List builder – A Useful Tool in Your Marketing Strategy or just a waste of time?

Do You use Viral Listbuilders – Safelists?

There are different opinions about List Builder, should you use them or not in your Marketing? Some people will tell you, that you won´t get any results because no one is reading your emails. Other says it´s a great tool and uses them a lot.

I would say it depends on How you are using the List Builder.

I see them as a part of my overall marketing strategy. I get good results from them.

I’m going to tell you why

Safelists had a great impact and you could grow your list very fast and sell tons of stuff with them when they where new (5 years ago). The effectiveness did gradually went down and a few years ago they was almost dead. Too many software’s, techniques and way too many bad safelist out there on the market. No one where reading the email you sent because they were sent to email boxes no one used. There was no reason to read them. Something needed to be done, some changes was necessary.

Why should people read, open and watch the pages you´re promoting?

The Answer is Credits. Transform the unresponsive Safelists to a responsive, money making machine – listbuilders. That´s just what happened. Now when a Safe List or List builder open they are credit based.
The focus is more on the actually Opt in page then the email it self. To be able to send emails you have to open email to get credits – or you can buy or Upgrade. It’s a simple solution, but it works like a charm.

Your challenge is still to stand out from the crowd, be unique. A lot of the emails sent is really Bad and goes directly into the drain. Your job is to make – or have someone doing it for you – “A kick butt Opt in page”. If you come up with Headlines that catch peoples attention you can get them to take action and sign up to your list. I give more tips and tricks how to write great emails in my Email marketing series –

You have to consider the time you spend clicking on email to get credits. I usually try out a couple ones (yeah there are bunch to choose from) and upgrade in those a get best results from to save time.

As you can see, things have changed. It’s not impossible to get good results from a List builder. List builders might not be your only tool or even your main advertising tool, but they are a very good listbuilding source.

In my opinion you should not exclude it from your advertising.

My Spotlight of the week is THE LEAD MAGNET

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8 Comments on “List builder – A Useful Tool in Your Marketing Strategy or just a waste of time?
  1. I recently came across your blog and are already reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I’ve enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog really often.

  2. Hey Stefan,

    Great post and I agree 100%, the only reason I use the safelist for my promoting is because it is credit based and they offer special incentives for members to open the emails.

    Skype – soonerdad3

  3. The first viral mailer, based on the script you use for TLM*, has started in germany a few days ago. And now I find dozens of list builders in the english market.

    But: Don’t you have the same people in every list finally? So does is make sense to use several of this lists?

    Best regards from germany

    • Hi Joachim,

      Thank You for your comment. The first Viral Mailer with this exact script was Launched More then a Year ago. TLM was Launched 10 Nov 2010. I guess you are talking about Guidos New Program – Instant List Empire. That is actually the last program that is launched with this script lol

      There are 1000 upon 1000 of new people who come Online every day + the many million existing marketers and all people needs Traffic, Leads…

      I have put a lot of time, energy and money into The Lead Magnet (TLM) It’s a lot more then a mailer. I Have a PLR section, video training in The Lead Magnet + a few more ways to advertise then The others.

      I don’t think the script itself makes the Big Difference… The Owner and the members make all difference How you run it, where you advertise and so on. What you do inside the program…

      I think there are a Marketer for quite a few Mailers But of course Launch a new with no new features or Unique touch might be difficult now if you don’t have a Business and sizeable List already. This is Like all market places or products. If You Launch a new one in an exsting market, you have to do it better then the others. I can’t see that all people or the same people are using all Viral Mailers but I sure Aim to build TLM Bigger and Better then the rest…

      I use These + a few More Myself:

      Best Regards

      Stefan Berg

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