The Top Mailers In May 2015

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Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Mailers – Safelist – Listbuilder Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial. This is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your Time & Money. Use Our tracking as a guide and compare with your own tracking.

As we are the Owners of it is not included in the Top 10 Mailers we’ve been tracking. However it is a Must Join :)… We are proud to Announce that The Lead Magnet has been Ranked #1 – 80 weeks and Top 3 – 196 weeks by List Hooppla

We are using to Track All Our Pages… Here is the Results we got from advertising TheLeadMagnet’s splash, squeeze and Video pages in May:

1. Fast List Mailer (3rd Last Month) This is a gr8 Mailer from Kenny Kolijn. Get Fresh New Leads Every Day – Cool design – Proven Owner. Overall an Easy to Use Mailer on the LFMVM script. Grab the Upgrade and Email Every Day!


2. SOTAM (2nd Last Month) A Unique & Strong mailer with a lot of Cool Features. You might say It’s old & you’re Right – it Launched 5 years ago (a eon of time on internet Lol)! With the owners/partners Brad Webb & Paul Coonan they have developed one of the best mailers in the Industry. They Have 28 700 active members (april 2014) & is Better then Ever


3. Bweeble (10th Last Month) Has proven to be one of the “Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3”. Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. Social features & Branding You are some of the highlights in this Mailer. They have a unique Brand Builder Profile Side Bar to build your brand stronger.


4. List Joe (5th Last Month) “Relaunched it has proven to be one of the Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3”. The owners Jon Nastor – Bill Maloney & Jonah Klimack has done a great job & imparted some cool Social features


5. List Jumper (9th overall in 2014) has a nice Design & has a clear message – Click at least 1 email every Day & you will stay active & you will be able to benefit from the Bonus system. Also owned by Darren Olander


6. List Bonus (4th Last Month) Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. This is Their first Mailer, Launched in 2011 and still going strong. Been On My Top 20 List Most of the Time. Check it out, build your list AND earn tons of great commissions at the same time!


7. Viral Ad Store (*** New ***) Greg Hickman ViralAdStore has been proving itself as a successful mailer for 5 years! and it isn’t just an ordinary list builder on a cloned script! ViralAdStore is jam packed full of super cool features that will just blow you away…


8. Easy Profit List (10th in March) Greg Chadwick is back with a newly relaunched mailer… His sites are always good.. but, this time he is taking an old site he just purchased and is revamping it to make it exciting for it’s member again..


9. Red Stag Mailer (10th in March) Debbie Nicholson is the Owner, nice lady from New Zealand. This is one of the best multipurpose Mailers. Mailer, PTC, Hall of Fame and Jackpot. Finally a Magnificent Mailer!


10. List Adventure (5th Last Month) Another Relaunched mailer is We have always supported this quality mailer. Since Relaunch it is Better then Ever. You will now find features as Badges – focus on social branding and so on… Get More Ad Power by being active. Now owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. A great Money Maker As well!


If you are a Beginner or want to know more about Mailers. How to use them etc… read this Blog Post: Benefit from Using Listbuilders

That was all for May – We’re looking forward to bring you Our Results for June 2015. Enjoy the Mailers Have a Look @ our Top 17 List Here It’s a Great way to get traffic, leads!

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Can You Benefit from Using a Viral Listbuilder in Your Advertsing Campaign?

We all Need Traffic to Our Websites – Right? In order to get Traffic to Your website you Need to use the Right Sources when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign. One Source is Viral Listbuilders. Lately the Internet Industry has Exploded with Viral Listbuilders. This has not gone Unnoticed…

Are Viral Listbuilders a Good Source to get Traffic to your Website? Can You Benefit from Using them? Important Questions – we All want to get the Best Results we can from Our Advertising Campaigns.

You might wonder – What is a Viral Listbuilder? How should you Use a Viral Listbuilder to be Successful with your Advertising Campaign?

What is a Viral Listbuilder?

Viral List Builders are The New Generation Safelists – they are proven to give the members Higher Conversion and Better Overall Results. Easy Explained Viral List Builders are a Platform where you can Advertise to other Members by Sending Emails. Members can Place Banner – Text – and Login Ads in the System – benefits that will get the members Maximum Exposure of their Business.

Viral List Builders is Credit Based – which means You Earn Credits when you Read Other Members Emails (clicking a creditlink inside the email) – click on Text links and Banner Ads. The Member can Use these Credits to Advertise. An Effective System that makes Members Stay Active to Be Able to use the Program.

How can you Use a Viral Listbuilder?

Most Viral Listbuilders Allow you to Join as a Free member – with limitations. As an Upgraded member you can Email a Lot more members – and you will receive more Benefits then as a free member. Usually the Increase of How Many you can Email is Thousands of Percent. Always check out the OTO’s – they can be a Real Moneysaver if you have decided to Upgrade.

Using Viral Listbuilders correct makes All the Difference. They are an Effective Advertising tool if done right and very time consuming – if done wrong.

What kind of people are using Viral Listbuilders?

@ People who are promoting a Home Business Opportunity – MLM and so on. These people use Viral Listbuilders to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other Marrketing Services such as Ebooks – Traffic Exchanges – Social Network sites and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

To Target these groups when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign you Need to Provide Tools or Services that can help Internet Marketers. It will give you much better results then direct selling Cars – hot dogs etc… Promote something that other Internet marketers are interested of. A free E-books – a Memberships site or a Service that Deliver Traffic usually works great.

What do you need to Use a Viral Listbuilder?

A Valid Email Address – for serious Business a Gmail account is recommended. Viral Listbuilders only allow certain email providers today to be able to provide the best delivery service. Gmail works great.

Emails to Send – It takes practice to Learn How to Write Emails – it is one of the most Important Internet Marketing skills that you can Develop. Most Affiliate programs provide Emails you can use. Rewrite them a bit and make them personal. Remember that a Viral Listbuilders works a bit different – you will receive 1000’s of Emails to your Inbox. A Hot tip! Do a folder for every Viral Listbuilder you have joined in your email Inbox and you will save yourself a lot of trouble with a Overloaded Inbox.

Your Emails should be Shorther and Formated a bit different from the emails you send to your Readers at your Business Blog (check out how the Credit Mails are Formated when you Receive them from Experienced Email Marketers). Use “Call to Action words”. The Most Important is the Headline. Work on a Eye catching Headline – this will Make people Open up your email!

Always Follow the Email Guidelines of a Viral Listbuilder. Don’t use too many web links in your Email – this only Turn People Off. The web link in the Creditbox is the Best Way to get your Website Viewed.

Read other Well Known Marketers emails and Learn of their Techniques. If you see something you Like – take Notes and Save it. Your notes will Help you come up with New and Better ideas. Tweak what others do – Make it Your Own. Take every chance you get to make yourself Stand out from the crowd – Brand you. This will Boost Your Advertise Campaign

Now – make a Schedule and Organize When to Send emails and What to Send in Each Viral Listbuilder. Be persistent and Continue to send Out your Email Everytime Possible (how often you can Email will depend on your Upgrade and how Often the Viral Listbuilder allow you to send)

When there is so Many Different Viral Listbuilders – How Should you Choose which Ones to Join? One of the Best Ranking sites that is Around in this Industry help you Choose Among the Crowd. You will Find a Fresh Ranking report for Every Week at Traffic Hoopla

Is the Owner a Well known Marketer? How Many Active Members has the Viral Listbuilder? With that said it is not Always the Number of Members that counts. Even a Viral Listbuilder with a smaller amount of Members can give Great Results. Most Important is that the Site is continually growing with New Members and that they stay Active.

If your not Using Viral Listbuilders yet then it is time to Start. Choose from these Recommended Top Sources – Viral Listbuilding at Its Best. Email Marketing might be “Old Fashioned” – but when Done Right You will Notice – Using a Viral Listbuilder in your Advertise Campaign is a Must!

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How To Get Autopilot Website Traffic For Free

Viral Traffic Frenzy is a new website that promises to deliver website traffic effortlessly. It’s a pretty bold claim, especially with so many places making similar claims.

Visit Viral Traffic Frenzy:

It’s created by Solomon Huey, who is well known and trusted by many in the Internet Marketing world. He’s created several incredibly popular programs designed to help marketers with many topics, ranging from traffic generation to list building and more.

The way Viral Traffic Frenzy works they have a custom toolbar that attaches to your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, just like some of the other toolbars you may have seen or used. Naturally, the toolbar is free of any viruses or malware.

The installation is very easy and fast. If you’ve ever installed any plugins into your web browser, it’s as easy as when you install other plugins. It should only take a couple of minutes to have the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar set up.

And that’s when the magic starts happening…

Text ads appear on the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar every time you visit a new webpage. For every ad that displays on the toolbar, you earn advertising credits!

For example, you can go visit Google, check your email, visit Facebook, read the news, etc … and every time a new page loads, you’re earning advertising credits thanks to the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar. Then you can use those credits to show your own advertisements.

With Viral Traffic Frenzy, you really ARE getting effortless and practically autopilot traffic.

Sounds good already? You can join Viral Traffic Frenzy here:

What I also really liked is their affiliate program.

Viral Traffic Frenzy pays some very nice commissions, but what blew me away was the insanely viral nature of Viral Traffic Frenzy.

You actually earn credits based your downlines’ activity 10 levels deep. That means you could be earning traffic from potentially thousands of people in your downline!

Surprisingly, Viral Traffic Frenzy TRULY is an autopilot traffic generator and delivers on its promises in a big, big way.

Here is a quick overview…


* Getting great advertising was never so easy and fast. The Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar really delivers and has the power to increase your traffic and most importantly make you more money

* You can literally visit any website online and earn traffic with no effort at all, which means more traffic and sales coming your way

* Your advertising power can grow big very quickly, thanks to the viral components of Viral Traffic Frenzy. Basically, your downlines earn you traffic all the way down to 10 levels.

* A very generous affiliate program that pays excellent commissions. With an extremely easy to use program and a proven owner, expect a lot of your referrals to upgrade.

* Completely free to join, though an upgraded membership will multiply your results and increase your potential sales


* Need to install the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar – though this only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll only need to do it once

In the end, Viral Traffic Frenzy does everything it promises and more. Although you need to install their toolbar, it’s not a hassle at all since you only do it once. Plus, after that you’ll be enjoying free, high quality advertising for life.

Sounds worth it to me!

This truly is an amazing system, and I’m very thankful Solomon is giving it away for free.

Whether you’re struggling to get traffic to your websites or just looking for more traffic sources, Viral Traffic Frenzy is sure to help you.

Since it’s free, I highly recommend you join. There’s nothing to lose, and the upside is you might be seeing more traffic, leads, and cash coming your way.

Join Viral Traffic Frenzy now:

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Lead Generation – List Building Has NEVER Been Easier Then This!

The importance of getting fresh leads into your business can never be stressed enough, yet many marketers struggle with making it happen for them on a daily basis. Now you don’t have to be one of them…

You can easily get quality leads into your business and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to do so. As a matter of fact this new program wants to give you over $1,000 in free advertising just to give it a try by signing up — and it won’t cost you a penny.

What would you do with $1,000 in advertising?

I personally wouldn’t finish reading this, instead I would follow the link below and…
Get started today:

Building your list of quality leads is the fastest way to:

•Start growing your profits with each passing day!
•Quit working hard for so little profits!
•Finally understand what it means to truly be a successful marketer/business owner!

Discover just how easy it is to start building your list with a tool that was designed to give you the edge over any other list building tools on the market.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself today…

To Your Success,
Stefan Berg

P.S. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to increase your profits this year and give your bottom line the well deserved boost it needs:

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Must Have T.E. Tools By Surfers, For Surfers…

Traffic exchange advertising can be one of the most effective forms of online advertising and has been for over a decade. However, hundreds of new members every month simply “give up” because they are not seeing the results they expect…

Why is that?

Simple, they are not using the proper tools to maximize their effectiveness in the exchanges.

I wanted to introduce you to TE Toolbox, a “must have” suite of tools, designed to give you the best results for your traffic exchange advertising.

What’s the best part about this service?

Well for me, it has been how simple and easy it is to implement. I’m just like you, I hate complicated tools and complicated “systems”. I want to set it up, and forget it and TE Toolbox does the trick.

This has been designed with the user in mind from three guys who still sit in front of their computer for hours a day and surf the traffic exchanges.

Cool concept huh?

Traffic exchange tools, designed by traffic exchange users!

Be sure to check it out, I know you are going to be blown away once you see the features of it.

Yours in success,

Stefan Berg

P.S. Oh hey, before I forget, TE Toolbox has got one of the most value packed upgrade offers I have ever seen. Best of all, if you upgrade you get access to the revolutionary ‘branding tracker’, yup, these guys have found a way to track how well your brand is being seen and acted on…Cool huh?


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Get Online Traffic with Traffic Exchanges!

From The Desk of: How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?

Many many people come online every day, they start their own business, some only
want to make some extra money others want to change their career, be rich and so on.

A few of all these people find Traffic Exchanges and some of them start surfing…

The Questions all of You should ask Yourself…

1. How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges
and Other Free Traffic Sources like Safelists?

2. Do You want to trade time for Money, work for
pennies or do you want to make your living Online?

I have Many years of experience in Traffic Exchanges and Online Business
TE’s are ONLY Good for 2 Things…

1. Build Your List!
2. Brand Yourself and YOUR Brand

Everything else many Members does is a waste of time and will never make you money in the
longrun. Advertise Other peoples Business, their brand or program, direct sell in TE’s
Will never going to help you in Your Business…

Build Your List with Aweber:
Your Own LCP’s, (squeeze pages) then start sell
what You have… with Emails, videos, Messenger, what ever.

This way you use This Traffic Source the way it
was designed… The List Is Your Business!

Only do 1 and 2 … All other ways is a Big waste of time for every serious person who wants to make Money With Traffic Traffic Exchanges

Subscribe to my channel and feel free to Tweet this
HERE is a List Of the Best Traffic Exchanges!

Best Regards

Stefan Berg

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