Why do you Need to be Passionate about your Internet Marketing?

    With all promises that we see on the Internet now days, about Earn Millions and Do Nothing, it can be hard to realize what it takes to become successful as an Internet Marketer! Is it really that simple? Make Millions doing nothing?

    Let me ask you – When – if ever in the history has it been working to “Do Nothing and accomplish Great things”?

    It is sad to see so many people desperately seeking fortune and success believing that the solution is Doing Nothing, just join one program after the other… It will all turn out just being that – Nothing…

    There are ways to be successful on the Internet, but it will take you a little bit more then “Doing Nothing” to reach Success 🙂 Let me explain…

    To begin with – To reach success – you need the Right Tools – 3 basic ones are Autoresponder – Hosting and Tracking You can read more about these tools in this blogpost Building Your List is a Must…

    When you have the Tools – you need to use them and be determined, focused about your Internet business. You need to be a Passionate Internet Marketer!

    How can you be Passionate about your Internet Marketing and
    Why is that so Important?

    1# Be Social

    Nowdays – there is NO excuse to not have contact with your customers – affiliates and other Internet marketers. Networking is one of your central tools in being an Internet Marketer. There is Skype – Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – LinkedIn and so on… You can have your pick of what suits you best to use. If you are a Business Owner – to have a Support is a Must! You should also take responsibility to Answer support tickets in a reasonable time. Of course you can Outsource this part because it can be time consuming but In my Opinion it is a Excellent way to create an relationship with your customers.

    Being Social also includes Branding your Name and Face – Tell people about Yourself. Who are You? What is your story as an Internet Marketer? What has been your Obsticles and Highlights on your Internet journey. You can set up an About you page

    2# Be Persistent

    If you are an Passionate Internet Marketer you don’t give up! You will be out there day after day. You will keep to your Daily Schedule. You will continue to remind yourself about your WHY – your Reason why you want to work Online. You will set up Partial Goals how to reach to success. Stay Focused and Determined to succeed and You will be the Example to follow…

    3# Give Value

    Be Generous with your Expertise… Go the extra mile when your able to. Write on your blog about topics that solves peoples problems. Give meaningful comments on other blogs – Be active in forums etc… Do Educational Videos on Youtube. One way of Giving Value can be to give away an Ebook – a Video Training course etc…

    If you are giving Value to people they know that they can turn to you – you are someone who is Trustworthy and gives Practial Solutions on how to Progress as an Internet Marketer.

    4# Take Responsibility – Be professional – Be Honest and Fair to your customers – In time you will be known as an Serious Marketer who keeps what he promises and have good principles. Remember there is no shortcuts. Worth mentioning again is if you are an Business Owner you should have Customer service high up on your priority list. Have respect for others time as well as your own time.

    5# Take Action – One friend of mine once said: “- It is sometimes better to take a less good decision than making no decision at all!” This is so True! A decision you can change but doing nothing will take you nowhere! Don’t be unrealistic and think that things will happen over night – we all have a Learning Curve. If you do things right from the beginning it will save you a lot of time in the end 🙂 Apply what you learn – as soon as possible – Every small step will take you closer to success. A simple rule is – Take action and work with people who takes Action!

    So why are these Steps of such importance?

    You will be known as an Passionate Internet Marketer who people can Trust – you are Familiar to them – Easily Contacted – they know they get Help and Great Advice from you – you are proven to be an Expert in your field…

    An Internet Marketers Journey never ends. It is an Ongoing Process were we all learn from each other – sometimes from our mistakes and many times from when we take Action.

    I’m sure you are an Passionate Internet Marketer – you already showed action by reading this blog 🙂 As an Bonus you can download Listbuilding Made Easier and learn How to build your Own list of Subscribers…


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