How you as an entreprenur can Benefit from Mike Koenigs 5 part webseminar!

A 5 part webseminar with Mike Koenig was held in Cooperation with CC Pro and John Jackson
Together they revealed valuable and important lessons about advertising.
Giving Value and Quality is the best Tool to develop in your business – how is that possible?

“- To be able to listen to this Great tips from the Experts in marketing has really inspired
me to move on and develop even more in my business” says Stefan Berg

Touching on subjects as

Week 1 – Owning your brand
Week 2 – Expert Authority
week 3 – Keywords research
Week 4 – Ten by Ten
– Answer the most important Questions
Week 5 – Follow Up – Consistancy

The Seminar give you a possibility to learn the most effective ways to connect to your customers.
Every serious Online Entrepreneur can benefit if they put this lessons into action
The seminar is a way to be successful and to understand the rules of Advertising.

Stefan Berg concludes after listnening to this seminar: “- All this Glues everything
together – leads you in the right direction and make your Business Journey much more smoother”

You learn more by visiting;

Stefan Berg is a Online Entrepreneur from Sweden, now living in Borneo, Malaysia.
He Coaches people how to Develop and Progress as a Entrepreneur Online.

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How to succeed in Article Writing When English Is Your 2nd Language

Stefan Berg Reveal how you can succeed with Article Writing even if English is your second language. A new interesting and important Issue is discussed at – Article Writing.

When you write articles and progress in article marketing it is important to be a leader and to give Valuable Tips to your readers.
This is possible even if your Mother tongue is not English or if you don´t feel that you have enough confidence
to write articles.

Stefan Berg recall how it was when he started with Article Writing; “- Many people, including me, don’t have English as a their mother tongue.

In the beginning it took time to write an article, I struggled with proper sentences. But it was a great experience. I was happy when I saw how people benefited from the Articles and that made me put in an extra effort.”

How is it possible for you to be successful in article writing when your competing with so many others with English
as their mother tongue? See how you can get help to develop confidence and progress in this area. Learn how it is possible to submit an article per day. Article Writing is an effective tool in any business. A great free way to marketing You.

That is what Business Online is all about. Invest in yourself. Read and write stuff. Educate yourself by helping others is another Topic!

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Stefan Berg releases a new blog: Using the best free web master tool

From The Desk of Stefan Berg A help in life and business is to master your mind. A free web master tool. Many times the Mindset is underestimated. How important is your mindset when it comes to succeed in business or in other areas in life?

The Owner of says about Mindset:

“- Mindset is one of the best Free web master tool there is. And it is really free. All is up to you. There is a saying “You can´t stop a bird flying over your head – but you can stop it from building a nest on your head”
We all have negative thoughts from time to time – but do we keep them? It is hard work to stay focused and have a positive attitude in business – but it is possible.”

To replace negative thoughts you need something else to ponder over. Here is 4 main points when it comes to change a negative attitude:

1. Develop a positive attitude of yourseld and what you do

2. Change your mindset to “I Can”

3. Set a long term goal

4. Make a everyday schedule

Take advantage of one of the best free web master tool that really are Free. Your mindset.
You will notice progress in many different parts of life.

When you master this it is time to take a step to a higher level whether it is in business or other parts of life.

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Press Release: How to avoid the most used Keywords

34189621_c7eb9359a3This new blog on how to develop in marketing is released today.

A common question is; How can you develop as a entrepreneur and marketer online?
This answer might surprise you: Set up a Blog!

Blogging is an important step to grow your business. Sometimes we concentrate
to much on the ads and neglect this fact. “- A Blog should be your platform says owner Stefan Berg,
the Heart of your business. The Central place.”

The blog released today will show you how a blog can be a powerful tool in advertising,
marketing, writing articles and much more.

You will get strategies and training how to avoid the most used keywords – how to make articles –
why you should train your mindset and other topics. Together All this is what requires for being
successful in a online freelance work.

“- I want other people to learn from my former mistakes” says Stefan Berg. He continues;
“- Thats why I started this blog. The most important lesson is to glue everything together.
I want to share my knowledge with others and help them grow and take their business to the next level”

To develop in online freelance work you need the right tools and the knowledge how to use them correct.

The most important things to concentrate on is:

# How to advertise
# How to increase the traffic to your websites and blogs
# Use the right tools and use them correct.

One interesting topic on this blog is, how to find the right keywords. This is the key, the most important
thing to learn when you want free traffic to your site. How do you avoid the most used keywords to be
more competetive in the search engines is another common question?

You need different tools. Get and grow your knowledge about Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, and learn
how to master it. Programs that can help you is Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery

Important topics like this will be discussed:

# Squido
# Social Bookmarking
# How to use Traffic Exchanges and get the most out of them.
# Paid advertising.
# Video marketing, such as Youtube, dailymotion and more.

” How can I make more money? Does Online freelance work really work?

“Coaching – Mentoring can help you grow faster. As they say: “Team work is Dream work”34189621_c7eb9359a3
– I´m here to help” says Stefan Berg.

Grab The System that Glue all together… On the Top Right Side…

You can find Professional Tools very useful… Over There —————————————————>>>


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Stefan Berg Launch His New Site – Online Freelance Work

A new day is rising in beautiful and warm Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia and it´s an Exciting day when one of
Stefan Bergs was websites are launched today.

As an experienced and well known marketer, Stefan happily says; “- I´m excited about this new website –
I have taken a big step forward. It has progressed along and now it’s finally Live!”

His Online Freelance Work website has grown from an idea back in Sweden. One cold Day the decision was made to try something new. A wish to be part of a global society and to experience more in life then living in one country.
Stefan has always been interested to try new cultures and develop as a human being.

To make that possible, developing an online freelance work, their was necessary to learn how to use the right tools.

When you ask successful entrepreneurs, how they did it everyone says the same thing: “ You need to work hard,
it can be a challenging work, but the most exiting and self developing journey you can do!”

The same answer came from Stefan: “It´s worth every second – It was frustrating in the beginning though”.

He continues to explain… You need the right tools to succeed. My Goal with this website and the system behind it,
is to help entrepreneurs reach their goals, among the benefits is online-conferences, training and education and
professional material sent to you.

This Professional system helps people to become entrepreneurs in a short time, sometimes starting from being a
totally newbeginner in a online freelance work.

Support and follow ups are number one in this business system.

“- Online freelance work is a great way to make a living” says Stefan. “- One of my big lessons is to be
PERSISTENT, without it you can´t succeed!”

To find out more about this interesting business plan,
Grab your membership!

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