Tracking The Top 10 Mailers – April 2013

top 10

Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Mailer – Safelist – Listbuilder Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial, this is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your time and money. You can use other serious peoples tracking (Ours 4 example) as a guide and compare with your own tracking.

As we are the Owners of it is not included in the Top 10 Mailers we’ve been tracking. However it is a Must Join 🙂
We are proud to Announce that The Lead Magnet has been Ranked
#1 – 67 weeks and Top 3 -113 weeks
by Traffic Hooppla

We are using to Track Our pages & we are upgraded members in ALL of the Mailers on this list

Here is the Results we got from advertising TheLeadMagnet’s splash, squeeze and Video pages in April:

1. Since List Joe Relaunched it has proved to be one of the Top mailers for us. The owners Jon Nastor – Bill Maloney & Jonah Klimack has done a great job & imparted some cool Social features. Congrats on taking #1 Spot for Aprils tracking

2. Bweeble – also Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. Social features & Branding You are some of the highlights in this Mailer. They have a unique Brand Builder Profile Side Bar to build your brand stronger. Great to take #2 Spot!

3. SOTAM (State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) is a Unique & Strong mailer with a lot of Cool Features. You might say It’s old and you’re Right – it Launched more than 3 years ago (a eon of time on internet Lol)! With the owners/partners Brad Webb – Jaye Pause & Paul Coonan they have developed one of the best mailers in the Industry. They just passed 25 000 active members (april 2013) & is Better then Ever

4. List Nerds – Tim Tech has joined the Listbuilder world – We wish them a warm Welcome 🙂 They always deliver Quality – Put focus on Branding You -Bring in a lot of new people to the Listbuilder industry. By keeping it simple Listnerds is Easy to use

5. Another Relaunched mailer is List Adventure We have always supported this quality mailer. Since Relaunch it is Better then Ever. You will now find features as Badges – focus on social branding and so on… Get More Ad Power by being active. Now owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney

6. Adchiever – another Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers to bring features as Reward system within the program. By being active you will earn different kind of bonus credits – get higher upgrades or extend your current upgrade…

7. List Jumper has a nice Design & has a clear message – Click at least 1 email every Day & you will stay active & you will be able to benefit from the Bonus system. Also owned by Darren Olander

8. Max Mailer Pro – has always given us great results in signups & It’s one of the mailers that we make gr8 commission from. It is Built on the LFMVM script – an easy mailer to use. Features as Quota points which is unique for LFMVM script. A great resend function of your email is another highlight. William Brant has brought a Solid mailer to the Listbuilder Industry

9. Email Hog is created by Marty Petrizza & has a sister sites in the Traffic Exchange world. She always comes up with new features & continuously develop the mailer. She is an active owner with active members. They Runs a lot of Contests & you can earn money by clicking emails – A Must Join!

10. Elite Safelist – A Long timer & one of the classic Safelists. You can Earn extra credits when clicking emails. Solomon Huey deliver an active membership site that gives solid results

If you are a Beginner or want to know more how to Use Listbuilders read this blog: Benefit from Using Listbuilders

That was all for April – We’re looking forward to bring you Our Results for May. Enjoy the Listbuilder Industry – a Great way to get traffic, leads to your Business!

Why do you Need to be Passionate about your Internet Marketing?

    With all promises that we see on the Internet now days, about Earn Millions and Do Nothing, it can be hard to realize what it takes to become successful as an Internet Marketer! Is it really that simple? Make Millions doing nothing?

    Let me ask you – When – if ever in the history has it been working to “Do Nothing and accomplish Great things”?

    It is sad to see so many people desperately seeking fortune and success believing that the solution is Doing Nothing, just join one program after the other… It will all turn out just being that – Nothing…

    There are ways to be successful on the Internet, but it will take you a little bit more then “Doing Nothing” to reach Success 🙂 Let me explain…

    To begin with – To reach success – you need the Right Tools – 3 basic ones are Autoresponder – Hosting and Tracking You can read more about these tools in this blogpost Building Your List is a Must…

    When you have the Tools – you need to use them and be determined, focused about your Internet business. You need to be a Passionate Internet Marketer!

    How can you be Passionate about your Internet Marketing and
    Why is that so Important?

    1# Be Social

    Nowdays – there is NO excuse to not have contact with your customers – affiliates and other Internet marketers. Networking is one of your central tools in being an Internet Marketer. There is Skype – Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – LinkedIn and so on… You can have your pick of what suits you best to use. If you are a Business Owner – to have a Support is a Must! You should also take responsibility to Answer support tickets in a reasonable time. Of course you can Outsource this part because it can be time consuming but In my Opinion it is a Excellent way to create an relationship with your customers.

    Being Social also includes Branding your Name and Face – Tell people about Yourself. Who are You? What is your story as an Internet Marketer? What has been your Obsticles and Highlights on your Internet journey. You can set up an About you page

    2# Be Persistent

    If you are an Passionate Internet Marketer you don’t give up! You will be out there day after day. You will keep to your Daily Schedule. You will continue to remind yourself about your WHY – your Reason why you want to work Online. You will set up Partial Goals how to reach to success. Stay Focused and Determined to succeed and You will be the Example to follow…

    3# Give Value

    Be Generous with your Expertise… Go the extra mile when your able to. Write on your blog about topics that solves peoples problems. Give meaningful comments on other blogs – Be active in forums etc… Do Educational Videos on Youtube. One way of Giving Value can be to give away an Ebook – a Video Training course etc…

    If you are giving Value to people they know that they can turn to you – you are someone who is Trustworthy and gives Practial Solutions on how to Progress as an Internet Marketer.

    4# Take Responsibility – Be professional – Be Honest and Fair to your customers – In time you will be known as an Serious Marketer who keeps what he promises and have good principles. Remember there is no shortcuts. Worth mentioning again is if you are an Business Owner you should have Customer service high up on your priority list. Have respect for others time as well as your own time.

    5# Take Action – One friend of mine once said: “- It is sometimes better to take a less good decision than making no decision at all!” This is so True! A decision you can change but doing nothing will take you nowhere! Don’t be unrealistic and think that things will happen over night – we all have a Learning Curve. If you do things right from the beginning it will save you a lot of time in the end 🙂 Apply what you learn – as soon as possible – Every small step will take you closer to success. A simple rule is – Take action and work with people who takes Action!

    So why are these Steps of such importance?

    You will be known as an Passionate Internet Marketer who people can Trust – you are Familiar to them – Easily Contacted – they know they get Help and Great Advice from you – you are proven to be an Expert in your field…

    An Internet Marketers Journey never ends. It is an Ongoing Process were we all learn from each other – sometimes from our mistakes and many times from when we take Action.

    I’m sure you are an Passionate Internet Marketer – you already showed action by reading this blog 🙂 As an Bonus you can download Listbuilding Made Easier and learn How to build your Own list of Subscribers…


Social Media for Business – Are You a Fan?

LIKE – Tweet – Retweet – Seen anything on YouTube? Are you LinkedIn?

The list of Social Media is Endless… Reports says that people spend several hours a day on Facebook!

Are Social Media for Business? Is it Useful?

This is a real story that happened a few days ago when I attended one of my regular webinars.

There was a new Feature in the conference room where you can click on a Facebook icon to Invite your Facebook friends to the Live webinar.

I did so… A couple of minutes later I could see a familiar name in the webinar. A person I have known for years but havn’t had contact with in a long time. She got my message and was curious to see what was going on…

Here is the whole Social Media chain. I got a reminder in Skype: The Webinar begins in 10min. I logged in to the conference room. The speaker reminded us about the new FaceBook feature. I clicked and invited my FB friends. Two minutes later my old friend showed up. After the conference she joined my program TheLeadMagnet and TL2I and later that day posted on our Fan Page 🙂

The Social Media Circle… Talk about Viral Marketing…
Social Media for Business do Work!

Why did She come to the webinar and Why did she join these programs?
– Because people buy from people they know and trust!

Can you do this? Building a Network is something that takes time… I started out online more then 5 years ago and I still try to build my social media network, Bigger and Better!

If you havn’t started already – why not start today?
In a week in a month – and in a year you might have a great network too!

When you build your network and are using Social Media there is a Word of warning… Don’t SPAM people!

Just Sending out messages with links have nothing to do with networking – That turn people off!

Why not tell something about yourself. People are interested in People! We want to know who we are doing business with. Do a Welcome video or create Welcome message…

Have a look at My welcome Video on Facebook – maybe it will help you to come up with something of your own…
Facebook Welcome Video

To Your Success

Should Traffic Exchanges Focus Mainly On Delivering Traffic?

I was on the Saturday Affiliate Funnel conference. The Guest speaker Steve Ayling was Talking about the changes he done inside his TE’s. He is moving away from the bribe system in Traffic Exchanges – Crazy Surfing Contests and concentrates more on the Marketers. This has stirred up some feelings and created a debate.

This is a answer I was going to a post on a Blogpost on this topic…

Customers always comes first – period… (Basic common sense, even if this is far from the truth in reality). Many Owners do not even answer support tickets, pay out commission in time.

It’s about Focusing On The Surfers or The Marketers. How to get better results in Traffic Exchanges?

Surfers who wants to surf will surf 10 000 pages, 35 hours straight as long as they have that option somewhere.

Surfers who want to make 1cent/Hour surfing will continue do so.

Surfers who want to win contest, collect clocks, balloons, badges, team surf, surf for therapy will also continue do so.

Some Surfers Love to Interact and Chat (I remember when I was arguing with Mr. Olson and a few others about this in SWAT conference when StartXChange added their chat) They where against I was For. Why? Because I got gr8 results with it and Always Built my business this way using Skype, MSN and later Chats in TE’s. I’m a Social Guy…

Did you Notice Guys… Surfers, Surfers, Surfers…

The talk I was listening to, the conference with Steve Ayling was Focusing on The Marketers aspect not from the surfers eyes. Yeah I know many say they are both surfers and marketers… up to each person to label them self.

What do you as a marketer, advertiser want? (My viewpoint is for people who treat this as a business, extra income – Not a Hobby)

Results…Results…Results… Period

That was the Whole Point With the Talk… But as always people put them self first me me me… and have hard time seeing or listen with an open mind. So with this in hand… Back to the conferences… here is what been said… hint there is a recording…

1. The Ones who Chat when surfing gain from it!

2. Advertisers who are using Te’s this way. I watch your site you watch mine and mostly buy credits and not use the chat, get less results now compared to let say before the Chat boom, Surf for cents, Outrageous contests! (because the chat, contest and so on steal a part of what they paid for… 100% pageviews)

3. How do you create a better marketplace for the Advertisers, marketers who want to use a TE to get more sign ups, sales what ever, get better results from The Actually Page they added.
Answer: No Surf Contest’s where you win because you surf 35 hours straight, no chat, no Surf for cents, longer timer and a max daily surf limit. That was a few points.

4. That way Steve Will Focus more on getting other marketers interested in TE’s, target a much larger group outside TE Land.

5. Most Owners want to make more money and keep the Members active, have them upgrading, surf a lot, interact, use their programs, add ons and stuff of Course…

But – Do this increase the results for the Advertiser? (My tracking shows No – Big time No for my pages) I know Branding, people must see your pages 7 times and so on. But I want Both 😉 Direct Conversion and the more indirect, long term one.


I see this a lot – people have problems to see, grasp the main topic. Steve asked us to widen out, open up our mind and see it from the Advertisers eyes not the surfers…

If you don’t do that, you don’t grasp what he was saying.
The main topic: Results…Results…Results…

Yeah getting results from The Main Thing a TE offer: I watch your page, you watch mine. I want my page seen, If have low credits I have to surf or buy credits to make that happen mindset. Not I surf for the tons of other reasons.

Of Course there are Rooms for Both sides… if You want the Hybrid/Combo TE – Chat – Social Interaction – Contests, You can have that. More and more now days.

I want to see more Of this…
Focus on delivery results for The Marketers who want results using the Actually Main Source: Advertise your Pages. This was what I heard in Steve Aylings Talk – nothing else.

I’m welcoming Steve’s Change of Focus. More Focus on the Results then mindless clicking. Why & How to use a Traffic Exchange? Hopefully this is the way to Better Results for the advertisers. You need Credits to be able to Show your page… Ah I need Credits … I either have to surf or buy credits to be able to use the Traffic Exchange…

See You start with what you want to advertise… That is the main reason you are Surfing. Not the other way around is Steve Aylings More Defined way of seeing this…

I prefer Pears over Apples – Does it mean I don’t Like Apples?

Last Thought…
There are tons of ways to interact… I use Skype, Skype groups, Msn, Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook, Fan pages, My Blog, Conference rooms + many more… Even Te Chats lol…

The Magnetic Leader

Your autoresponder a Lifeline – List Building Made Easier part 2

    When start growing your list its time to set up your Your Autoresponder.

    If you don’t use an autoresponder to manage your list, you are missing out on an easy way to communicate to your list. Services like AWeber, Listbuilder Direct and are just a few in this arena.

    My choice for several years has been AWeber, they have a high delivery rate.

    Costs can vary, depending on the size of your list. But the monthly cost can easily be negated by the profits you can make, marketing to your list. Inside your autoresponder you will have to set up your list, your landing page to capture leads, and how to insert the code onto your own website to gather sign-ups to your list. If you need help with this you can go to

    But most important is of course your Emails

    Create Email Follow-ups

    Once you get your sign-up, it is crucial to follow up. If you want to make money in list-building, this is an important step in the process. First you should write an introductory email – give your subscriber a new chance – a reminder to download your gift. In this case let’s say – your free special report.

    Then, every 2-3 days, drip another email on the prospect. Let one of your emails be about you – let your subscribers get to know you a little bit better. That is a great way of connecting with your Readers. In the first 2 emails, offer some other free tools or reports that would be useful – it is important to establish a relationship of trust and caring.

    People want to feel appreciated and don’t want to be sold right off the bat. You come off like a used car salesman if you do. Once you have provided freebies to your list in the first few emails, then you can start promoting products.

    List Building Made Easier is for you – just download it and your on the go to build your own list bigger and better

    Life rewards those who take action not those who take notes.
    Craig Caron

List building made Easier – part 1

    How many times have you heard “- The money is in the List?”

    Probably endless of times…

    No doubt, you receive emails from many email marketers about a variety of things – Why? Because you are on their list.

    So, how do you effectively build a list? Where do you go to start building your own list? What do you need to do to begin list building? For many, the task is daunting and quite overwhelming. Yet the good news is, it is not as hard as many people think.

    For a start – Identify Your Niche

    Before you even think about starting on list building, you will need to identify your “niche.”

    What is a niche, you ask? An area of specialty, that is specific and targeted.

    To figure out your niche, decide on a topic that really interests you.
    Are you a pet lover? – You could build a list around pets.

    Do you enjoy motivational topics? – You could build a list around motivational speaking and books. Or perhaps you are a writer? – You could build a list around people interested in learning to become a writer.

    Or maybe your already have your niche. Your website is up and running but you want to build your List bigger and better

    The possibilities are literally endless. Today Im going to share one great effective way to grow your list even bigger.

    Create a Short Report

    With a special report – something that is useful to people – building your list is much easier. Your report should be focused on your niche, sharing thoughts, tips, and pointers that provide value to the reader.

    The report will establish your credibility as an “expert” in this area, helping your readers decide to continue to follow you and your journey in Internet Marketing. The report need not be long – 20 to 30 pages should be more than enough. Add in illustrations, charts, tables and such, to help make for an easier read.

    This will of course take some time and effort – but is well worth it. You don’t need to write the report from scratch. There are many ways – tips and tricks – you can use to create your report. If you don’t want to write your own report – use an PLR ebook or something similiar to offer.

    This is one of many ways to start growing your own list – if you want to know more right now – head over here:

    “Most things happen because you make them happen & your mind is prepared, when The right place at the right time is there!” /Stefan Berg

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