drinks and skin care products and etc.

    Most of that you can get at the discount store.
    sad what happening.

    Also the over hyped meetings

    Michael Ladd

  65. ahem!!!!

    I am a new user just this december 01, 2010, and currently has $400+, think outside the box folks, they are just starting, planning to be one of the biggest pay processor company, they are hiring people who will test their web site and give feedback for improvement. You folks! are being threaten already??? if ever this service will succeed maybe you will loose profit, Am I correct, so before saying anything, review further. I will still continue with them, hoping for the success. YOU FOLKS!!!

    • Hi Gin,

      Thank You for your comment… I see you and many others still are talking $ Us Dollars. I have 1000+
      dollars doing very little work and so on. Hmmm who are giving away $1 000 000’s for nothing?
      If They ever open up… It can be $1 = 1000 Paybox Dollars or worse…

      Test Pilot or not. Tell me how much of a Payment Processor is PayBox?
      What are you actually testing out?
      Are You helping them signing up Merchants?

      Feel Free to post what kind of work you guys are doing in PayBox That are related to The New Payment Processor all are talking about…

      I’m all in for Thinking Ouside the Box, but so far Is very much inside the Possible Scam Box…

  66. hello,yall,stephen.i like reading your blog i have read a few and like the fact you allowed so much othe response and do not pull in case my name does not get displayed and or i am .i bought this name thi morning.i am a videoagrapher /expose broke individual.i have enjoyed working for yet i feel it is time to move to the next block in the i was a lowly courier of e3mails and comercial free advertising with widgets,ha/shARE TOOL BAR my 6th grade ed and no resume i didnt bother to go for the 16-18hr for survey technician ect.i used to make up to 20 a day and as of today had last check cash/dollar/curruncy to ditto onmost of your above or below post .oh right um so i videotape all procedings and of course my own info ect acount paybox and so i foolowed them all over planet and have came up with a striking resembelence worldwide paybox name seems to be popular.unfortunatly the buisness representing name are not,assuming there is 1 if any valid legally operating in the name of paybox.all buisnesses with paybox in name are part of a turnkey worldwide ecomerce specific to cell phone # and is has still working on it replacing the world bank and modern currency.this paybox system has been in place for long time and verified companies from germany are origins of oficial payment processor.the current working model of any payment processor in 12/12/2010 is a company as earlier stated,SYBASE.THIS IS working model that paybox system is turnkey reseller of/technoligy?there words .any way in no way have i confirmed any link association of sybase to paybox or vice versa.what is true is that all tags and or research ends up same place and paybox has been a proven system and sybase is currently on youtube promoting latest payment processor turnkey plan for reselers.if yall happen to be there wander over to arcataco@youtube. com and see my 5-7 art series of videos on paybox peace

  67. i think as long as member didnt put some seriously data such credit card or else… i think this is nothing to loose. when you are not sure dont follow this services. but if you try this services play it safe… 50:50

    if this is a scamm, i had nothing to loose.

    remember not everyone satisfied with pp or ap right ?

    just stay safe, wait and see… create an account and forget it…. nothing to loose..
    udung recently posted..Migrasi ke Ubuntu 1010 try out!

    • Hi Udung and Frank,

      I’ve seen that argument over and over again. Yes PayPal can close your account but The difference is that PayPal have millions upon millions of Members and billions of Dollars is been exchanged in PayPal. What has that to do with PayBox? They can close your account for any reason at any time. They are promising you Us Dollars, just for joining. They don’t even have a payment processor in place.

      What I’m after here is why do people promoting something like PayBox? … I Mean It’s free you can’t loose anything isn’t enough for me. That is true for many activities. If You want to make money you have to make sure you do something that make that happened. That don’t happened over night or by it self. It’s Not Luck it’s hard work, determination and Planning. Investing time and money.

      The Mentality it’s free you have nothing to loose will not take you anywhere. It will only take your time, energy and you’ll be disappointed. Here is where PayBox comes in. They Start in the wrong end and promise people huge amount of money for doing very little. They and most people talk in terms of dollars but we all know that is not true… YOU DON’T GET 10,20,25 US DOLLARS. You can’t start up a serious Business with Big Fat Lies… My Question is still why do you promote PayBox? …

      I have seen this before, many times… The answer is simple… People dream about making easy Money Online… join free do some simple work and make a few 100, 1000… I can’t see any other reason… Will that ever happen? … I say No! … Do something serious with your time, energy and you will be better off… /Stefan Berg

  68. Hi ok But have seen some arguements that Paypal can do same( re accounts
    check Wiki!! )lets see what happens hasnt cost anything yet!!

  69. It seems to me that IF youi are going to TRASH the program that AT LEAST you would get your TRASH correct.

    They pay $25.00 to sign up, and NOT the $50.00 that you WRONGLY quote!!
    ALSO—-They pay $10.00 for EACH Referral—NOT the $5.00 that you WRONGLY Quote!!

    DO you people REMEMBER whe PayPal paid people to joint them and ALSO paid you $5.00 for every REFERRAL??

    AlertPay, another online payment processor, is STILL paying me $5.00 for EACH and EVERY REFERRAL!!


    • Hi Peggy!

      Yes PayPal did pay a few Real Dollars to take market Shares … Alertpay Pay $ when You sign
      Up New Members who use their service, fair enough that is affiliate Marketing… I Pay My
      Affiliates $1/ref from time to time. But Now we Talk Real Money. I Pay Within 24 Hours

      All serious Affiliate Programs Pay Out real Money at least within 30 days…

      My Question…. Do Pay You Real Money when You get new referrals to Their Payment Processor?
      Do They even Promise You Money to take market shares or do they only put figures up there?

      The Big difference is the 10 000 000 promises and The 0 Proofs of a Processor … hmmmm
      Where is the Processor?
      Where is the Stores that accept PayBox?

      If PayBox was a Processor for real, they should pay ASAP… That is the only way to take
      market shares in this stage…. play around with Photos on a cc Card is very easy and
      have 0 to do with this niche Business…

      Where is the Payment Processor? …

      If I can Pay My Affiliates same second they make their money… Then PayBox can
      do that as well … very easy just transfer The Money to Members Bank Accounts!

      I Wonder why this is a Problem… hmmm?

  70. is a scam!

    Here’s why:

    1. on whois, the info does not make sense:

    It seems that they have valid information, however, the creation date is a little unbelievable. As far as I know of, it is created way before then

    2. No real updates: there aren’t any updates of the actual launching date.

    3. Repeated offers: It looks as if nobody maintains the site. Nobody bothered to update the information

    4. Bad support, you cannot get anything out of the support

    5. Logically speaking: the conversion tool paybox will use is every 1 dollar is equal to one cent usd. For those that have a lot of money such as 1000 paybox dollars, it will most likely be worth roughly ten bucks.

  71. is is really true? i need some answer, where can i withdraw my money,is this site proven and tested? does any people withdraw money from paybox and how? its freaking me out 🙁

  72. is is really true? i need some answer, where can i withdraw my money,is this site proven and tested? does any people withdraw money from paybox and how? its freaking me out 🙁

  73. hi stefan
    i had read your blog
    i have more than $15000 in
    i wanna know some reason they told that they will launch open box balance and we can withdraw it to our bank after March 2011 so that is wrong or right
    i wanna answer from you

    • Hi Ray,

      What did you sell or do to make that kind of money?
      $15000 is a lot. If You read just above this. 2 people are willing
      to sell their PayBox money for 1000PB = $1 … If that are going to
      be the exchange rate then you have $15 hmmm…

      Let’s ask the Members in PayBox… What do you guys think?

      When can you start getting your money from PB to your Bank Account?
      What do you guys think, will it be 1000PB = $1 or less?
      Why use another Processor when PB Claim to be the new super duper one?

      I Hope we get some solid answers from the members of PayBox…


  74. and if you are filling the daily surveys, then they can sell that information, and they use google adsense too, they are doing money, but its not for us.

  75. I asked when they first started
    1. who are the officers of the company
    2.what financial institute backs up the company
    3.and checked out there who is.?????
    4.looked at there terms. and conditions they never have to pay a dime just cancel your account for any reason?
    5. People due your due diligence on any program especially the ones selling the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.
    Richard Taylor recently posted..Xperia Phones – Suggestions On Which Might Be Best For You

  76. First off, I appreciate the truth and honesty of all of you. I have been running around ragged trying to find leads on just who they are. This is the best summary I have:

    1) First, as stated, they do have a Whois Guard on their dime-store WordPress site. After running a few further checks, it appears that their website is served (if I am looking right) by a company out of Australia. That is just preliminary. I’ve got people on it.

    2) They did NOT simply give up their Google Adsense account. They lost it. Myself and a team of very ‘concerned folks’ wrote to Google and got them banned from Adsense. In order to cut the scam, you must cut the income..,.and they stated Adsense ‘served its purpose’ you REALLY believe that ‘income’ serves a purpose then stops?

    3) People, you have to, as Mr. Taylor above me said, do some DUE DILIGENCE on anything so ‘skeemish’ as a hidden website. If I had plans to become a huge website, would I hide, or would I want the world to know?

    4) In order to process payments with your money, you need FDIC pass-through insurance to protect the wire transfer between users. This isn’t free. And yes, we have alerted the FDIC folks, too, of this alleged repeat of Greenzap.

    5) You guys are marketing a domain’s placement in the ranks. Paybox can, soon, open up a midget porn site with and you guys – giving them page views and search engine strengh – empowered it. It is all marketing.

    I will post more during my investigation and shut-down efforts.

  77. Paybox me has developed further and it seems legitimate to me!!I fell for many scams in the past and have learned to be very careful. I have not had a cash payout yet, and might never have a ‘cash payout’ for the money I’ve earned as an early bird user so far. (But I didn’t expect a cash payout in the first place, as ‘Paybox me’ had never claimed to give a cash payout and in US ($) in any case… I signed up and did my daily surveys (and still do) as they don’t take much time and they are certainly fun to do.
    The blog wasn’t accessible for a long time but has recently opened up with a regular updated amount of information for users.
    It is much clearer now that ‘Paybox me’ is developing its own payment currency, which could mean that the money I’ve personally owned is worth far less once exchanged for goods-but then again, it really wasn’t hard work and time-consuming to fill out the surveys in the first place…
    However, there is information on their user-website that ‘Paybox me’ is willed to pay hard US ($) cash for referrals (at some point in the next few weeks) IF people are interested in online marketing and have the skills or want to learn the skills in doing this as they have to have a certain amount of users in order to become active as a payment processor.
    The whole information doesn’t seem ‘pushy’ to myself as they do say that there is no need to advertise to get more referrals if a user doesn’t feel comfortable in doing this, which sounds very fair to me. (And I believe ‘Paybox me’, as I had answered many times with ‘NO’ during a daily question survey (for a while) if I have taken effort to share ‘Paybox me’ with someone else. Fact is; they didn’t throw me out if I didn’t bring in any referrals! Please note at this point that ‘Paybox me’ is warning their users about spamming as this can be a reason to terminate the user account!
    I have pasted part of one of their newest blog posts below as there was no permitted sign to find anywhere on their site…:

    The Big Picture
    PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone. We’re designing our service with the help of a dedicated group of EarlyBird users who are contributing ideas and feedback.
    What has been developed?
    Person-to-Person transactions are working. Any user can transfer funds from their PayBox account to another user’s account. Currently PayBox is a “closed box” system, that means all transactions are within our system only. Users cannot deposit or withdraw funds at this time.
    What is planned?
    In time, we plan to “Open the Box”, inviting merchants to accept PayBox. This will allow our users to pay any merchant who has registered to accept PayBox payments. We also plan to offer debit cards linked to user accounts.

    There are claims from people who did research on ‘Paybox me’ that the ownership for this site can be traced back to I did not personally make so much effort in finding out if these comments on various other websites are true or not as ‘Paybox me’ does not seem to be a threat in any form to any user on the internet.

    Here is my personal opinion with the facts that I have concluded:
    -‘Paybox me’ has admitted that they won’t pay the ‘early bird user’ cash payout in US dollars (this is my understanding!!)
    =Facts are that ‘Paybox me’ has never promised to pay US dollars in any written form when they started.(Yes, the ‘early bird-user account’ was always stated (and still is) in US dollars, but there was no written indication to be found that the earned amount would be paid out in US dollars!) I believe I can trust them as they have been honest enough not to promise me any money in the first place in the currency shown on the users website.(At least I personally have never seen a single line of statement on their website about this.)
    -I gave ‘Paybox me’ a unique email address and I have not received any spam-so there is certainly no indication of making money by selling ‘users-email-addresses’ to third parties.(Even my spam folder stayed empty!!)
    = Fact is that they could still do it at some point in the future, but if they were just after addresses there are certainly cheaper and easier ways of getting email addresses or personal data.
    -there is a lot of activity going on at their user website at the moment which includes surveys to choose a nice credit card design etc…
    = Fact is that a scam-company wouldn’t take the time to create and submit pictures of ‘thousands’ of card designs (very good and thoughtful pictures as well) in order to have users choose a ‘Paybox me’ card -design.
    My personal opinion and experience summarized:
    Everyone who uses ‘just a little bit of common sense’ would never believe in making thousands of dollars with no effort at all (as it takes less than reading a few lines in the daily newspaper). But if it’s not a scam, there must be another reason for this…Which is explained above.
    {And if you do believe that there is money to be made on the Internet (or elsewhere) without any effort you be better off by going back to school and continue to finish your studies or pick up your medications again!}
    As far as I am concerned ‘Paybox me’ is ‘NOT’a scam in any form. And I hope they can materialize what they promise and become a most secure online processor as I am personally upset with the amount of credit card frauds due insecurity via the Internet. But this is just my personal opinion.

    • Dear Chronossa,

      You have a few interesting points… But You Miss the Meat and Potato…

      1. They tell you Upfront on the Advertising page that you will get $US – Nothing else
      2. Then they say that the $Us Dollar means Paybox dollars and the exchange rate will be close to $1/PB1… hmmm

      Then in the end You say this: Everyone who uses ‘just a little bit of common sense’ would never believe in making thousands of dollars with no effort at all (as it takes less than reading a few lines in the daily newspaper). But why On earth Put these sums inside any program, if it only means air, 0, nada?

      How Do You think a program that lie from Scratch and only Use the Money Bait to get Members can gain Banks, Merchants and Members trust?
      I’m very surprised People still keep on promoting Paybox as a Money Processor…

      How about begin with the money processor then give some incentive like Alertpay still do? …
      Yeah I got $5 Real dollars in my Alertpay account for sponsoring a member a few days ago…

      I Still can’t understand what makes PayBox worth promoting… Until I know that… I Recommend all people to stay away from joining or promoting it…
      Every Owner, boss, money maker that Use a Money Bait, tell you tha you can make $20 doing this or that and not pay out the
      money is a Scammers to me… They use your time, my time and before Google closed their Adsense account All Members
      helped Them direct or indirect to make Money!!!

      Stefan Berg

  78. Please do not forget that there are many advertisers out there who try dirty tricks to promote paybox me. (But they can be found ‘anywhere’ on the Internet.

  79. Stop it everyone! My balance is already up to $364.00, and I have only been a member for 5 hours or so. You guys are spreading bad karma! Ok, ok, so it took me 5 hours and 364.00 to see that this has to be a scam.

    By the way, I have 364.00 U.S. Paybox dollars! I’ll sell them all the the first lucky person who put up 3.64 for them.

    Thanks for this blog Stefan! I’ll gladly sell my paybox dollars to you for 1/2 off, today only! 1.82 – Send it to my paypal account. lol

    Unless this is run by the Federal Reserve “bank” of America I have no way of ever seeing my “hard earned” money! lol

    Phil Jayhan recently posted..Lets Roll Paybox – You will Receive 2500 for a 1000 Donation you dont have to give

    • Hi Phil that is only 1 problem… You do Nothing and will get paid nothing… lol

      Another Much Bigger Issue is The name… Paybox has been around since 1999.

      A privately held company founded in 1999 and headquartered in Raunheim, Germany, paybox will be integrated into Sybase 365, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. As a provider of the broadest mobile commerce offering, paybox also brings Sybase a proven track record and a solid customer base.

      Sybase is already a leader in mobile technology, global operator connectivity to more than 700 mobile operators, and has a long history in delivering mission critical systems to financial institutions. Combined with paybox’s capabilities and expertise in mobile payments, Sybase extends its leadership and global mCommerce footprint. With this acquisition.

      “This acquisition is a natural progression of the partnership agreement signed between the two companies in Q4 last year. paybox and Sybase share the same vision for mobile commerce that is in line with where the market is headed and what customers are demanding from their mobile phones,” said Eckhard Ortwein, CEO paybox. “By combining mobile messaging and mobile payments offerings, it will be difficult for any competitor to match our mobile commerce services.”

      This is and Yes They been around 12 Years… ALL Dreamers can Stop Dream Now…. There are no way they can open a Payment Processor and call it Paybox… The Whole Idea is a Joke

  80. is most probably a big scam very cleverly disguised as a genuine program. I am one of the first to join. has been operating for more than six months. Those who joined then have accumulated some 3,000 Paybox dollars (Not Us$). Paybox says it is going to link paybox dollars to major currencies including US$.
    For six months more than 300,000 people have been dedicating some 30 minutes a day.

    Now Paybox wants 10,000 people to join some affiliate marketing site which charges $47 or $37. This charge is for any Tom, Dick and Harry who joins. They are open websites in the internet. You do not need to be paybox,e member to do that.

    Paybox wants us to join the site and learn all about affiliate marketing. My question is what is the amount of paybox dollars 3,000 doing with you. You want us to join the affiliate program in order to imrpove Paybox business as well as our business. Why can’t paybox pay that 37$ on our behalf? I mean, what is the purpose of those 3,000 paybox dollars? even if you were to give a value of 1USD = 10 Paybox dollars, even people with 500 paybox dollars will in effect have 50 USD in their account. Why can not paybox use this best opportunity to show they are genuine? Why can not it deposit the 37$ and let its 10,000 people do the course free?

    What is the use of having spent some 60 to 70 WHOLE hours to promote paybox?

    It is quite possible that the affiliate site belongs to paybox. It probably is. What a nice way to promote their business! And, get a ready market of 10,000 people. A neat sum of 470,000 genuine US dollars! And, the 300,000 member of paybox keep putting in 30 minutes of work everyday.

    If this is the case, this is the cleverest swindle on the net. Pay box can still redeem itself now by depositing $47 on behalf of 10,000 people it wants for its army of affiliates. This message is going to go up in all possible sites and is going to spread like wild fire. before Paybox knows it, its 300,000 members may desert it.

    It is upto paybox, really is most probably a big scam very cleeverly disguised as a gebuine program. I am one of the first to join. has been operating for more than six months. Those who joined then have accumulated some 3,000 Paybox dollars (Not Us$). Paybox says it is going to link paybox dollars to major currencies including US$.
    For six months more than 300,000 people have been dedicating some 30 minutes a day.

    Now Paybox wants 10,000 people to join some affiliate marketing site which charges $47 or $37. This charge is for any Tom, Dick and Harry who joins. They are open websites in the internet. You do not need to be paybox,e member to do that.

    Paybox wants us to join the site and learn all about affiliate marketing. My question is what is the amount of paybox dollars 3,000 doing with you. You want us to join the affiliate program in order to imrpove Paybox business as well as our business. Why can’t paybox pay that 37$ on our behalf? I mean, what is the purpose of those 3,000 paybox dollars? even if you were to give a value of 1USD = 10 Paybox dollars, even people with 500 paybox dollars will in effect have 50 USD in their account. Why can not paybox use this best opportunity to show they are genuine? Why can not it deposit the 37$ and let its 10,000 people do the course free?

    What is the use of having spent some 60 to 70 WHOLE hours to promote paybox?

    It is quite possible that the affiliate site belongs to paybox. It probably is. What a nice way to promote their business! And, get a ready market of 10,000 people. A neat sum of 470,000 genuine US dollars! And, the 300,000 member of paybox keep putting in 30 minutes of work everyday.

    If this is the case, this is the cleverest swindle on the net. Pay box can still redeem itself now by depositing $47 on behalf of 10,000 people it wants for its army of affiliates. This message is going to go up in all possible sites and is going to spread like wild fire. before Paybox knows it, its 300,000 members may desert it.

    It is upto paybox, really

  81. I tried paybox and have accumulated a thousand dollars almost. Until now, I really don’t know how will I be able to redeem or withdraw.

  82. I have read this regarding “”
    I too believe it is a scam.
    As far as paying to be an affliate, not only $47. and $37. the first day they had one for $99.. (like that’s going to happpen from my wallet)!
    I wrote in their so-called survey re: bad online experience for a payment processor:
    Paybox is my bad experience seeing as how you do not accept your own currency to buy these affliate programs.
    Long story short I continued participating a few more days and my my how my balance increased much quicker for the same effort.
    I’ve got to go with a “Hmmm”
    Caveat emptor!

  83. Ok. finally got to the bottom of it……

    Ok folks. Here is the answer to the long answered question!!!

    Who is behind ???

    The answer….. Nilo Bezerra
    A Brazilian National who mostly promote dubious MLM schemes.
    I am envious of the database on gullible folk he has to now market to.
    His techniques to pull people into the scam have been awesomely successful. He has your email if nothing else.
    He can sell that database (or portions of it) or keep it to himself to market to.
    If you want to sign up to his affiliate army or whatever he calls it & part with some $$$ then all the best to you. Its probably info that can be found freely on the net anyway.

    As for the fairy dust sprinkled for the buzz of paybox, that will come to nothing.

    Promoter of :

    All the best
    Boris the Investigator
    For more on this click on my name…

  84. The latest blog……….

    Our programming team will be hard at work over the few weeks adding some great new features to PayBox. We expect that within the next month, we may begin inviting some merchants to begin accepting PayBox. These will be small merchants at first, and will be outside the existing financial networks. But, it will begin to “Open the Box” a bit and allow our users to begin spending their PayBox balance.

    “These will be small merchants at first, and will be outside the existing financial networks.”

    HMMM. what the heck does that mean???

    just curious!?! funny money???? figure it out….

  85. Does anyone see what is going on here? was created to get as many people as possible on board so they can make money with their other online ventures. The so called Paybox dollars mean absolutely nothing, real or otherwise. They are just a smoke screen.

    The ‘affiliate training’ program is obviously a ploy to get ‘early bird’ members to become paid referrals in the mysterious admin’s downline. First it was Apsense (who, by the way, have banned due to copyright infringement). Every time a member logged in to Paybox, they were paid. Now this bogus training program, which of course, you can not use Paybox dollars to join!

    There is no way to contact the admin (whoever THEY are), I could design a more professional-looking site (and I only know HTML!) and the TOS nonsense has already been mentioned.

    Many sites are offering them as a payment option, due to the person-to-person transactions. But unfortunately, no one will ever see a dime from this site. A payment processor is obviously not the agenda here.

    Getting your real money is.

  86. what i am worryed about is that they have no particular founder.
    the first day i signed in i did’nt notice any fraud until messagers where sent to mmy e-mail.the o nly advise i have for early bird user should think twice on the website

  87. why should it be free.

    which country is the company located.

    why should your acconut be terminated witout any reason.

    how are the debit cards going to be issued and where.

  88. I joined Paybox about six weeks ago. I have been actively doing their surveys, voting on their debit cards A LOT, promoting the site, but recently started getting notices that I’m ABUSING their system by checking in so often and they could discontinue my account (it says clearly on their site to check in OFTEN) – they give me about 2 minutes and then shut me off for an hour…the only way to communicate with them is through their surveys and I DID voice concern about them selling affiliate training when you can get FREE training at sites like Social Oomph, who offers 30 FREE training videos, so that was a red flag. I thought, what the heck they haven’t asked for any real personal info like ss# or home address, so I’m thinking take the risk, but I do feel something other than what they tell you is really going on, otherwise, why would they risk offending their Early Bird users by imposing restrictions at such an early stage, especially on people who are actively promoting them and offering suggestions, etc. I am no longer interested and hope other people wake up also.
    Lynda recently posted..Lilyashlycom

  89. Many many thanks Mr Stefan Berg, I have just joined it three day ago, and I goy many doubts about I have already work for more than one thousand dollar during these three days and I know I will never get this money because they never have a good contact address and no main information is given concerning my account..

    • You are very Welcome…

      I hate to see people waste time in this case and money in the long run on crap…
      It’s a lot better to spend time and money on serious business…

      Stefan Berg

  90. Now I saw this comment on another forum……

    Does anybody here know how to run away from this scam?
    I don’t know why I signed up, but I don’t see any way to delete account.
    You cannot delete account, you cannot change settings, mail, password… you cannot block them to send you mail, because the mail doesn’t show. You cannot send them ticket… This is criminal! I never saw these kinds of things, I’m frustrated!
    Did anybody manage to block it some way? How can I do it?

    This is indeed a tricky question to answer even for those rather well versed in finding functions on the the net.
    Why – well many people know how to do a whois check but the problem here is Nilo cloaked this fairly well and also used the whoisGuard.
    He might think he tricked everyone, but not me & I will give you the information you (or anyone else) requires to put an end to that sort of nonsense….hopefully.
    Looks like he bought the name from You could have a look at their ToS & possibly make complaint.
    Nameservers are there, & thats easy enuf for anyone to find out, so surely someone has already complained there by now. Do it anyway because if enough people do it then they will hopefully listen.

    Now heres the bit that many don’t know. I am going to give you the link to the whois of who actually hosts the site It is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). On this whois page you will see where & how to report abuse.

    PTC Investigations post below might be correct, I am not to sure on the exact legalities on that, but I do know that anti-spam laws in most countries (including where paybox is hosted) require a link where you may opt out of any future participation at any time. Paybox looks to be in violation of that rule at this time of writing. You choose. Complain or keep getting all that crap in your email.

    When complaining about the website make sure you mention & so that you look like you know what you are talking about

    Good Luck

  91. It is always said that training courses for affiliates are free … but in fact you need to produce your Credit Card for that !
    Why not to use the one ?

  92. i have almost $476.23 in but, how to get the money????????????????????……..

    i try to look everything on how to shop using PAYBOX but there is no such thing that you can shop using >>>>>>PAYBOX<<<<<< awtz…….. who the hell made that ………………… it might be a scam!!!…. ow im wrong its a scam…

    • Hi Muhammad,

      Thank you for stopping by. I really hope one of the readers of this Blog Will have an answer for you. I never been a member myself for obvious reasons I stated time after time…

  93. It does sound very scammy. It might work if they promoted it as a private bartering system or community. Kinda funny though. People have commented on how the dollars that they talk about are worthless… sounds a lot like the way our country’s dollar is going 🙂

  94. Hi every one
    Ok my name is Krishnu Penso
    I am agree that pay box sound too good to be thru
    But when I calculate human mentally
    most of them have loose confidant,
    more when you have about internet
    they don’t believe more.
    What I can say from the experience that I have, whit my website of GDI
    Most talk, that GDI is also spam and they don’t pay but it’s not thru.
    I have receive my payment in my mailbox and I can’t use my website for promoting all what I won’t.

    What I can say from till they don’t ask me to pay a penny everything is ok for me
    I take care to find out for myself what they are and not hear what they talk around.
    I am a positive person and I now you have to work hard to get what you won’t
    Thanks for read.

    • I’ve heard this time after time….

      But promote anything under the sun, join stuff just because it’s FREE should not be the only thing to consider. I pay every member 100% on every Other sale Instant… same sec it take place. I can’t understand why people promote stuff that doesn’t pay you in a Month at the most… So far I see promises still after 6 Month but no Money… For me = Waste of time and waste of other peoples time…

      Spreading Garbage is also waste of bandwidth and Give people false hopes and dreams…

      Why Not Spend your Time, Energy and Money with companies that have track records and actually pay you for what you sell, do and so on… Tip from the coach!!!

      By The Way GDI been paying many many years… Not my 1st Choise of Business, due to the poor product, but I never heard anybody not getting paid the Last 5 years from them…

      Rethink – Think right!… PayBox… Promise a Lot but deliver Zero…

  95. hi Mr.stefan…
    the topic is very interesting…
    i’m very very like your argument..
    how could i can be fooled by the fake payment..
    thank you very much for help me open my mind..:D
    but actually i still believes paybox if they change they name to “paybox.bastard” or “paybox.fake” or “paybox.fool” or anthing else… –a…
    i already get 1300 paybox fake dollar in just a week..
    *lost hope.. =.=
    Alvine recently posted..Im Back

  96. Its fake …………….just an advance scam……….its an advance payper click which can and will fold up at anytime…………guys dont full for this its a scam .

  97. Not really sure if I could explain things in English. I’m Indonesian so Apa Kabar?

    Can’t really tell if ( they changed their name to Virtapay/VP) is a scam or not. But I think people misunderstood about the intentions of VP. From what I can digest, I believe that from the very start VP’s goal was to create a new currency while people think that it’s an “Earn Money Program” and later call it as a scam.

    The main reason VP are searching for members and asking their members to promote VP is to create some kind of “strength” which will be used as a bargain value to convince merchants to accept their new currency. If they have more members (they targeted to have 1 million members) then the bargain value would be higher.

    In history, when people were still using barter as a way to pay goods, who would imagine money (and it’s currency) would be accepted as a way of payment. How could a piece of paper/metal be used to pay their goods? The key to all of this is what you call “Acceptance”.

    At first, of course a piece of paper/metal won’t have too much value, but when people (and later large groups of people) accepted the new form of payment, it started to have more value and became a standard of payment in a certain area. I think that VP is trying to do the same but without the physical form of the money and that’s also the reason they call it “Virtual Currency.” Well. that’s just my opinion.

    Honestly I hope that would be true, even though I think it would become even further from reality because people are starting to doubt VP and losing their membership.

  98. On and now why is their a link on their site to a back office that goes directly to The Lead Magnet? I am not doing as great as I want but with your link on their site made me beleive your site was behind it. I like your site and the things you seem to represent.
    Maybe because I am in my late 70’s I should not try to make money online. You or your company is the 3rd person who has told me I made a mistake.
    When I saw the error below I typed in my url as I typed it above and it opened without any problem. I have owned this since 1994.
    Let me know about your link on VirtaPay?

    • Philip,

      I have no idea what you are talking about… I never been a member of PayBox or VirtaPay…That means I can’t log in and check if someone have a link to Us. I have hard time to understand why they want to place a link to The Lead Magnet. But if they do, I can only say thank you, thank you lol…

      I Run a 100% Legit Business. I’m all out in the open, with home address, telephone number, you can skype, msn, yahoo, google talk to me… Everything is OPEN to see… Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I use my real name… WHO IS Behind

      What I do is pretty clear… What They do is very Blur… I mean you don’t start a Company with false claims like they do… Hey we’ll give you $100… just sign up and then … sorry man it’s not US Dollars it’s Monopoly Money… hmmm … Show Me The Pay Processor first… what are You selling as a affiliate? The Products isn’t even CLEAR, finnished in Virta???

      The Biggest different is that I pay out your Commission Instant, same second you make them REAL $$$ US Dollars $$$ and Virta (PayBox) do not Pay at all… lol…

      I hope this is clear… I’ll not touch VirtaPay even with a tool…

      Stefan Berg

  99. Virtapay is a bust. They haven’t put up a new blog post since 3/29/2011. As soon as they tryed to get you to sign up to there training programs, LOL !!! It was over that was their swan song. I’ve been watching this one from the start. It’s amazing what some people will do to others, just for money. I’m sure that whoever is behind this one spent a fair amount of time and money to produce (PayBox). What a waste, just think, what if they had spent the engery on something real that would help people, and make money. Is it the money, the Power, the misleading people, or are they just plain stupid? I’m sure that they made a fair chunk of change on this fraud. What ever you put your energy too, the energy you recieve back will be the same. Now they will have to start another scam, probably already have. Stay sharp, if it wasn’t for all the scammers, it would be a lot easier to make a living on the internet. Brand yourself, follow your Passion, build your business not someone elses, when you love what you do, it will love you back. Thanks for reading my 2 cents, Peace and Happiness to You, Bruce Schroeder

  100. Hello! I am from Sweden
    I have been at PayBox for a while now and I am exiting on the opening. PayBox is giving us “early users” an amount every day and that is only becouse they do not want to pay for direct advertise, they want to give the members for participating the progress. It is a networking company. Internet is also a networking company. I can see the danger to have preconceptions about the system. When you are login to the system you get more information about the goals. When the system is compleatly releast to the public we are going to get contact-information. They are at Facebook so you are able to communicate with them.
    The next step is now done, is now and very soon in some weeks we are going to be able to use our collected amount on Digitally payment/delivery. We still do not pay any money into the system. Note that we do not know yet what VirtaPayDollar (VPD) is going to be worth, there was a test-shop a while ago and then it was compared to USD. Only a handfull sellers is going to be allowed at the next step.
    You can also follow this on
    If you ask me if I regret being a member, then I have to say: NO WAY! I am so happy that I joined

  101. it is interesting that has vanished – no redirections… The domain name is still owned by 3 addresses in France…
    The owners of Virtapay are hidden…

    And I can’t log into my account… Hmmm


  102. in the first place i thought that is a legal processor,but it is a scam!I invite a lots of friends to join this online job!They have daily survey, votes and etc. and its spending our afforts and time when we are in the cafe.I want to punished or the government will do such a thing to arrest or trap them.thats all thank you!

  103. yeah.. and i cant find right now… after checking my acct on them for a very long time… my almost 1000 dollars (paybox money) gone to waste..

  104. Who really know’s what there intent is weather to get lead’s or what.Unforuntly some of your top marketers are less than honest it seem’s that this is the kind of crap behind it and this is the kind of game’s they play.To try and scew it for and honest person.

    • Yeah we don’t know for sure…

      1 year past, Pre Launch is still on … Millions of Virta Pay dollars are given away and still no Payment Processors What so Ever… 1 Year???
      Are you kidding me? You can ‘t do a Pre Launch for a Money Processor really. I mean Paypal and Alertpay still have a affiliate program and pay you money
      when people start using their services. But no serious program can start with a lie saying that they give away US dollars but in reality you get nothing.

      For me this is very clear and shows that I was right…. No Payment Processor, They even have to change their name from Paybox to Virtapay … I mean that would be the first thing to do … research on the name before you start handing out cash and stufff opppsss Monopoly bucks…

  105. Hi! I’m at work browsing your website from my new iphone 3gs! Just want to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work.

  106. Reminds me of A Scam artist called Damon Westmoreland and a Company called GreenZap.

    One nasty pyramid Scheme. supposedly a payment processor that could be attached to eBay and such. Never did get any tools for that, Took about 3 years to bring it down. But not before they pulled millions from peoples Bank accounts.

    Very similar marketing techniques and using their own currency as well. People could not reclaim their funds either.

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