Is a Daily Schedule the Difference Between Success and Failure In Online Business?

Already September, It’s been a Lovely Summer! oooppsss – it’s always summer here in Borneo 😉 and we’ve had some relaxing months with friends visiting us from our home country Sweden and we’ve been travelling a bit in Asia!

What about you, did you have a great summer? I really hope you got a well deserved vacation – we all need that from time to time!

Ok enough about vacation 😉 Let’s move on to our Topic of the Day – Focus – Where is your Focus? We all need reminders about this…

1. Keep Focus at your Longterm Goal – This is your Why – If you don’t have a Longterm Goal then it’s about time to seriously think about this, sit down and do that now. Here are some great questions to ask yourself: What motivates me to work online? What is my strongest reasons, my strongest why to make money working from my home?

2. What is your Partial Goals? How will you reach your Longterm Goal? What do you need in your business to get to the point, the place you want to be? You need to have a plan for those things as well. It could be to grab and setup certain tools – like an Autoresponder – Hosting – Tracking and so on.

3. Daily Goals – What do you need to do everyday to be as successful as you want and deserve? What can you do today to make more money tomorrow?

Make a List with the 10 most important things to do, in your day to day schedule, begin with the most Important ones. Decide how much time you can spend on each point on your list. Be realistic and monetize how much time each point took you in reality to do. You might have to reschedule some of the things on the list. Or Outsource some of them. Don’t think you should do everything yourself. Is it worth to spend 10 hours to make a splash page when you can buy one for $10 and that page will make you 10 times more?

Let me show you how my daily activities in my online business looks like…

Me and my Wife are The owners of The Lead Magnet a Listbuilder and Email service. My Primary goal is to bring in New Members and keep TLM a Tip Top Quality Program. I constantly work at Improving different Features. I also need to keep a professional and effective Support to my customers (never underestimate your support – it is a great way to keep contact and get feedback from your customers).

I Send out tons of Ads about The Lead Magnet… Everyday – I do this as early as possible – this way the Ads can “Work for me” while I’m doing other things. I use many List builders/safelists, email services every day and I get great results. I have a recommend page if you want to take a look and see how you can widen your advertising campaigns and reach more people on a daily basis – Recommended List Builders I run certain emails and use some tricks of course to get people enough interested to open up my emails and sign up. But that is a different story and another blogpost 😉

Of course Support is high up on my list – actually I have outsourced parts of it to my wife 😉 – She and I share the support work and that works great.

Networking – Answering questions on Skype – Attend Conferences – I have at least 3 different ones I regularly attend every week – Facebook Networking – Fan PagesWrite Articles (Something I also outsource – usually to my wife) – Write Blog postsTrack my Advertising Campaigns & Check the results, conversion rates, hits etcKeep my Ads Up To Date – Write New Emails – Make new pages – Make new DealsExpand My Ad Power and knowledge in new areasRead Bussiness Books = very Important

As you see it is easy to fill up a day!

What would you answer?
Is a Daily Schedule the Difference between Success and Failure in Online Business?

I would say A Big YES… as a matter of fact all comes down to having a Daily Schedule and make it happen! “Plan The Work and Work the Plan”

Without a schedule It would be very easy to drift away and do something else. Internet is filled with unnecessary but most amusing things that steal time from our time we have to spend working on our business. I have not even mentioned all Offline things that easily distract us, when we work from home!

You need to find a balance between Work and Recreation. Schedule the time you work, Focus and make the most of the time you spend in front of your computer. A well deserved brake is necessary every day! Schedule some kind of exercise everyday – I Swim and do Power walking as often as possible.

Finally Enjoy 😉 This is the best work I ever had – Being My own Boss – Work With what I Want – With Who I want – When I want and I know My Reasons WHY!

PS. My Why is a lot stronger then having a new car, home, what ever… My WHY is making enough to provide for my family and have a lot of time to be able to serve Others!

“Most things happen because you make them happen & your mind is prepared, when The right time at the right place is there!” /Stefan Berg

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