The Top Mailers In April 2014

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Tracking is one of the Most important Tools you Need in Your Business. Especially when it comes to the Mailers – Safelist – Listbuilder Industry. Either you are a beginner or been using Mailers for a while, doing your own tracking is crucial. This is the only way to know which Mailers that gives the best results and where you should spend your Time & Money. Use Our tracking as a guide and compare with your own tracking.

As we are the Owners of it is not included in the Top 10 Mailers we’ve been tracking. However it is a Must Join :)… We are proud to Announce that The Lead Magnet has been Ranked #1 – 76 weeks and Top 3 -146 weeks by List Hooppla

We are using to Track All Our Pages… Here is the Results we got from advertising TheLeadMagnet’s splash, squeeze and Video pages in April:

1. Adchiever (8th in January) – another Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers to bring features as Reward system within the program. By being active you will earn different kind of bonus credits – get higher upgrades or extend your current upgrade…


2. Max Mailer Pro (7th last month) Has always given us great results in signups & It’s one of the mailers that we make gr8 commission from. It is Built on the LFMVM script – an easy mailer to use. Features as Quota points which is unique for LFMVM script. A great resend function of your email is another highlight. William Brant has brought a Solid mailer to the Listbuilder Industry


3. Build My Downlines (1st last month) “By far the Best Mailer This Month again”. This is Another Unique Quality mailer owned by Darren Olander. He always deliver & presents a Top site with nice design. The first mailers where you Get Paid To Join Websites or Create An Offer To Build Your List Or Downline Anywhere


4. Bweeble (5th last month) Has proven to be one of the “Top mailers for us month after month, always in the top 3”. Owned by Jon Nastor & Bill Maloney. Social features & Branding You are some of the highlights in this Mailer. They have a unique Brand Builder Profile Side Bar to build your brand stronger.


5. Fast List Mailer (*** NEW ***) This is a gr8 Mailer from Kenny Kolijn. Get Fresh New Leads Every Day – Cool design – Proven Owner. Overall an Easy to Use Mailer on the LFMVM script


6. Puffin Mailer (10th last month) Dan Moses Launched this gr8 Mailer Feb 18, 2013. You Can email every 23 hours as an Upgraded Member. Puffin Is growing in a Steady Pace and Our Results are better & better – Check it Out!


7. List Jumper (2nd last month) has a nice Design & has a clear message – Click at least 1 email every Day & you will stay active & you will be able to benefit from the Bonus system. Also owned by Darren Olander


8. SOTAM (State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) (7th in January) A Unique & Strong mailer with a lot of Cool Features. You might say It’s old & you’re Right – it Launched soon 4 years ago (a eon of time on internet Lol)! With the owners/partners Brad Webb & Paul Coonan they have developed one of the best mailers in the Industry. They Have 28 700 active members (april 2014) & is Better then Ever


9. Mail Our List (4th last month) This is a gr8 Mailer from Steve Ayling. Very Nice design and it’s set up and designed to target the newbies. People who are not sure what mailers are let alone know how to use them.


10. Elite Safelist (*** NEW ***) A Long timer & one of the classic Safelists. You can Earn extra credits when clicking emails. Solomon Huey deliver an active membership site that gives solid results


This Month Was Very Tight – We decided to add ALL Mailers that came in on 11th Place:

11. TrafficLeads2IncomeVMEmail HogList JoeViral NuggetListviralViral Listbuilder PlusDownline Builder Direct——————————————————————————————————————————————-

If you are a Beginner or want to know more how to Use Mailers read this blog:
Benefit from Using Listbuilders

That was all for April – We’re looking forward to bring you Our Results for May. Enjoy the Mailer Industry Have a Look @ our Top 17 List Here It’s a Great way to get traffic, leads!

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