Your autoresponder a Lifeline – List Building Made Easier part 2

    When start growing your list its time to set up your Your Autoresponder.

    If you don’t use an autoresponder to manage your list, you are missing out on an easy way to communicate to your list. Services like AWeber, Listbuilder Direct and are just a few in this arena.

    My choice for several years has been AWeber, they have a high delivery rate.

    Costs can vary, depending on the size of your list. But the monthly cost can easily be negated by the profits you can make, marketing to your list. Inside your autoresponder you will have to set up your list, your landing page to capture leads, and how to insert the code onto your own website to gather sign-ups to your list. If you need help with this you can go to

    But most important is of course your Emails

    Create Email Follow-ups

    Once you get your sign-up, it is crucial to follow up. If you want to make money in list-building, this is an important step in the process. First you should write an introductory email – give your subscriber a new chance – a reminder to download your gift. In this case let’s say – your free special report.

    Then, every 2-3 days, drip another email on the prospect. Let one of your emails be about you – let your subscribers get to know you a little bit better. That is a great way of connecting with your Readers. In the first 2 emails, offer some other free tools or reports that would be useful – it is important to establish a relationship of trust and caring.

    People want to feel appreciated and don’t want to be sold right off the bat. You come off like a used car salesman if you do. Once you have provided freebies to your list in the first few emails, then you can start promoting products.

    List Building Made Easier is for you – just download it and your on the go to build your own list bigger and better

    Life rewards those who take action not those who take notes.
    Craig Caron

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Why do You Need an Autoresponder?

From The Desk of

Why do you need & How do you use an Autoresponder, like RocketResponder?

Your Business is Your List. The only way to treat your list as your business and treat it professional, is to use an autoresponder. If you don’t have one, you have no Business. It’s like being a Taxi driver… who have a car, but no wheels on it. It’s hard to get customers and make money with that Taxi Business if you can’t take the customers any where.

What autoresponder software works best?
I say RocketResponder Because they deliver 99.?% of the emails. Some services are down to 50%. RocketResponder have many great and easy extra functions… very affordable and 110% professional.

What email autoresponder and what email serie works best in your responder?
Here You need to work a bit. This is your business, your customers. What do you want with your business?. You only want to send the very best offers… and help them grow and solve problems and make their life easier.

Don”t forget, Your List is Your Business!

When You Join the Coaching Program I work with. You’ll get 2 great long email series to use.

Auto responders works as it’s sounds automatic responder, deliver emails… You chose how often you want to send emails and how many you want in a email series. You can also send a Broadcast to all lists you have with 1 Click. With RocketResponder autoresponder, you get an unlimited service and can have millions of leads inside the system. Yes You can ad Different email series to different campaigns you are running and all autoresponder emails will be sent to the people who opt in to your pages… day out and day in … a never sleeping Business. Serious… Without an Autoresponder you don’t have a Business… Grab one of the 3 Musketeers Today… Feel Free to Comment down here and subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel!

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Building Your List is Not an Option it’s a Must!

Why building your list is Not an Option, it’s a Must and what all serious Business People do!

If you saw the last Video about Focus, Is Free always the best and what tools you need and apply to what I said, You should have your 3 Tools. 1. Hosting 2. Tracking and 3. AWeber AR. Here is Why…

Let’s say You are promoting other peoples products, MLMs and not promote YOU 1st. You are only building their list, membership and not your own!

What happens if the MLM, company you promote disappears or You want to change focus, start your own business? You have nothing, the members you sponsored to that company is their membership not yours… you have 0 and most of your work is in vain. If You Build Your List 1st and promote You… Then you always have Your Business… Nobody can take your Contact List from you.

You also want your costumers to come back. That is why every serious online marketer have have a contact list. Building YOUR List is Not an Option it’s a Must… Same Goes for RocketResponderIt is a MUST!
for many reasons. 1. to take care of your contacts. 2. Avoid spam complains. 3. Save time and automate your business. You can’t send out 1000s of emails every week one by one. You also need a Great email series (more about that in a later video). Now you should have The 3 tools to really take off Online. As I stress You need a System and you are on your way to get on… Sign up to your right, Carbon Copy PRO (BIB). This whole system, get help to Set up YOUR System! Glue all together to a money maker!

Watch out for my next Video… Your Blog Is The Centre Of Universe! … “It’s Coming very soon to a screen close to you!

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