ListBonus on Demand – A Viral Listbuilder Review

Some Viral Listbuilders are worth Mentioning – they Rise Above the Average for a Good Reason – ListBonus is One

This Review will Reveal what makes a Great Viral Listbuilder & Give you a Great Why you should add ListBonus to your Advertising Sources

In the jungle of Viral Listbuilders that exists today there are some things that Identifies a Quality Listbuilder – Let’s have a Look at some Important Reasons in this Review:

@ Are The Owners Well known Marketers?
@ Do they have a Good Reputation?
@ Are they taking Care of their Members with a Customer Support & Member Emails?

ListBonus Owners Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney has Proven themselves to be All of the Above – Wellknown – Professional – Taking Good care of their Customers

@ What makes a Viral Listbuilder Effective?

Active Members – Right?

A Owner who Brings in New members Continually brings New life to his Viral Listbuilder – Continuing to Develop the Program & bring New Features to the List builder will make the site Stay Ahead of the Game

Listbonus is continually Growing – Features & Techy stuff is Higly Professional

@ What are Your Direct Benefits?

Similiar Benefits are Given in different Viral Listbuilders – this is what List Bonus offers:

* Instant access to 1500 free credits
* Instant access to targeted email marketing easy to use
* Commission when someone in your downline upgrades
* Free marketing tools
* Keep Track of your Emails
* High Click-thru Rates
* Integrated – Internet Marketing Training Center
– (Upgraded members)

As an Upgraded member there is Always more Benefits

Upgraded Members in List Bonus can:

@ Email More members more Often
@ Your Commission will Increase Up to 4 times
@ Get access to the Internet Marketing Center
@ A Lot More…

In List Bonus there is a Great $197 One-Time-Offer Or you can choose from different Monthly Memberships.

Even if you can not Upgrade in All Your Ad sources you should Consider a Few to Upgrade in – if you buying the Monthly Packages you can take turns in Different List builders.

These “Simple Rules” will help you How to Identify a Quality Viral Listbuilder – Use these as a Guide when choosing your Ad Sources & You will not Only save Money but Also see Your Advertising Campaigns get Higher Results!

Have a Look at List Bonus Cool Site down below:

Are You Looking for more Quality Ad Sources?
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Review of The Lead Magnet – A Unique List Builder!

There is a Lot Said about Mailers/List Builders – Some say it is hard to Get Targeted Leads or Any Leads at All… Some say it is a Great Way to Build Your List – Let’s Review One of the Best in the Industry The Lead Magnet

What is a List Builder? …Are They Worth Your Time & Effort?

List Builders/Mailers are The New Generation Safelists. They are proven to give the members, higher conversion and better overall results. Easy Explained Mailers/List Builders are a Platform where you can Advertise to other Members by Sending Emails. Members can Place Banner – Text – and Login Ads in the System – benefits that will get the members Maximum Exposure of their Business.

Most List Builders is Credit Based – You earn credits when you read other members emails (clicking a credit link inside the email) – click on text links & banner ads. The Member can Use these credits to advertise. An effective system that makes members stay active to be able to use the Program.

List Builders can be a bit overwhelming &confusing if you are new to the concept. Take your time, learn the tricks, what ads to use, what headlines works better. Your URL, page is the Most Important factor. Normally a short squeeze or a splash page works best. You’ll soon find out that Mailers are a Easy, effortless way of Advertising and used right they are very effective. Build your List, get leads, build your brand stronger & your downlines bigger.

What Makes The Lead Magnet Stand Out? Is The Lead Magnet just Another Mailer/List Builder?

The Lead Magnet is much More then just a List Builder!

The Lead Magnet’s (also Referred to as TLM) Platform is a Combo of Listbuilding – Give Away and a Membership site. TLM has kept a Unique touch and has Put in Features Like Video Training – PLR Areas – Biz Areas (Based on your Membership level) – Coaching and So on…

The Lead Magnet provides:

blue Email Service (350 – 13 500/2 or 3 Days)

blue Solos Ad service – Send To All Members

Full Page Login Ads

Banner Ads

Text Ads

Login Ads

A Giveaway section

PLR Area (Private Label Rights)

Video Instructions & Training

In a Way You can Say that the TLM gives you Access to Their List of Members. You will get different Benefits and Power to your Advertising, depending on the upgrade level you choose. As a non paying member you can reach 350 members Every 3 days – with the Upgraded Membership levels you reach many more members – 3500 – 13 500 Members every 3 days (highest Upgraded Level can send Every 2 days). There is a lot of benefits as a Free Member & after starting out you are still able to Upgrade (but at a higher price then if you choose one of the One-Time-Offers when you sign up).

You can Earn Money with TLM – You get Paid for the Upgrades you sell to your referrals in TLM. All it takes is 1 referral to earn up to $247 if they chose to take the highest level of upgrade (Iron Man).

The Lead Magnet has Instant Payout! You Don’t have to wait 30-60 days to get paid which is most common in this Industry. There is no Minimum payout – your sale goes directly to your PayPal. This is a cool feature and it’s highly appreciated – ALL Members get 100% on Every Other Sale (the highest Level of Upgrade 2/3 Sale). This is unique in this industry – when almost all programs chose to pay much less to a non paying member TLM has chosen to benefit their members equally. As the Owner Stefan Berg says: “- We Believe that the Worker has Earned his Wages”

The Owners Responsibility in a Viral List Builder is to Bring in New Members – Continuing Add New Features to the Site – Keep up To Date in the Industry Even Better – Stay Ahead of the Competition in the Industry 😉 Viral List builders is a Great Adsource for You to Use when it’s Done right – The Lead Magnet has Proven to be one of the best!

Recent Statistics from TLM (November 10th 2010 – Nov 27th 2013)

* 17 500 Active Verified Members (more then 26 500 Opt-Ins)
* Paid Out over $137 000
* Ranked #1 – 75 weeks at List Hoopla
* Ranked Top 3 – 121 Weeks at Traffic Hoopla
* Top Score in Alexa 7 000
* An Average in a 3 month period around 20 000

The Lead Magnet has a Good Reputation of being an Active Membership Site. Their Support is Top notch and you Always get a quick Reply within 24 hours Usually much quicker when TLM has Working hours (9am – 23pm +12 hours EST)

It is Easy to connect to the Owners Catarina & Stefan Berg through different Social Sites as Skype – Facebook – Twitter – which makes it Easy to stay Updated with TLM.

Here is some information about the Owner:

Stefan Berg is a Well known Internet Marketer from Sweden who lives in Borneo – Malaysia since 2009. With his Wife Catarina Berg he runs With more then 6 years Experience in Internet Marketing he Now Works Fulltime Online and Makes his living Online. He is also Owner of and

See What Other Internet Marketers Says about TLM and Stefan Berg


Who Doesn’t Want to Be a Better Web Builder? – Review

It took me some Time to Grasp the full potential of BetterWebBuilder


Was it because it was Too Complex – Or was it not Profitable enough?

No, I was just Busy (as always) and I did not spend enough time to check it out. It’s sometimes hard to Recognize a Gem immediately in this Industry full of Scams – Lousy Programs that promises Gold but deliver Nothing it is just Too Easy to pass by and Miss out on the Real Quality Programs!

I’ve found out after I been Using BetterWeBuilder for a While – it’s a true Gem, the real deal. I’m sure You will agree with me when you start Using Better Web Builder too.

I will tell you straight away – to save both your and my time. This is NOT a program
where you get Rich overnight (if there ever existed one?)

So What is
Who are the Owners?
What are their Marketing Strategies?
What’s in it for You?
Can you make a Living with Better Web Builder?

BWB is for ANYONE who is Serious about Business. If you have Your Own Product already you can Implement it into the System and it will work Double way for you!

BWB represents the Intersection of 4 main groups

1. Affiliate Marketers
2. Direct Sellers
3. Online Advertising
4. Individual Entrepreneurs who want
to Expand their Business Online

The system is Created by Art and Rob Phelps. Two Fulltime Marketers that has been working with Network Marketing and Online marketing over 20 years. Already in 1996 did they start Implementing Their Marketing Strategies in Online Business. With their Experience they have been able to help 10 000’s of People to make a Living and Improve Other peoples lives…

What Services do they Provide?

Their Online Marketing System provides
* AutoResponders
* Sales Pages
* A Custom Capture Page Creator
* Customizable Blog and Website
* Contact Managers
* Traffic Analysis
* Advertising Banners and
* Online Training

And a Lot more…

Of course you get More Benefits as an Upgraded Member and Usually it makes you Grow Faster. But You can Use the Tools and Benefit as a Free Member too!

Tips! I really Recommend you to Attend the Exellent and Proffessional Conference calls and Training that are held Every week! They are Inspiring – They will Make You Grow much Faster and Make it Easier to Take Action!

Here are just some Thoughts on the Topic Focus – It’s from the latest Conference Call held the other day…

The right Questions can Give you the Right answers! – Ask yourself;
Why Can’t I Do This?
How Can I Do This?
What Else Can I Do?

Nothing is a Decision Until you Take Action!

Are You Willing to Do What You Need to Do to be Able to Do What You Want to Do?

What’s the Catch you say?

I would say – It is a Fast Moving Company and you might feel Overwhelmed in the Beginning! But just Continue – Don’t Give up! All the Tools – Trainings and Support you get will Take you to Your Goal!

Do You Want to Be a Better Web Builder?

Of Course You Want! Do Not Hesitate – Have a Look!
Take Action Today and You Will Make More Money Tomorrow!

PS. We’ll take good care of you in BWB Team Stefan Berg
Have a look at our Blog. With News, links, training

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