Interview with Stefan & Catarina Berg – Owners of The Lead Magnet

Sometimes we forget to introduce ourselves in this online environment. It’s important to know who your doing business with and it’s nice to see who’s behind the screen 😉 That’s why we’ve taken this opportunity today to introduce ourselves a little bit more

A while ago my wife & I were asked by our friend Patricia Hedge (read her blog here) to do an interview. The questions were about how we started online – what obstacles we had to overcome & how we started The Lead Magnet – The result you find here below 🙂

Take your pick – watch the video or read on…or why not do both! 😉

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your wife and how you two
got started in this industry?

We are Stefan & Catarina Berg – we are internet entrepreneurs from cold Sweden who moved to tropical Malaysia in 2009. I (Stefan) have been working online for the last 8 years.

We always loved to travel & experience new cultures. We always enjoyed the tropical climate, the adventures & the food in Asia & many vacations have we spent in different countries in Asia. In 2006 we had the opportunity to stay 3 months on the tropical Island Penang in Malaysia. When we went back to Sweden it became our dream to go back & to Malaysia and stay for a longer time. We set up a long term goal to reach our dream. We both had some health issues & our bodies could not recover in the cold climate in Sweden so we felt, if not desperate but forced to make some bigger changes in our lives

To finance our goal we started searching for a way to work online. The first we stumbled on was Traffic Exchanges but it was hard to grasp all the different programs & we could not find a system that generated some money. We were really newbies – I (Stefan) went from working as an electrician for 23 years & Catarina’s background was mainly in the accounting area. But we didn’t give up – the weekly seminars like Affiliate Funnel & SWAT was a great platforms to learn more (even if that meant staying up until 3 am to be able to attend those events!) We continued to get more experience about list building – blogging – auto responders – tracking & so on. We felt more confident in what we were doing. In 2009 we got the opportunity to move to Malaysia & we did so. Since then we both have been working full time online.

2) What where the biggest obstacles you experienced?

Obstacles on the way has been to focus – not losing sight of our goal & stick to our plan. To not give up to easily & just jump from program to program when you don’t see the results you want immediately. We needed to find a system – a way to be unique & stick out from the crowd – we soon realized that we had to create something of our own. Just being an affiliate in different programs didn’t generate money enough to support us full time online

Another obstacles was the language. English is our second language – business english didn’t come easy at the beginning but we never been afraid of expressing ourselves (read not shy lol). Our pronunciation, writing & accent has many times been what we call “swinglish” 😉

3) Why did you decide to start The Lead Magnet?

We really felt we wanted our own program – were we could create a platform & we could teach people the basics of list building – auto responders – tracking (things we had been struggling with in the beginning) In 2010 we felt more ready to take a next step. We had more experience of list building – we already had a blog up & running & we were doing videos about different business topics. We were also writing & an E-book that we released in January 2011 When we found a opportunity to buy a list builder script (not LFM) we took it & 10th of November 10 – 2010 The Lead Magnet opened up it’s doors

Why is The Lead Magnet different from other list builders?

We wanted The Lead Magnet (TLM) to be unique – we put in a lot of effort to educate our members. We have instructional videos on almost every page explaining how to use TLM – we also added a section with needed tools for internet marketers – we have an PLR section & a Biz area for our upgraded members. Our responsibility as owners is, among many things, to bring in new members every day & at today’s date we have 18 530 active members. We are fully committed to bring our members the best! The Lead Magnet – is our baby 🙂 We will continue to develop TLM & increase the benefits for members & to fill our members needs.

Taking care of our Members is a great privilege & with all cheering along the way & great inputs from members & other owners it’s been worth every step of the way – & will continue to be in the future



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The Top Mailers In June 2014

top 10

Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Mailers – Safelist – Listbuilder Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial. This is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your Time & Money. Use Our tracking as a guide and compare with your own tracking.

As we are the Owners of it is not included in the Top 10 Mailers we’ve been tracking. However it is a Must Join :)… We are proud to Announce that The Lead Magnet has been Ranked #1 – 78 weeks and Top 3 -153 weeks by List Hooppla

We are using to Track All Our Pages… Here is the Results we got from advertising TheLeadMagnet’s splash, squeeze and Video pages in June:

1. Adchiever (1th in April) – another Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers to bring features as Reward system within the program. By being active you will earn different kind of bonus credits – get higher upgrades or extend your current upgrade…


2. Build My Downlines (2nd in April) “By far the Best Mailer This Month again”. This is Another Unique Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers where you Get Paid To Join Websites or Create An Offer To Build Your List Or Downline Anywhere


3. SOTAM (State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) (8th In April) A Unique & Strong mailer with a lot of Cool Features. You might say It’s old & you’re Right – it Launched soon 4 years ago (a eon of time on internet Lol)! With the owners/partners Brad Webb & Paul Coonan they have developed one of the best mailers in the Industry. They Have 28 700 active members (april 2014) & is Better then Ever


4. List Surfing (*** NEW ***) Darren & Matt Owns this Hybrid Traffic Exchange / Mailer. This is a very good program. You can get results from showing pages, banners, profile & Chat in the TE. Not just a Safelist… A True List Builder… Well Done Guys, I got results with this program since it Launched


5. Fast List Mailer (5th In April) This is a gr8 Mailer from Kenny Kolijn. Get Fresh New Leads Every Day – Cool design – Proven Owner. Overall an Easy to Use Mailer on the LFMVM script


6. List Joe (10th In February) “Relaunched it has proven to be one of the Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3”. The owners Jon Nastor – Bill Maloney & Jonah Klimack has done a great job & imparted some cool Social features


7. Max Mailer Pro (5th In April) Has always given us great results in signups & It’s one of the mailers that we make gr8 commission from. It is Built on the LFMVM script – an easy mailer to use. Features as Quota points which is unique for LFMVM script. A great resend function of your email is another highlight. William Brant has brought a Solid mailer to the Listbuilder Industry


8. List Jumper (7th In April) has a nice Design & has a clear message – Click at least 1 email every Day & you will stay active & you will be able to benefit from the Bonus system. Also owned by Darren Olander


9. Mail Our List (9th In April) This is a gr8 Mailer from Steve Ayling. Very Nice design and it’s set up and designed to target the newbies. People who are not sure what mailers are let alone know how to use them.


10. Bweeble (10th In April) Has proven to be one of the “Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3”. Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. Social features & Branding You are some of the highlights in this Mailer. They have a unique Brand Builder Profile Side Bar to build your brand stronger.


If you are a Beginner or want to know more how to Use Mailers read this blog:
Benefit from Using Listbuilders

That was all for June – We’re looking forward to bring you Our Results for July. Enjoy the Mailer Industry Have a Look @ our Top 17 List Here It’s a Great way to get traffic, leads!

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