A Viral Nugget for your Advertising Campaign – Review of a Quality Listbuilder

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!


Some Owners are known for delivering Quality when opening a new site or launch a product – Darren Olander is one of them, he always brings Quality to the Listbuilder community. His site ViralNugget.com is not a New site – for the last 3 years it has proven to be a Quality Listbuilder & it is worth taking a closer look at. If you want to use Listbuilders in your Advertising campaign this is one you should consider

What are the benefits with Using a Listbuilder?

You don´t need your Own list of Subscribers. Easily explained the Owner of a Listbuilder are building a list of members that you get access to & can advertise to. Depending on which level of upgrade you choose you can then email to a different amount of members within the membership site & at a different time schedule. While using the Listbuilder you can build your own list of subscribers.

What do you need to decide before you join Viral Nugget or any other Listbuilder?

You need to decide whether you want to be a Free member or Upgrade

Most List builders you can join for free but then you can only email a Limited amount of members & usually not as often as an Upgraded member – you’ll find that your Ad power is limited as a free member!

A better Choice is to Upgrade. When you decide to Upgrade it is highly recommended to take the One-Time-Offer you will see when you join. It saves you a lot of money if your want to be upgraded member. Probably you can not afford to upgrade in all Listbuilders – there are hundreds of them – but you can choose a few Quality Listbuilders & concentrate your Ad power on them

If you don´t take the OTO in Viral Nugget You’ll find monthly upgrade options in your backoffice. There are 3 levels of upgrades:

Elite – send every 3 days & reach up to 14 000 members using credits
Gold – send every 3 days & reach up to 9 000 members using credits
Silver – send every 3 days & reach up to 5 500 members using credits

As an extra Bonus when you Upgrade you will get Text ad credits & your Ad will be shown inside the Advertising Network

Ways to earn Emailing credits is viewing other members ads – opening the member emails you receive & click the credit link You can also receive credits by clicking banners & Text ads – Usually you have an option to buy credits if you have little time to spend to click other members emails

A unique Feature in ViralNugget is the Widget Ad that you can add to your website & then earn credits every time it is shown. You can also get Ad power by using Text ads – Login Ads – Banners and so on….

Most Listbuilders gives you an opportunity to Earn commission when you promote their Products – the percentage can vary – some use Instant Commission & others pay out weekly or monthly – Viral Nugget gives you up to 50% when you are Upgraded

Listbuilders has different Benefits & Bonuses but in general they are built the same way: You get Access to the Owners members list & can Email your Ad to other members within the membership site. If the Owner is serious & work hard to bring new members & Update the Features Listbuilder is a great advertising source.

You might be surprised – Email marketing is Great way to get results in your Advertising Campaign!

ViralNugget has already proven to be a Quality Listbuilder – if you are not a Member yet you should not hesitate to Join! Why sit out on Great Traffic to your website? – ViralNugget.com


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