Do You Care About Your Name – Reputation – Your Brand?

From The desk of Stefan Berg. This video is about You – Your greatest asset is YOU.
Do you care about your name – Reputation – Your Brand?
Do you promote anything under the sun?

I also explain what I mean by This:
– Are you a Hit and Run Marketer?
– Live fast, die faster! (your reputation)

Yeah, there are so many Matrix, pyramid type of businesses, scams…
Join fast and make millions kind of stuff…

Do you support all of this by join, promote it… just in case…
It might be big, the next thing. This without investigating, use
common sense. Without asking experienced People you trust?

Do You Care About Your Name – Reputation – Your Brand?

Regards from …“The Coach”

Stefan Berg

ps…. Feel free to comment below… rate the video etc….

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3 Comments on “Do You Care About Your Name – Reputation – Your Brand?
  1. I agree totally with your video – you really do have to let people know who you are but also come across to be professional when branding yourself otherwise no one will ever trust you. I am hoping that when people see me – the first thing that comes to mind – now that a gal that will help you – a straight shooter – very honest – I have worked very hard to build that with my branding. Thanks for the video and post.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  2. Hi there,
    Yes my friend I know what you are saying here and I think that most of us have shall we say been there done that and as we say got the tea shirt. I like you think that we should stop doing that and make a point of branding our selves in what ever way we can as long as it is for good of course. We do have to make sure it does not come down on the bad side of things. Any way enough from me. Great blog Keep up the good work. but as one not so good comment I am not sure about the green colour. Sorry about that. But that is just what I think sorry.


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