Tracking The Top 10 Mailers in May 2013

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Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Mailer – Safelist – Listbuilder Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial, this is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your time and money. You can use other serious peoples tracking (Ours 4 example) as a guide and compare with your own tracking.

As we are the Owners of it is not included in the Top 10 Mailers we’ve been tracking. However it is a Must Join 🙂
We are proud to Announce that The Lead Magnet has been Ranked
#1 – 69 weeks and Top 3 -118 weeks
(2 More weeks as #1 and 5 more as Top 3 since our last Top 10 Release) by Traffic Hooppla

We are using to Track Our pages & we are upgraded members in ALL of the Mailers on this list

Here is the Results we got from advertising TheLeadMagnet’s splash, squeeze and Video pages in May:

1. Bweeble (2nd last month) Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. Social features & Branding You are some of the highlights in this Mailer. They have a unique Brand Builder Profile Side Bar to build your brand stronger. Great to take #2 Spot!

2. List Joe (1st last month) Relaunched it has proved to be one of the Top mailers for us. The owners Jon Nastor – Bill Maloney & Jonah Klimack has done a great job & imparted some cool Social features. Congrats on taking #1 Spot for Aprils tracking

3. List Nerds (4th last month) – Tim Tech joined the Listbuilder world in April and They are Here to Stay – Climbed up one place on our rankings. They always deliver Quality – Put focus on Branding You -Bring in a lot of new people to the Listbuilder industry. By keeping it simple Listnerds is Easy to use

4. List Adventure (5th last month) Another Relaunched mailer is We have always supported this quality mailer. Since Relaunch it is Better then Ever. You will now find features as Badges – focus on social branding and so on… Get More Ad Power by being active. Now owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. A great Money Maker As well!

5. List Jumper (7th last month) has a nice Design & has a clear message – Click at least 1 email every Day & you will stay active & you will be able to benefit from the Bonus system. Also owned by Darren Olander

6. Adchiever (6th last month) – another Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers to bring features as Reward system within the program. By being active you will earn different kind of bonus credits – get higher upgrades or extend your current upgrade…

7. Max Mailer Pro (8th last month) – has always given us great results in signups & It’s one of the mailers that we make gr8 commission from. It is Built on the LFMVM script – an easy mailer to use. Features as Quota points which is unique for LFMVM script. A great resend function of your email is another highlight. William Brant has brought a Solid mailer to the Listbuilder Industry

8. List Viral (*** NEW ***) Matt Baker is the Owner… Launched in May 2013. This is a new clean List Nerd type of look. Very user friendly. This is a back to Basis safelist with a few new cool features… A Must Join

9. List Surfing (*** NEW ***) Darren & Matt Owns this Hybrid Traffic Exchange / Mailer. This is a very good program. You can get results from showing pages, banners, profile & Chat in the TE. Not just a Safelist… A True List Builder… Well Done Guys, I got results with this program since it Launched

10. Viral Nugget (*** NEW ***) Another of Darren & Matt’s sites… Very nice mailer… Give Me gr8 results after The Re Launch… Nice clean, good looking Mailer… Pay out nice commissions!

If you are a Beginner or want to know more how to Use Listbuilders read this blog: Benefit from Using Listbuilders

That was all for May – We’re looking forward to bring you Our Results for June. Enjoy the Listbuilder Industry – a Great way to get traffic, leads to your Business! Have a Look @ our Top 17 List Here!

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Why do you Need to be Passionate about your Internet Marketing?

    With all promises that we see on the Internet now days, about Earn Millions and Do Nothing, it can be hard to realize what it takes to become successful as an Internet Marketer! Is it really that simple? Make Millions doing nothing?

    Let me ask you – When – if ever in the history has it been working to “Do Nothing and accomplish Great things”?

    It is sad to see so many people desperately seeking fortune and success believing that the solution is Doing Nothing, just join one program after the other… It will all turn out just being that – Nothing…

    There are ways to be successful on the Internet, but it will take you a little bit more then “Doing Nothing” to reach Success 🙂 Let me explain…

    To begin with – To reach success – you need the Right Tools – 3 basic ones are Autoresponder – Hosting and Tracking You can read more about these tools in this blogpost Building Your List is a Must…

    When you have the Tools – you need to use them and be determined, focused about your Internet business. You need to be a Passionate Internet Marketer!

    How can you be Passionate about your Internet Marketing and
    Why is that so Important?

    1# Be Social

    Nowdays – there is NO excuse to not have contact with your customers – affiliates and other Internet marketers. Networking is one of your central tools in being an Internet Marketer. There is Skype – Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – LinkedIn and so on… You can have your pick of what suits you best to use. If you are a Business Owner – to have a Support is a Must! You should also take responsibility to Answer support tickets in a reasonable time. Of course you can Outsource this part because it can be time consuming but In my Opinion it is a Excellent way to create an relationship with your customers.

    Being Social also includes Branding your Name and Face – Tell people about Yourself. Who are You? What is your story as an Internet Marketer? What has been your Obsticles and Highlights on your Internet journey. You can set up an About you page

    2# Be Persistent

    If you are an Passionate Internet Marketer you don’t give up! You will be out there day after day. You will keep to your Daily Schedule. You will continue to remind yourself about your WHY – your Reason why you want to work Online. You will set up Partial Goals how to reach to success. Stay Focused and Determined to succeed and You will be the Example to follow…

    3# Give Value

    Be Generous with your Expertise… Go the extra mile when your able to. Write on your blog about topics that solves peoples problems. Give meaningful comments on other blogs – Be active in forums etc… Do Educational Videos on Youtube. One way of Giving Value can be to give away an Ebook – a Video Training course etc…

    If you are giving Value to people they know that they can turn to you – you are someone who is Trustworthy and gives Practial Solutions on how to Progress as an Internet Marketer.

    4# Take Responsibility – Be professional – Be Honest and Fair to your customers – In time you will be known as an Serious Marketer who keeps what he promises and have good principles. Remember there is no shortcuts. Worth mentioning again is if you are an Business Owner you should have Customer service high up on your priority list. Have respect for others time as well as your own time.

    5# Take Action – One friend of mine once said: “- It is sometimes better to take a less good decision than making no decision at all!” This is so True! A decision you can change but doing nothing will take you nowhere! Don’t be unrealistic and think that things will happen over night – we all have a Learning Curve. If you do things right from the beginning it will save you a lot of time in the end 🙂 Apply what you learn – as soon as possible – Every small step will take you closer to success. A simple rule is – Take action and work with people who takes Action!

    So why are these Steps of such importance?

    You will be known as an Passionate Internet Marketer who people can Trust – you are Familiar to them – Easily Contacted – they know they get Help and Great Advice from you – you are proven to be an Expert in your field…

    An Internet Marketers Journey never ends. It is an Ongoing Process were we all learn from each other – sometimes from our mistakes and many times from when we take Action.

    I’m sure you are an Passionate Internet Marketer – you already showed action by reading this blog 🙂 As an Bonus you can download Listbuilding Made Easier and learn How to build your Own list of Subscribers…


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Lead Skimmer A Pro Lead Generator – Review

Lead Skimmer gets Me excited as a List Building Expert. The New System called Lead Skimmer will help us build Our List 3x faster

This time – Geoff Stephen a Well known Marketer and Owner of Global Npn has gone the extra mile with his new system Lead Skimmer The system allows you to build your list 3 times faster, 3 times bigger and you’ll make 3x More Money – 3x faster. Both new and more experienced Internet Marketers will benefit from this list building tool

What is Lead Skimmer?
Do You Really Build your Own List?
Can You earn Money with Lead

These 3 Questions are of most Importance to you…

What makes this system Unique? – Have a Look at the Features below:

 The system builds your list 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads

 You can Generate an increasing income by this System – through Global NPN, and of course with your own Growing list

 It will build your OWN Contact Lists using Aweber, Getresponse or NPN’s MMPro Autoresponders

 It is a Quick and Painless, “Easy-in” Marketing Funnel that gets leads onto your list and Money into your Pocket

 It’s FREE to use with a complete “No Brainer” Upgrade Option

Will You Grow your Own Contact List?

Either you are a FREE or Upgraded member all the leads will go to your own Contact List – not to the company! All Members need to Refer 3 leads or upgrade to Premium to Qualify to the Skim3 System. These 3 leads will go direct to you and if they Upgrade you will get paid (only upgraded premium members get paid)

Can You Make Money With Lead Skimmer?

Yes, You can join as a FREE Member but will only Earn money as an Upgraded member – As a part of a Global Npn Bonus you will get a Leadskimmer Premium membership for free when you have an Npn Director membership or higher. (Just one of many great Features you enjoy with your Npn Director membership) Global Npn is a Longterm Money Making Opportunity and a The Real Toolbox for Any Marketer. Global NPN has been around since 2005 – It’s a great Program for Serious entrepreneurs who wants to grow their Online Business

Is there any Catch?

I would say No! This is how you work the System most effectively. Sign up – Take your time to learn how the system works. This is what every serious Marketer would do in the first place anyway…no time wasted on your part 😉 Geoff Stephen has provided 2 professional videos that will help you out! Follow the System and set it up with Your Autoresponder – you can use Aweber – Getresponse or Npn’s Mail Marketer Pro Don’t skip any parts or try to take a short cut and You will do Great!

Do You want to Grow Your List 3x Faster – 3x Bigger & Make 3x More Money? – Have a Look at the Video below & Get Started!

To Your Success from The Lead Skimmer Pro!

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Is a Daily Schedule the Difference Between Success and Failure In Online Business?

Already September, It’s been a Lovely Summer! oooppsss – it’s always summer here in Borneo 😉 and we’ve had some relaxing months with friends visiting us from our home country Sweden and we’ve been travelling a bit in Asia!

What about you, did you have a great summer? I really hope you got a well deserved vacation – we all need that from time to time!

Ok enough about vacation 😉 Let’s move on to our Topic of the Day – Focus – Where is your Focus? We all need reminders about this…

1. Keep Focus at your Longterm Goal – This is your Why – If you don’t have a Longterm Goal then it’s about time to seriously think about this, sit down and do that now. Here are some great questions to ask yourself: What motivates me to work online? What is my strongest reasons, my strongest why to make money working from my home?

2. What is your Partial Goals? How will you reach your Longterm Goal? What do you need in your business to get to the point, the place you want to be? You need to have a plan for those things as well. It could be to grab and setup certain tools – like an Autoresponder – Hosting – Tracking and so on.

3. Daily Goals – What do you need to do everyday to be as successful as you want and deserve? What can you do today to make more money tomorrow?

Make a List with the 10 most important things to do, in your day to day schedule, begin with the most Important ones. Decide how much time you can spend on each point on your list. Be realistic and monetize how much time each point took you in reality to do. You might have to reschedule some of the things on the list. Or Outsource some of them. Don’t think you should do everything yourself. Is it worth to spend 10 hours to make a splash page when you can buy one for $10 and that page will make you 10 times more?

Let me show you how my daily activities in my online business looks like…

Me and my Wife are The owners of The Lead Magnet a Listbuilder and Email service. My Primary goal is to bring in New Members and keep TLM a Tip Top Quality Program. I constantly work at Improving different Features. I also need to keep a professional and effective Support to my customers (never underestimate your support – it is a great way to keep contact and get feedback from your customers).

I Send out tons of Ads about The Lead Magnet… Everyday – I do this as early as possible – this way the Ads can “Work for me” while I’m doing other things. I use many List builders/safelists, email services every day and I get great results. I have a recommend page if you want to take a look and see how you can widen your advertising campaigns and reach more people on a daily basis – Recommended List Builders I run certain emails and use some tricks of course to get people enough interested to open up my emails and sign up. But that is a different story and another blogpost 😉

Of course Support is high up on my list – actually I have outsourced parts of it to my wife 😉 – She and I share the support work and that works great.

Networking – Answering questions on Skype – Attend Conferences – I have at least 3 different ones I regularly attend every week – Facebook Networking – Fan PagesWrite Articles (Something I also outsource – usually to my wife) – Write Blog postsTrack my Advertising Campaigns & Check the results, conversion rates, hits etcKeep my Ads Up To Date – Write New Emails – Make new pages – Make new DealsExpand My Ad Power and knowledge in new areasRead Bussiness Books = very Important

As you see it is easy to fill up a day!

What would you answer?
Is a Daily Schedule the Difference between Success and Failure in Online Business?

I would say A Big YES… as a matter of fact all comes down to having a Daily Schedule and make it happen! “Plan The Work and Work the Plan”

Without a schedule It would be very easy to drift away and do something else. Internet is filled with unnecessary but most amusing things that steal time from our time we have to spend working on our business. I have not even mentioned all Offline things that easily distract us, when we work from home!

You need to find a balance between Work and Recreation. Schedule the time you work, Focus and make the most of the time you spend in front of your computer. A well deserved brake is necessary every day! Schedule some kind of exercise everyday – I Swim and do Power walking as often as possible.

Finally Enjoy 😉 This is the best work I ever had – Being My own Boss – Work With what I Want – With Who I want – When I want and I know My Reasons WHY!

PS. My Why is a lot stronger then having a new car, home, what ever… My WHY is making enough to provide for my family and have a lot of time to be able to serve Others!

“Most things happen because you make them happen & your mind is prepared, when The right time at the right place is there!” /Stefan Berg

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A Product Review: Totally Tweetable Marketing System

    Sometimes you stumble upon a great program. is one of those… It is a brand new program from Walt Bayliss and Mark Evans. It is combining the powerful concepts of member based email marketing and combines it with some powerful viral techniques, including Social Media and blogging.

    Today people are fed up with ‘opting in’ and getting mail boxes filled with nothing of any meaning. Spam is a killer. This system takes the traditional email marketing and modernizes it and then blows the roof of your exposure by adding in a pretty neat VIRAL twist.

    This program benefit Whatever you promote. No matter if it is a Clickbank product, a matrix, an MLM or ANYTHING. Even Google ad words and ‘traditional’ style of marketing can reap huge benefits from this site. With this program you will reach of hundreds of active twitter accounts, and blog readers and send your message across the entire network.

    It could be the ‘Social Evolution’ where by you can almost ‘share’ the social media connections of others.

    The power of being able to reach out to people is not to be overlooked… The system makes that reaching easy. In this case you are guaranteed 200 people who will be tweeting for you, every time you send out!! (Upgraded to Top level you will have guaranteed 3000 people tweet for you!) is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to explode their list and benefit from some excellent advertising.

    If you join through my link, you will get instant EXECUTIVE membership, but this is not forever, so make haste

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Social Media for Business – Are You a Fan?

LIKE – Tweet – Retweet – Seen anything on YouTube? Are you LinkedIn?

The list of Social Media is Endless… Reports says that people spend several hours a day on Facebook!

Are Social Media for Business? Is it Useful?

This is a real story that happened a few days ago when I attended one of my regular webinars.

There was a new Feature in the conference room where you can click on a Facebook icon to Invite your Facebook friends to the Live webinar.

I did so… A couple of minutes later I could see a familiar name in the webinar. A person I have known for years but havn’t had contact with in a long time. She got my message and was curious to see what was going on…

Here is the whole Social Media chain. I got a reminder in Skype: The Webinar begins in 10min. I logged in to the conference room. The speaker reminded us about the new FaceBook feature. I clicked and invited my FB friends. Two minutes later my old friend showed up. After the conference she joined my program TheLeadMagnet and TL2I and later that day posted on our Fan Page 🙂

The Social Media Circle… Talk about Viral Marketing…
Social Media for Business do Work!

Why did She come to the webinar and Why did she join these programs?
– Because people buy from people they know and trust!

Can you do this? Building a Network is something that takes time… I started out online more then 5 years ago and I still try to build my social media network, Bigger and Better!

If you havn’t started already – why not start today?
In a week in a month – and in a year you might have a great network too!

When you build your network and are using Social Media there is a Word of warning… Don’t SPAM people!

Just Sending out messages with links have nothing to do with networking – That turn people off!

Why not tell something about yourself. People are interested in People! We want to know who we are doing business with. Do a Welcome video or create Welcome message…

Have a look at My welcome Video on Facebook – maybe it will help you to come up with something of your own…
Facebook Welcome Video

To Your Success

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