Why you should start using IM Faceplate now!

If you not already have an account there already – its time to get one. Why?

It doesn’t matter if you been a Internet marketer for a long time or just a beginner. IM Faceplate is a great place to interact with other internet marketers.

I would like to give you some tips and some warnings before you set up your new account

You will notice that many will write “on your face” and directly urge you to sign up under there program. This is something you should avoid when you use Faceplate. Why?

As you already know from my earlier posts Internet marketing and connecting with people is that you build up trust, give valuable information and solutions to your business connections.

Sending affiliate links upfront to people you don’t know is not a good way of doing that. Just turn to yourself. How do you react if someone you don’t know at your first contact you urge you to join his/hers program? It is very easy to press the “Delete” button. And that´s just what is going to happen if your using Faceplate that way.

Instead – build yourself a name at this Forum, be a thrust worthy person that have information and valuable tips. People will turn to you and also refer to you. Use the opportunity to get people to know you by present a picture of you. Use your name in the username section. This is not the right place to put a funny picture or (one of your dogs, cats or kids). This is about Branding YOU…. Don’t use a “fake” name.

Write good articles, publish them in your profile. You can of course use the articles you already written. Your YouTube videos is a great way of presenting yourself. Connect your blog, Facebook, twitter, give people as many options as possible to connect to you.

Connect to other internet marketers present your self and give people your story. Use the “Groups” and “Discussions” to further brand yourself

Use the Spotlight and “Shout” regularly! As you see there is a lot of tips and tricks you can use in this new community.

It is really a Great “Plate” to meet new marketers. Done right you can grow and benefit as an Internet marketer from this tool.

If you are a new internet marketer – feel free to use my training here to learn how to write articles, create YouTube videos and other tools that is vital in developing as an internet marketer

Connect to IM Faceplate if you are not already have an account already

Regards from the Author….

Stefan Berg

    JVZoo Product Feed

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