The Best PTC Sites – “Every Click Counts” … The Best PTC sites. Yes the key to make money with PTC, Paid to click is to click every day. “Every Click Counts”. You Must be Persistent, consistent. That is the only way to make this happened. Every Click Counts. Do you click every day or do you just join do a few clicks and quit?

Use the money and invest in to real Business… Feel free to work with us… (hint Click on our pic) “Every Click Counts”

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3 Comments on “The Best PTC Sites – “Every Click Counts”
  1. Hey Stefan I find it very interesting and encouraging that somebody like your self would take the time to discuss PTC and a strategy to move forward with it.

    I have often considered (and experimented with) developing a program to help people build a business using PTC and selected Paid Survey programs like Survey Savvy with a view to funding them to a better high paying worthwhile program.

    I found your video both informative and entertaining (I’m glad your name is still Stefan Berg).

    Can you list any success stories of people who have followed your plan of zero to hero? I found that people tended to drop off after an initial flurry of activity.

    • Hi Mark!

      lol.. Still Stefan Berg, I guess I did to many videos and got tired of saying the same thing over and over again…

      Yes, most ppl drop off way to quick. There are a few problems with PTC’s as you know. Many of them never pay or pay a few weeks, month then gone. If that not been the case, this system would been solid as a rock. 2 reason, ppl want a quick fix. They think that internet is a magic money making machine. It can be … If you have the right vehicle and learn how to drive… I can be YOUR Co-driver if you want me

      I have a few very serious players who made it to the next level. When they take 1 or more steps I will put some stories on this blog.

      This is only I mean only if you can’t Invest 100-500 to set up your system. You have $0, can’t take even a small loan ($100-500), have 0 chance to get a offline work for different reasons and have plenty of time.

      Otherwise, save, loan collect cans what ever instead… Because it’s to many scams in PTC’s. It’s a lot quicker to start doing serious business direct. Even if you invest $100-500 in yourself and not make millions direct… no loss. Education cost money in most countries.

      I have a last reason for doing this. I already had a list, contacts of many 100 ppl who are, where in this situation I did describe above.

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