List building made Easier – part 1

    How many times have you heard “- The money is in the List?”

    Probably endless of times…

    No doubt, you receive emails from many email marketers about a variety of things – Why? Because you are on their list.

    So, how do you effectively build a list? Where do you go to start building your own list? What do you need to do to begin list building? For many, the task is daunting and quite overwhelming. Yet the good news is, it is not as hard as many people think.

    For a start – Identify Your Niche

    Before you even think about starting on list building, you will need to identify your “niche.”

    What is a niche, you ask? An area of specialty, that is specific and targeted.

    To figure out your niche, decide on a topic that really interests you.
    Are you a pet lover? – You could build a list around pets.

    Do you enjoy motivational topics? – You could build a list around motivational speaking and books. Or perhaps you are a writer? – You could build a list around people interested in learning to become a writer.

    Or maybe your already have your niche. Your website is up and running but you want to build your List bigger and better

    The possibilities are literally endless. Today Im going to share one great effective way to grow your list even bigger.

    Create a Short Report

    With a special report – something that is useful to people – building your list is much easier. Your report should be focused on your niche, sharing thoughts, tips, and pointers that provide value to the reader.

    The report will establish your credibility as an “expert” in this area, helping your readers decide to continue to follow you and your journey in Internet Marketing. The report need not be long – 20 to 30 pages should be more than enough. Add in illustrations, charts, tables and such, to help make for an easier read.

    This will of course take some time and effort – but is well worth it. You don’t need to write the report from scratch. There are many ways – tips and tricks – you can use to create your report. If you don’t want to write your own report – use an PLR ebook or something similiar to offer.

    This is one of many ways to start growing your own list – if you want to know more right now – head over here:

    “Most things happen because you make them happen & your mind is prepared, when The right place at the right time is there!” /Stefan Berg

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Listbuilding Can Be Really Easy If…

.. You have The Right Tools and Know How to Use them…

.. Listbuilding For Free With JV Events is a Very Powerful Tool and Works Great.

Listbuilding is one important strategy for internet marketers. It is the process of adding new subscribers to an email list. The term “adding” is not quite correct as you can not simply add new names and email address into your Autoresponder. People have to signup for your list on their own, that means they enter their name and email address into an autoresponder form that is located on your website.

People don’t give their name and email address away for nothing, you need to offer them an incentive. Most people give away ebooks, software or templates in return for people’s name and email address.

Once you have such a system in place you only need to drive traffic to your Squeeze Page, opt in page (the website where people signup to your list).

A very easy way to get people to your website and on your list is to contribute your free gift to a Giveaway Event. These are events where hundreds of internet marketers team up… they all give away free gifts to get new people on their email list. All these gifts are listed up on one website and all marketers promote this website. This way everybody gets more signups than they would get if they promote on their own.

You can also use this listbuilding strategy, the New Year Giveaway has just started. It’s Time to Team Up with the List Building Gurus… Signup and follow the instructions… it’s very simple.

Have fun!

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List builder – A Useful Tool in Your Marketing Strategy or just a waste of time?

Do You use Viral Listbuilders – Safelists?

There are different opinions about List Builder, should you use them or not in your Marketing? Some people will tell you, that you won´t get any results because no one is reading your emails. Other says it´s a great tool and uses them a lot.

I would say it depends on How you are using the List Builder.

I see them as a part of my overall marketing strategy. I get good results from them.

I’m going to tell you why

Safelists had a great impact and you could grow your list very fast and sell tons of stuff with them when they where new (5 years ago). The effectiveness did gradually went down and a few years ago they was almost dead. Too many software’s, techniques and way too many bad safelist out there on the market. No one where reading the email you sent because they were sent to email boxes no one used. There was no reason to read them. Something needed to be done, some changes was necessary.

Why should people read, open and watch the pages you´re promoting?

The Answer is Credits. Transform the unresponsive Safelists to a responsive, money making machine – listbuilders. That´s just what happened. Now when a Safe List or List builder open they are credit based.
The focus is more on the actually Opt in page then the email it self. To be able to send emails you have to open email to get credits – or you can buy or Upgrade. It’s a simple solution, but it works like a charm.

Your challenge is still to stand out from the crowd, be unique. A lot of the emails sent is really Bad and goes directly into the drain. Your job is to make – or have someone doing it for you – “A kick butt Opt in page”. If you come up with Headlines that catch peoples attention you can get them to take action and sign up to your list. I give more tips and tricks how to write great emails in my Email marketing series –

You have to consider the time you spend clicking on email to get credits. I usually try out a couple ones (yeah there are bunch to choose from) and upgrade in those a get best results from to save time.

As you can see, things have changed. It’s not impossible to get good results from a List builder. List builders might not be your only tool or even your main advertising tool, but they are a very good listbuilding source.

In my opinion you should not exclude it from your advertising.

My Spotlight of the week is THE LEAD MAGNET

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How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 2

What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?

Some of your emails will end up in the spam folder. Some people enter false email addresses, others forget to confirm their subscription. (Ask your reader to check out their spam folder.) Do that on the Thank You page, direct after they signed up. Give them a 2nd chance to sign up on this page, if they did put a non working one. Another problem people have is receiving so many emails on a daily basis that yours might get lost.

How to overcome these obstacles to get your emails opened and read?

1) Spam Filters – Be careful when you embed an image in your emails and don’t send attachments – Your emails may be blocked by email client servers. Instead of an attachment, give a link and direct them that way.

2) Don´t use all CAPS in your email. It gives the feeling you are screaming at people – and you know how people react when screamed at. In other words – don’t be rude!

3) Don’t use the Word Remove. It is much more effective to use the word Unsubscribe. The word Remove can trigger spam filters.

4) Do not write Click Here – If you are inviting to something, a webinar for an example, use words as Register Here or We invite you to respond here instead.

5) Do not Make Your Line Width More than 60-70 Characters. The human eye processes information better in shorter groups of words on the page, especially on the computer screen, where our brains have taught us to “scan”.

6) Do not use too many links in your emails. You can repeat your link twice, but instead of put the actually link make it look good. Exaple: Each email should focusing on sending one message to your readers – One call to action.

7) Trust
– once again I want to stress how important this is. Build trust amongst your subscribers, who you are and what your story is vital in being successful in Internet Marketing. Get subscribers to know who you are before they join your list. Writing articles, posting videos on YouTube, and joining forums and sharing your expertise is a great way of branding your name. When you email them they already view you as an expert. They know you have good and relevant information to share.

Research your market well. What are your subscribers interested of?
How can you make your emails fit your readers?

Offer discounts for your subscribers. Everyone loves a deal.
Discounts or promotions makes them feel special.

Use Trigger words that catch the readers attention and make them want to learn more. Some words you can use are how to, secrets, strategies, free, tips, and why. Using questions is effective because it makes people wonder – even if it’s for only a second.
That second may be all you need to get your readers curiosity started.

Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!

Is this hard work?

Yes – Marketing in general is hard work. If you think this is too much work, re-adjust your attitude. There is no shortcut. Remember that it will take a while to learn how to write compelling interesting emails. But done right, with the right tools will turn your hard work into success.

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How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 1

You are probably familiar with the expression The money is in the list –
How can you benefit the most from your email list?

Building YOUR LIST- Listbuilding, is a very important part in Internet Marketing – a vital part. But to make that list profitable, you need to know how to write compelling interesting emails (or having someone writing them for you = cost money). It is a skill to write emails that catch peoples attention. It takes time and effort to learn this skill. But This is a vital part in your internet business. You have to master it, otherwise you will certainly drown in the fierce competition.

Let see what you can do to stand out from the crowd – Develop this vital skill.

Your Headline = Grab attention. You want to provide just enough information to have your readers wanting to learn more. The main purpose is to get the readers open the email.
Give them a small hint of what is inside. You can use something like Mistakes you want to avoid when writing emails. People will open the email, If you have a great headline,

Be Personal – do not hesitate to use the persons first name. Use a natural greeting. Make yourself sound like a real human being. Use a personal sign off. A nickname. I use Talk to you soon. The what if guy in my sign off. It sounds more personal then Sincerely.

Write as to One person – Your reader should feel that this is something between you and him. Even if they knows that is not the case it will affect them positively to what you write.

Get straight to the point – People are busy. Why are you writing to them?
Talk about a problem they’re facing in their business, life – Provide a solution.
Build a relationship of trust with your readers by giving away valuable tips and information.

Get the reader to Do something – be clear and specific about what you want your reader to do. Spell it out clearly. Never assume that your reader will figure it out on his own. Give them a reason to act now. Put a limitation into the deal. A time limit – Quantity limit – Bonus material if they act right away.

Finally – read other peoples email. There are experts in this area. Sign up to their lists and learn from them. Ezinearticles – have a great educational email campaign about how to write emails if you sign up to their newsletter. Take notes if you find something you like. From your notes you can find inspiration to write your emails.

Just a Last Golden Nugget:
Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!


Part 2 – What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?
Will come out tomorrow… On a screen close to you…

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