How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 1

You are probably familiar with the expression The money is in the list –
How can you benefit the most from your email list?

Building YOUR LIST- Listbuilding, is a very important part in Internet Marketing – a vital part. But to make that list profitable, you need to know how to write compelling interesting emails (or having someone writing them for you = cost money). It is a skill to write emails that catch peoples attention. It takes time and effort to learn this skill. But This is a vital part in your internet business. You have to master it, otherwise you will certainly drown in the fierce competition.

Let see what you can do to stand out from the crowd – Develop this vital skill.

Your Headline = Grab attention. You want to provide just enough information to have your readers wanting to learn more. The main purpose is to get the readers open the email.
Give them a small hint of what is inside. You can use something like Mistakes you want to avoid when writing emails. People will open the email, If you have a great headline,

Be Personal – do not hesitate to use the persons first name. Use a natural greeting. Make yourself sound like a real human being. Use a personal sign off. A nickname. I use Talk to you soon. The what if guy in my sign off. It sounds more personal then Sincerely.

Write as to One person – Your reader should feel that this is something between you and him. Even if they knows that is not the case it will affect them positively to what you write.

Get straight to the point – People are busy. Why are you writing to them?
Talk about a problem they’re facing in their business, life – Provide a solution.
Build a relationship of trust with your readers by giving away valuable tips and information.

Get the reader to Do something – be clear and specific about what you want your reader to do. Spell it out clearly. Never assume that your reader will figure it out on his own. Give them a reason to act now. Put a limitation into the deal. A time limit – Quantity limit – Bonus material if they act right away.

Finally – read other peoples email. There are experts in this area. Sign up to their lists and learn from them. Ezinearticles – have a great educational email campaign about how to write emails if you sign up to their newsletter. Take notes if you find something you like. From your notes you can find inspiration to write your emails.

Just a Last Golden Nugget:
Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!


Part 2 – What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?
Will come out tomorrow… On a screen close to you…

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