What is a Safelist and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

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You need the right tools to get results in any serious business. What is the next step after you have your lead capture system up and running and your email serie done? Yes Traffic to your site, tons of traffic. It’s very easy to disappear in this jungle of pages and the endless flood of all ads.

Getting a lot of traffic to your site has a lot to do with where you are advertising, what you are advertising and How you are advertising. Safelists is very cost effective, even a free way of getting traffic. They are easy to use and they great results, if you know how to use them.

Using Safelists correctly makes all the difference. They are very effective advertising tools if done right and very time consuming, if done wrong.

What exactly is a Safelist?

A Safelist is a membership site which allows members to exchange email ads with one another. This means that you will be able to email a certain amount of members, send your advertisement to them (spam free).

Why is that? All members have to agree that they will receive emails from one and other. (If Pro member less or non received)

The most common safelists are Credit Based Safelists. I recommend you to use only credit based. A credit based safelist is pretty much like a Traffic Exchange in the way they deliver traffic to your website. Everytime you visit another members site you are awarded with credits after a certain amount of time viewing that page. In a safelist you open an email and in TE’s you click next otherwise same. You use those credits to send your own emails and show your pages.

Most Safelists allow you to join free, with limitations. Free members might only be able to send email to some of the members once a week. Paid members are allowed to post a few times/day, every day or every other day and to many more members.

You’ll get a lot more traffic with a paid membership and other advantages. If you can afford to upgrade do so. The best deal is often when you sign up (The OTO) onetime offer… grab that if possible. The Viral Listbuilders in particular have very good and quite cheap onetime fee. You can often email 3-4000 ppl every 3 days for life with very good results.

What kind of people are using Safelists?

@ People who are promoting a home business opportunity, mlm. These people use safelists to promote their affiliate programs.

@ People who are promoting other marketing services – ebooks, safelists and other tools that an Internet marketer need.

Targeting thess groups with tools or services that can help them to get more traffic will give you much better results then direct selling Cars, hot dogs, etc. Promoting something that other Internet marketers are interested of. Often free e-books, memberships are working great.

What tools do you need to use a Safelist Effective?

Two email addresses, only to be used for your safelists. A contact email address and a list email address. Many safelist owners recommend gmail.

You need emails to send. It takes practice to learn how to write emails but it is one of the most important Internet marketing skills that you can develop. The Most Important is the Headline.

You can get started by reading what other people write in there emails. Do any of these Headlines, emails catch your eye? What makes these headlines, emails stand out from all the others?

If you see something you like – take notes and save it. Your notes will help you come up with new and better ideas. Tweak what others do, make it your own. Remember – most of the members are only visiting your site to get their credits. But take every chance you get to make yourself stand out from the crowd, brand you. This will give you better results.

You can send your ads as html emails in many Safelists. Usually this is for upgraded members. “A picture says more than a thousand words”. Use a picture of your product, a banner, logo or best of all, a picture of yourself.

And last Thing you need is a schedule and organisation. When to send to what list. Every day lists. Headlines and emails stored in folders.

What is the difference between Safelist and Viral Listbuilders?

The biggest difference between Safelists and the Viral list builders is how many people you can contact. You build a downline (often 10 levels) of referrals under you in many Viral Listbuilders. You can send your ads to the whole downline, this can grow fast when your downline are referring new members to the program

It is a lot of work to refer new members, but you are not limited to just emailing the people in your downline. Usually you can use the credits you earn from reading emails to contact additional members. You can also purchase an upgraded membership which gives you an automatic list of people to which you can send your ads. You can also buy credits.

If your not using Safelists then it is time to start – your traffic will increase a lot, your list will grow and you will make more money. If You are using Safelists the way they are supposed to be used of course.

A short repetition:

1. You have your lead capture system up and running = Autoresponder, own hosted squeeze/splash pages, thank you page and confirm page,
tracking. The 3 Musketers.

2. You have your email serie in your Autoresponder

3. You have 2 new gmail accounts only for safelists.

4. Now you start sending traffic through Safelists… Using a Squeeze or a Splash page and Headlines that works.

5. Take some of the OTO’s and click some emails to get credits.

6. Make a schedule, when to send to what list. This is my schedule and recommended LISTS Use this if you want or do your own schedule. ps you can also use This: http://viralmailprofits.com/

7. Now you get Results… YOUR LIST GROW BIGGER and BIGGER. Your Brand as well and the most important you need a bigger wallet.

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Do you know where the best places is to publish your articles and How?

From The Desk Of: StefanBergs.com Using article marketing is a effective way to drive traffic to your site.

This Article is about, how you can use Article Directories and how to use them right. When you are ready with your article and checked spelling and grammar it is time to publish your article. Where is the best place to publish your article?

To get maximum of people to read your articles you have to submit them to different Article Directory sites.

You can make a long list of different Articles Directories that you can use. A few examples are: Ezine article.com,
Article Dashboard, Article Alley and Go Articles. The best way to find them is on Google, search for Article Directories.

Here is what to do;

1. Start setting up an account in the Directories you want to submit your article.

2. Post your articles. Read through the guidelines to get your article approved. URL:s
are mostly only approved in the “resource box”.
Adjust your article if needed – that will save you a lot of time – sometimes it takes up to a week to
get your article approved. – Take your time and do it right from the beginning.

3. You are allowed to have a “Resourcebox” – that is your Pitch – where you can advertise yourself.
It is important to make it look professional. The purpose of this box is to get people to click on your
links, because this is the only way to get traffic to your website or blog.

4. Choose the proper category for your article – use one that reflects your article best. Then it will be
targeted for the right people. If you put it in wrong category your article may not be approved.

5. Take time to find keywords. Of course you already chosed your main keyword or frase for your article – now
you need tags or keywords that are related to the main keyword you use in the article. Fill out the “tagline”.
This will make sure that your article show up when people search for your topic, in the Article Directories, on your blog and other places.

Besides Article Directories you can alse post your article on blogs and in different forums. Social bookmarking is a great place. You may need to shorten your article or do a teaser with a link in this sites.

Last and most important is of course your own website and blog. This will increase vistitors to your site and help you get
a higher ranking in the search engines. Your URL;s should always link back to your site.

If you deliver quality in article marketing you will get customers that rely on your expertise and they are much more likely
to buy something from you.

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How to succeed in Article Writing When English Is Your 2nd Language

Stefan Berg Reveal how you can succeed with Article Writing even if English is your second language. A new interesting and important Issue is discussed at Stefanbergs.com – Article Writing.

When you write articles and progress in article marketing it is important to be a leader and to give Valuable Tips to your readers.
This is possible even if your Mother tongue is not English or if you don´t feel that you have enough confidence
to write articles.

Stefan Berg recall how it was when he started with Article Writing; “- Many people, including me, don’t have English as a their mother tongue.

In the beginning it took time to write an article, I struggled with proper sentences. But it was a great experience. I was happy when I saw how people benefited from the Articles and that made me put in an extra effort.”

How is it possible for you to be successful in article writing when your competing with so many others with English
as their mother tongue? See how you can get help to develop confidence and progress in this area. Learn how it is possible to submit an article per day. Article Writing is an effective tool in any business. A great free way to marketing You.

That is what Business Online is all about. Invest in yourself. Read and write stuff. Educate yourself by helping others is another Topic!

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How to Be Successful in Article writing, even if English is Your 2nd Language

From The Desk Of http://stefanbergs.com Many people, including me, don’t have English as a their mother tongue. Maybe are you one of us or maybe you have English as your mother tongue, but your not feeling confident enough about writing articles.?

What is the solutions? How is it possible to be successful in article writing even with the competition from many people who has English as their mother tongue? This article will help you to develop confidence in this area.

In article marketing and writing articles the experts often say; “- Submit one article a day. Don´t spend to much time on the article. Limit the time to 30-60 minutes per article”

“- Wow! How is that possible – my mother tongue is Swedish (read; your language)!
“- Wow! I’m not a good writer!”
Don´t be discouraged even if it takes longer time in the beginning to write an article.

To be successful in article writing and marketing depends more on what you write about, how you write. Try to develop your own style. Write about something that brings value to people and help them solve a specific problem. The Best Results will come when you provide a subject that interests people.

Can You write in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd?
Try to answer and solve peoples questions!

You can also provide the tools and Techniques they need to progress and move forward and grow their business and life.

If you say; “- Yes I do – I can help people” – then you will notice that the language will be in subjection to what you have to offer!

If you have English as your second language or not being the best writer (who is?) you know of all the anxieties other people
are going through. Make that an advantage. You may express yourself simple, easy to follow – not using words that are to complicated. All This could attract people. Write and explain complicated things simple is always the best.

The only way to progress in writing articles in English – is too writing articles in English!
Read articles on the topic you want to write about. When you get more experienced in article marketing and you done article writing to your daily routine. They won´t take you more then 30-60 min to write.

After 30-60 minutes put the article aside. Let it rest until next day. Then begin to adjust it to be proper in sentences and in spelling.

If you try to be one step ahead, it won´t be a problem to spend some extra time on your articles. You will still be able to submit a article per day.

Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.
Quentin Crisp

Read a lot of Books is the best way to be a better writer. Write a lot of Articles is even Better … lol…

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About Article Marketing – Now What?

From the Desk Of: Stefan Berg This is About Article Marketing – Now What? This is number 5 out of a 6 part Video Series About Article Marketing. Why, How, When, Where, Now What and last Mother and father? You find the 1-4 parts here on my Blog under videos. Article writing is an art and so is article marketing, try to develope your own style. Article writing is very profitable, when done right and done often. Next Video will rap it all upp and get you motivated. watch and listen to Article Marketing – Now what? Don’t forget my challenge… 1 Article/day… Let’s Fly together… Feel Free to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: stefanbergscom and Don’t Forget to Grab Your 60Min MP3… on my Blog. Part 6 will be here soon on a screen close to you.