How you as an entreprenur can Benefit from Mike Koenigs 5 part webseminar!

A 5 part webseminar with Mike Koenig was held in Cooperation with CC Pro and John Jackson
Together they revealed valuable and important lessons about advertising.
Giving Value and Quality is the best Tool to develop in your business – how is that possible?

“- To be able to listen to this Great tips from the Experts in marketing has really inspired
me to move on and develop even more in my business” says Stefan Berg

Touching on subjects as

Week 1 – Owning your brand
Week 2 – Expert Authority
week 3 – Keywords research
Week 4 – Ten by Ten
– Answer the most important Questions
Week 5 – Follow Up – Consistancy

The Seminar give you a possibility to learn the most effective ways to connect to your customers.
Every serious Online Entrepreneur can benefit if they put this lessons into action
The seminar is a way to be successful and to understand the rules of Advertising.

Stefan Berg concludes after listnening to this seminar: “- All this Glues everything
together – leads you in the right direction and make your Business Journey much more smoother”

You learn more by visiting;

Stefan Berg is a Online Entrepreneur from Sweden, now living in Borneo, Malaysia.
He Coaches people how to Develop and Progress as a Entrepreneur Online.

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Internet Based Home Business – Your Insurance For The Future?

Can starting an Internet based home business be your insurance for the future?

People everywhere in the world are affected by the Recession that we seen the last year.
Are you scared about your future financial situation? Afraid of losing you work? Afraid of getting sick?
Maybe you already lost your work… we are all affected by this crash one way or the other.

So how should you deal with it? Anxieties over our finance and how to cope with daily
life is something that concerns us all.

Is this the right time to build up an Internet based home business of your own? Wont it be a great risk?
Of course if we start something we never has done before it is a risk – to do something new
we have to try something we never done before! But the risk is mostly lying in ourself –
if we are willing to work hard – put in time and effort we will succeed.

Look at the positive sides – would it not be great to be able to work from home – be able
to spend more time with your family – work when and where You want?

If you start now to build up something of your own – an internet based home business – then
you will not depend on someone else – You do not need to worry about losing your work. To
start your own business will be your insurance for the future.

To start your internet based home business you will need a Online strategy to follow

Here are 3 valuable and important ways to accelerate your work when you start.

1. Brand your name. In every step of your internet based home business you want to build up
trust to your customers. When they see your name you want them to know that you are a
person that they can rely on – get help from. Do this by writing articles,doing press releases and
videos. You can submit your articles at different Article Directories and your videos on You Tube.
Traffic Geyser is also a great tool for Videos. All this will help you to build up your name and
your credibility of being a good marketer.

2. When you write – do relevant articles – it is important that your articles have value.
You want to give your customers the answers they need. You want to give them a solution to
their problems. If you have a schedule and provide articles, press releases, and
videos on regular basis, people will start to see you as an expert in your area/niche.
The more people read about your expertise, the more you improve your chances of people
coming to you to buy your products and services.

3. Listen to your customers. Give them support. When a customer tells you an idea, instead of thinking of
reasons that wont work, listen with an open mind. It also encourages people to talk to you.
When you are a non-critical sounding person, people like that. Many people complain – and
they will. Instead of brushing them of – try to listen and you can reveal their real
concerns. Being open minded makes your customer feel relaxed and that you take them seriously
will increase the respect for you. Eventually this can lead to a sale.

Do you want to know more how to start your own internet based home business and get more
Online strategies?

Do you want to learn how to use articles like this to drive targeted traffic to your site?

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