How to Make Your Email Campaign Compelling and Interesting – Part 2

What obstacles will you meet when doing your Email campaigns?

Some of your emails will end up in the spam folder. Some people enter false email addresses, others forget to confirm their subscription. (Ask your reader to check out their spam folder.) Do that on the Thank You page, direct after they signed up. Give them a 2nd chance to sign up on this page, if they did put a non working one. Another problem people have is receiving so many emails on a daily basis that yours might get lost.

How to overcome these obstacles to get your emails opened and read?

1) Spam Filters – Be careful when you embed an image in your emails and don’t send attachments – Your emails may be blocked by email client servers. Instead of an attachment, give a link and direct them that way.

2) Don´t use all CAPS in your email. It gives the feeling you are screaming at people – and you know how people react when screamed at. In other words – don’t be rude!

3) Don’t use the Word Remove. It is much more effective to use the word Unsubscribe. The word Remove can trigger spam filters.

4) Do not write Click Here – If you are inviting to something, a webinar for an example, use words as Register Here or We invite you to respond here instead.

5) Do not Make Your Line Width More than 60-70 Characters. The human eye processes information better in shorter groups of words on the page, especially on the computer screen, where our brains have taught us to “scan”.

6) Do not use too many links in your emails. You can repeat your link twice, but instead of put the actually link make it look good. Exaple: Each email should focusing on sending one message to your readers – One call to action.

7) Trust
– once again I want to stress how important this is. Build trust amongst your subscribers, who you are and what your story is vital in being successful in Internet Marketing. Get subscribers to know who you are before they join your list. Writing articles, posting videos on YouTube, and joining forums and sharing your expertise is a great way of branding your name. When you email them they already view you as an expert. They know you have good and relevant information to share.

Research your market well. What are your subscribers interested of?
How can you make your emails fit your readers?

Offer discounts for your subscribers. Everyone loves a deal.
Discounts or promotions makes them feel special.

Use Trigger words that catch the readers attention and make them want to learn more. Some words you can use are how to, secrets, strategies, free, tips, and why. Using questions is effective because it makes people wonder – even if it’s for only a second.
That second may be all you need to get your readers curiosity started.

Many are complaining about getting to many Emails from program owners, from ME and other marketers. My Advice: Take control over the emails instead of them having control over you. Make Folders and name them with the persons name. Sign Up HERE! and make a folder and name it Stefan Berg (you’ll get more useful tips & trix).

Do the same with each service Company you are a member of. Do a filter and voilà each email will be saved in these different Folders direct. Now You have control over the emails, instead of them over you!

Is this hard work?

Yes – Marketing in general is hard work. If you think this is too much work, re-adjust your attitude. There is no shortcut. Remember that it will take a while to learn how to write compelling interesting emails. But done right, with the right tools will turn your hard work into success.

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