Where Can You Find a e-Business Solution – All In One Program That Actually Works?

From The Desk Of Stefan Berg…

Many of my readers been asking this question & many of you tried every Team, matrix programs under the sun. Most of them didn’t give you what you expected!

The program I will talk about in this post is a real Gem in the Internet World. I have to say that NPN is a real Eden 4 every serious Internet Marketer. We need a safe harbor with so many scams coming out every day. Don’t You Agree?

Where Can You Find a e-Business Solution – All In One Program – That Actually Works?
The Answer is HERE!

This is a short Background:

NPN was launched in April of 2005 and has been running consistently ever since.
They have well over 110,000 members and are growing quickly by the day.

The products they offer is a whole suite of e-marketing tools such as:

Domain Hosting, Capture Page Creator, Ad Tracker System, Rotator, Browser Toolbar, Profile Pages, Downline Mailer, Autoresponder system, Interactive Forum, and much more.

They have different levels of membership ranging from the $10.75 pro monthly subscription level all the way up to the $200.00 platinum monthly subscription level.

The higher the level you join, the higher your referral commissions are and the more products you get access to.

Cewl – How & When Are We Getting Paid?

The program has been great, our team are Growing consistently and we are getting paid every month. There are 4 ways to get paid… Who Can Explain it Better then Geoff Stephens himself in this Video: Compensation-plan-video – He is a very active admin, Thumbs Up!

The Best way to Get Paid & Pay Your Monthly fee is by using Alertpay (they accept VISA, Mastercard). You can send money from over 190+ countries, connect your Bank Account and get your money in 2-3 Days, works like a charm. Sign up for a FREE Alertpay Account

Now When You found the e-Business Solution – All In One Program – That Actually Works…
Do something… run with us to make an outrages amount of money in the near future… We are a dedicated Team – A Family – We are here to help you each step on this journey.

Yes… We Are ALL Using NPN to build our Business Stronger – Bigger – Better!
Join Family Networkers 100% FREE Help – Support – Training and Encouragements.

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PayBox.me Now VirtaPay Is It a Scam?

Hi My Friends!

I have a Few Serious Questions for Every Person Who Joined and
Are Promoting This new Payment Processor/Program – PayBox.me Now VirtaPay!

Who is Behind the Service, Program?
Why are they Using .me and not .com , net?

Why DO They Claim to Give Away $100 when you sign up,
$25 for each referral and up to $20/day for participating,
When It’s not US Dollars??? (Read inside the prog)

Did you read the TOS – Terms of Service?
Do You agree with it ?

Everything in RED and INSIDE THE () IS MY NOTES.

ps … I don’t scream lol… I just put Capitals to make it easier to read and see
what Notes is mine and what is from TOS)
I want answers from People who promote a program like this to me
and my friends! (I have seen this many times before)

PayBox.me reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time
to time and without notice. (WITHOUT NOTICE – No Serious pay processor, PP, AP can put
this in their TOS… Change The Terms without any notice!)

Continued use of the Service after changes to the Terms of Service shall constitute
your consent to such changes. (This mean that YOU AGREE TO Every Changes they do in TOS,
without giving your OK, or getting a notice from the company about it)

PayBox.me, in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your account and refuse any
and all current or future use of the Service, or any other PayBox.me service, for any
Wow I would love to see a Bank, PP have this in their TOS or any serious Business where you have an account)

Such account termination would include the deactivation and deletion of your Account
and your forfeiture of any account balance shown in your Account.

PayBox.me reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently,
the Service (or any part there of) with or without notice at any time.
(They Can Close, take all the Money and disappear at any Time)

“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
We reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason at any time.”

Tell Me Now … All PayBox.me Members…
Do You agree with With The TOS?

I have a few reasons… Why I stress this matter…

1. It do Matter even if it’s free to join…and you can’t lose any Money… Initial… Why?
You spend time, effort and credits in TE’s, safelist’s = That is Money in the Longrun…
You could spend the credits on Other Businesses, Building your Business!
I Mean if It’s turn Up to Be a Scam… Do You Care about…

2. Your Reputation… Do You Promote any Program Under The Sun?
Are You concerned, doing any serious Investigating, research before
you recommend things to ME, your online friends, your family, Contact List?
I Mean I trust people, let’s say I just go ahead and promote it… Then You
waste my time, reputation as well… If it’s turn out to be a scam!

I Ask YOU… Cause I don’t Know

PayBox.me Is It a Scam?
I Need Some Serious Answers!
Why Do YOU Promote it?
Do You Know The Owners, People Behind It?

I Don’t See Who Is Behind it

Regards from the Author … “The Coach”…

Stefan Berg

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