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  1. I signed up for paybox when they first came out. I have over 4,000 in there currency at one point they had where you can use it through a site they had called payshop “it didn’t last long” it was kinda like eBay where you posted items to sell and pay with your paybox account. I didn’t use it I was very skeptical, because if you bought something it wasn’t in the US most of them where in other countries; and you had to pay for your own shipping. Know they changed there name to Virta Pay there currently working on a project where you can start spending from the account ” we would just have to see”.

  2. The industry of network marketing is always changing. What worked 20, 10, even 5 years ago doesn’t always work today. Many companies have great products, great compensation plans, and great leadership. Unfortunately many also lack the marketing tools to help you build your team easier, faster, and stronger than others.

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