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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Who is Stefan Berg? I’m an Entrepreneur and Stock Trader from Sweden. I Moved to Sabah, Borneo in March 2009. In October 2012 I moved again, this time to Penang, a nice Island NorthWest in Malaysia. I Love Marketing, Branding, Work From Home. I’m Always Interested to meet serious Business People! Watch these 2 Videos and get to know me a bit more!

1. Catarina Interview Stefan Berg from June 2014


2. This short Video is my story… enjoy!

Stefan Berg Explain how he Became successful in his online freelance work. It started a cold day in Sweden, we felt stuck in a society and a spinning wheel, We wanted to see the world. What work can give you an income and opportunity to be free to live wherever you want to be in the world?

Can you really be successful in an online freelance work?

To get your online freelance work You need Support and follow up of customers are number one. We finally started to be successful in our “online freelance work” online! Instead of dreaming we now could live our dream, We are for the moment living in Borneo. Where we explore a fantastic nature, culture and a great climate!

This a real option for you to have a online freelance work The big secret to success is: Persistence – Persistence – Persistence… I can help you… Never Walk Alone /”The Coach”

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6 Comments on “About Me
  1. Hey Stefan, I got your message in SWAT Traffic about the 50 credits you sent me, you also mentioned the free captain’s upgrade. I looked all over SWAT but I don’t see any contest where you can get an upgrade, can you email me how it works?



  2. Hi Stefan. I am a desperate The Lead Magnet castomer. Could you tell me please – how to contact you BEFORE I log in to it? I messed up things and cannot find your “contact me” section.

  3. Please Mr Stefan,I need your advice i am hoping to invest online.Could you please suggest a very good place to invest money on with good returns.

  4. I found your presentation very information. Also liked the personable too. IE you referenced your personal experience.. Therefore making the video not just a business one. True there is much of that in there. OTOH you mentioned your own experiences.
    I thought the info on the four main fears rather trenchant.
    It was interesting to see you instead of only your photograph.
    As for my situation a woman friend and I write a humor blog,. Please see the url.
    My question it is important, ie useful to obtain a list?
    Sincerely Ladylynda
    PS. Happy Holidays!!!

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