Can You Benefit from Using a Viral Listbuilder in Your Advertsing Campaign?

We all Need Traffic to Our Websites – Right? In order to get Traffic to Your website you Need to use the Right Sources when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign. One Source is Viral Listbuilders. Lately the Internet Industry has Exploded with Viral Listbuilders. This has not gone Unnoticed…

Are Viral Listbuilders a Good Source to get Traffic to your Website? Can You Benefit from Using them? Important Questions – we All want to get the Best Results we can from Our Advertising Campaigns.

You might wonder – What is a Viral Listbuilder? How should you Use a Viral Listbuilder to be Successful with your Advertising Campaign?

What is a Viral Listbuilder?

Viral List Builders are The New Generation Safelists – they are proven to give the members Higher Conversion and Better Overall Results. Easy Explained Viral List Builders are a Platform where you can Advertise to other Members by Sending Emails. Members can Place Banner – Text – and Login Ads in the System – benefits that will get the members Maximum Exposure of their Business.

Viral List Builders is Credit Based – which means You Earn Credits when you Read Other Members Emails (clicking a creditlink inside the email) – click on Text links and Banner Ads. The Member can Use these Credits to Advertise. An Effective System that makes Members Stay Active to Be Able to use the Program.

How can you Use a Viral Listbuilder?

Most Viral Listbuilders Allow you to Join as a Free member – with limitations. As an Upgraded member you can Email a Lot more members – and you will receive more Benefits then as a free member. Usually the Increase of How Many you can Email is Thousands of Percent. Always check out the OTO’s – they can be a Real Moneysaver if you have decided to Upgrade.

Using Viral Listbuilders correct makes All the Difference. They are an Effective Advertising tool if done right and very time consuming – if done wrong.

What kind of people are using Viral Listbuilders?

@ People who are promoting a Home Business Opportunity – MLM and so on. These people use Viral Listbuilders to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other Marrketing Services such as Ebooks – Traffic Exchanges – Social Network sites and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

To Target these groups when you Set up Your Advertising Campaign you Need to Provide Tools or Services that can help Internet Marketers. It will give you much better results then direct selling Cars – hot dogs etc… Promote something that other Internet marketers are interested of. A free E-books – a Memberships site or a Service that Deliver Traffic usually works great.

What do you need to Use a Viral Listbuilder?

A Valid Email Address – for serious Business a Gmail account is recommended. Viral Listbuilders only allow certain email providers today to be able to provide the best delivery service. Gmail works great.

Emails to Send – It takes practice to Learn How to Write Emails – it is one of the most Important Internet Marketing skills that you can Develop. Most Affiliate programs provide Emails you can use. Rewrite them a bit and make them personal. Remember that a Viral Listbuilders works a bit different – you will receive 1000’s of Emails to your Inbox. A Hot tip! Do a folder for every Viral Listbuilder you have joined in your email Inbox and you will save yourself a lot of trouble with a Overloaded Inbox.

Your Emails should be Shorther and Formated a bit different from the emails you send to your Readers at your Business Blog (check out how the Credit Mails are Formated when you Receive them from Experienced Email Marketers). Use “Call to Action words”. The Most Important is the Headline. Work on a Eye catching Headline – this will Make people Open up your email!

Always Follow the Email Guidelines of a Viral Listbuilder. Don’t use too many web links in your Email – this only Turn People Off. The web link in the Creditbox is the Best Way to get your Website Viewed.

Read other Well Known Marketers emails and Learn of their Techniques. If you see something you Like – take Notes and Save it. Your notes will Help you come up with New and Better ideas. Tweak what others do – Make it Your Own. Take every chance you get to make yourself Stand out from the crowd – Brand you. This will Boost Your Advertise Campaign

Now – make a Schedule and Organize When to Send emails and What to Send in Each Viral Listbuilder. Be persistent and Continue to send Out your Email Everytime Possible (how often you can Email will depend on your Upgrade and how Often the Viral Listbuilder allow you to send)

When there is so Many Different Viral Listbuilders – How Should you Choose which Ones to Join? One of the Best Ranking sites that is Around in this Industry help you Choose Among the Crowd. You will Find a Fresh Ranking report for Every Week at Traffic Hoopla

Is the Owner a Well known Marketer? How Many Active Members has the Viral Listbuilder? With that said it is not Always the Number of Members that counts. Even a Viral Listbuilder with a smaller amount of Members can give Great Results. Most Important is that the Site is continually growing with New Members and that they stay Active.

If your not Using Viral Listbuilders yet then it is time to Start. Choose from these Recommended Top Sources – Viral Listbuilding at Its Best. Email Marketing might be “Old Fashioned” – but when Done Right You will Notice – Using a Viral Listbuilder in your Advertise Campaign is a Must!

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Review of The Lead Magnet – A Unique List Builder!

There is a Lot Said about Mailers/List Builders – Some say it is hard to Get Targeted Leads or Any Leads at All… Some say it is a Great Way to Build Your List – Let’s Review One of the Best in the Industry The Lead Magnet

What is a List Builder? …Are They Worth Your Time & Effort?

List Builders/Mailers are The New Generation Safelists. They are proven to give the members, higher conversion and better overall results. Easy Explained Mailers/List Builders are a Platform where you can Advertise to other Members by Sending Emails. Members can Place Banner – Text – and Login Ads in the System – benefits that will get the members Maximum Exposure of their Business.

Most List Builders is Credit Based – You earn credits when you read other members emails (clicking a credit link inside the email) – click on text links & banner ads. The Member can Use these credits to advertise. An effective system that makes members stay active to be able to use the Program.

List Builders can be a bit overwhelming &confusing if you are new to the concept. Take your time, learn the tricks, what ads to use, what headlines works better. Your URL, page is the Most Important factor. Normally a short squeeze or a splash page works best. You’ll soon find out that Mailers are a Easy, effortless way of Advertising and used right they are very effective. Build your List, get leads, build your brand stronger & your downlines bigger.

What Makes The Lead Magnet Stand Out? Is The Lead Magnet just Another Mailer/List Builder?

The Lead Magnet is much More then just a List Builder!

The Lead Magnet’s (also Referred to as TLM) Platform is a Combo of Listbuilding – Give Away and a Membership site. TLM has kept a Unique touch and has Put in Features Like Video Training – PLR Areas – Biz Areas (Based on your Membership level) – Coaching and So on…

The Lead Magnet provides:

blue Email Service (350 – 13 500/2 or 3 Days)

blue Solos Ad service – Send To All Members

Full Page Login Ads

Banner Ads

Text Ads

Login Ads

A Giveaway section

PLR Area (Private Label Rights)

Video Instructions & Training

In a Way You can Say that the TLM gives you Access to Their List of Members. You will get different Benefits and Power to your Advertising, depending on the upgrade level you choose. As a non paying member you can reach 350 members Every 3 days – with the Upgraded Membership levels you reach many more members – 3500 – 13 500 Members every 3 days (highest Upgraded Level can send Every 2 days). There is a lot of benefits as a Free Member & after starting out you are still able to Upgrade (but at a higher price then if you choose one of the One-Time-Offers when you sign up).

You can Earn Money with TLM – You get Paid for the Upgrades you sell to your referrals in TLM. All it takes is 1 referral to earn up to $247 if they chose to take the highest level of upgrade (Iron Man).

The Lead Magnet has Instant Payout! You Don’t have to wait 30-60 days to get paid which is most common in this Industry. There is no Minimum payout – your sale goes directly to your PayPal. This is a cool feature and it’s highly appreciated – ALL Members get 100% on Every Other Sale (the highest Level of Upgrade 2/3 Sale). This is unique in this industry – when almost all programs chose to pay much less to a non paying member TLM has chosen to benefit their members equally. As the Owner Stefan Berg says: “- We Believe that the Worker has Earned his Wages”

The Owners Responsibility in a Viral List Builder is to Bring in New Members – Continuing Add New Features to the Site – Keep up To Date in the Industry Even Better – Stay Ahead of the Competition in the Industry 😉 Viral List builders is a Great Adsource for You to Use when it’s Done right – The Lead Magnet has Proven to be one of the best!

Recent Statistics from TLM (November 10th 2010 – Nov 27th 2013)

* 17 500 Active Verified Members (more then 26 500 Opt-Ins)
* Paid Out over $137 000
* Ranked #1 – 75 weeks at List Hoopla
* Ranked Top 3 – 121 Weeks at Traffic Hoopla
* Top Score in Alexa 7 000
* An Average in a 3 month period around 20 000

The Lead Magnet has a Good Reputation of being an Active Membership Site. Their Support is Top notch and you Always get a quick Reply within 24 hours Usually much quicker when TLM has Working hours (9am – 23pm +12 hours EST)

It is Easy to connect to the Owners Catarina & Stefan Berg through different Social Sites as Skype – Facebook – Twitter – which makes it Easy to stay Updated with TLM.

Here is some information about the Owner:

Stefan Berg is a Well known Internet Marketer from Sweden who lives in Borneo – Malaysia since 2009. With his Wife Catarina Berg he runs With more then 6 years Experience in Internet Marketing he Now Works Fulltime Online and Makes his living Online. He is also Owner of and

See What Other Internet Marketers Says about TLM and Stefan Berg


What is a Safelist and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

From the desk of StefanBergs.Com

You need the right tools to get results in any serious business. What is the next step after you have your lead capture system up and running and your email serie done? Yes Traffic to your site, tons of traffic. It’s very easy to disappear in this jungle of pages and the endless flood of all ads.

Getting a lot of traffic to your site has a lot to do with where you are advertising, what you are advertising and How you are advertising. Safelists is very cost effective, even a free way of getting traffic. They are easy to use and they great results, if you know how to use them.

Using Safelists correctly makes all the difference. They are very effective advertising tools if done right and very time consuming, if done wrong.

What exactly is a Safelist?

A Safelist is a membership site which allows members to exchange email ads with one another. This means that you will be able to email a certain amount of members, send your advertisement to them (spam free).

Why is that? All members have to agree that they will receive emails from one and other. (If Pro member less or non received)

The most common safelists are Credit Based Safelists. I recommend you to use only credit based. A credit based safelist is pretty much like a Traffic Exchange in the way they deliver traffic to your website. Everytime you visit another members site you are awarded with credits after a certain amount of time viewing that page. In a safelist you open an email and in TE’s you click next otherwise same. You use those credits to send your own emails and show your pages.

Most Safelists allow you to join free, with limitations. Free members might only be able to send email to some of the members once a week. Paid members are allowed to post a few times/day, every day or every other day and to many more members.

You’ll get a lot more traffic with a paid membership and other advantages. If you can afford to upgrade do so. The best deal is often when you sign up (The OTO) onetime offer… grab that if possible. The Viral Listbuilders in particular have very good and quite cheap onetime fee. You can often email 3-4000 ppl every 3 days for life with very good results.

What kind of people are using Safelists?

@ People who are promoting a home business opportunity, mlm. These people use safelists to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other marketing services – ebooks, safelists and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

Targeting thess groups with tools or services that can help them to get more traffic will give you much better results then direct selling Cars, hot dogs, etc. Promoting something that other Internet marketers are interested of. Often free e-books, memberships are working great.

What tools do you need to use a Safelist Effective?

Two email addresses, only to be used for your safelists. A contact email address and a list email address. Many safelist owners recommend gmail.

You need emails to send. It takes practice to learn how to write emails but it is one of the most important Internet marketing skills that you can develop. The Most Important is the Headline.

You can get started by reading what other people write in there emails. Do any of these Headlines, emails catch your eye? What makes these headlines, emails stand out from all the others?

If you see something you like – take notes and save it. Your notes will help you come up with new and better ideas. Tweak what others do, make it your own. Remember – most of the members are only visiting your site to get their credits. But take every chance you get to make yourself stand out from the crowd, brand you. This will give you better results.

You can send your ads as html emails in many Safelists. Usually this is for upgraded members. “A picture says more than a thousand words”. Use a picture of your product, a banner, logo or best of all, a picture of yourself.

And last Thing you need is a schedule and organisation. When to send to what list. Every day lists. Headlines and emails stored in folders.

What is the difference between Safelist and Viral Listbuilders?

The biggest difference between Safelists and the Viral list builders is how many people you can contact. You build a downline (often 10 levels) of referrals under you in many Viral Listbuilders. You can send your ads to the whole downline, this can grow fast when your downline are referring new members to the program

It is a lot of work to refer new members, but you are not limited to just emailing the people in your downline. Usually you can use the credits you earn from reading emails to contact additional members. You can also purchase an upgraded membership which gives you an automatic list of people to which you can send your ads. You can also buy credits.

If your not using Safelists then it is time to start – your traffic will increase a lot, your list will grow and you will make more money. If You are using Safelists the way they are supposed to be used of course.

A short repetition:

1. You have your lead capture system up and running = Autoresponder, own hosted squeeze/splash pages, thank you page and confirm page,
tracking. The 3 Musketers.

2. You have your email serie in your Autoresponder

3. You have 2 new gmail accounts only for safelists.

4. Now you start sending traffic through Safelists… Using a Squeeze or a Splash page and Headlines that works.

5. Take some of the OTO’s and click some emails to get credits.

6. Make a schedule, when to send to what list. This is my schedule and recommended LISTS Use this if you want or do your own schedule. ps you can also use This:

7. Now you get Results… YOUR LIST GROW BIGGER and BIGGER. Your Brand as well and the most important you need a bigger wallet.

From the desk of StefanBergs.Com

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Lead Generation – List Building Has NEVER Been Easier Then This!

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Viral List Builder

From The Desk Of … Viral list builder is the Better Way To Promote Your Business FREE – Market to Guaranteed Random Prospects. This is like buying a huge list very very cheap. Viral List Builders works very good. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to Grab Your Free 60min MP3 with Stephen Pierce

Here Is a List Of SafeLists

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