Social Media for Business – Are You a Fan?

LIKE – Tweet – Retweet – Seen anything on YouTube? Are you LinkedIn?

The list of Social Media is Endless… Reports says that people spend several hours a day on Facebook!

Are Social Media for Business? Is it Useful?

This is a real story that happened a few days ago when I attended one of my regular webinars.

There was a new Feature in the conference room where you can click on a Facebook icon to Invite your Facebook friends to the Live webinar.

I did so… A couple of minutes later I could see a familiar name in the webinar. A person I have known for years but havn’t had contact with in a long time. She got my message and was curious to see what was going on…

Here is the whole Social Media chain. I got a reminder in Skype: The Webinar begins in 10min. I logged in to the conference room. The speaker reminded us about the new FaceBook feature. I clicked and invited my FB friends. Two minutes later my old friend showed up. After the conference she joined my program TheLeadMagnet and TL2I and later that day posted on our Fan Page 🙂

The Social Media Circle… Talk about Viral Marketing…
Social Media for Business do Work!

Why did She come to the webinar and Why did she join these programs?
– Because people buy from people they know and trust!

Can you do this? Building a Network is something that takes time… I started out online more then 5 years ago and I still try to build my social media network, Bigger and Better!

If you havn’t started already – why not start today?
In a week in a month – and in a year you might have a great network too!

When you build your network and are using Social Media there is a Word of warning… Don’t SPAM people!

Just Sending out messages with links have nothing to do with networking – That turn people off!

Why not tell something about yourself. People are interested in People! We want to know who we are doing business with. Do a Welcome video or create Welcome message…

Have a look at My welcome Video on Facebook – maybe it will help you to come up with something of your own…
Facebook Welcome Video

To Your Success

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