4 Comments on “How to turn your Twitter account in to a Twitter Business Machine and get tons of Followers
  1. Hi Kapil, not sure I understand your question. The Whole article is about how to turn Twitter account
    in to a Money Making Machine. Did you read the whole article? http://stefanbergs.com/2009/09/twitter-account/
    and did you join the Money Making Machine? http://bit.ly/UkRCr

    I explain everything in the article and when you click that link… How to make money with
    your Twitter account… turn it in to a Money Making Machine.

    Thank you for the comment and feel free to ad more comments….

    Stefan Berg

  2. I landed the page with the expectations of finding information/techniques of earning money on twitter. Dint find that and got confused !! My mistake.

    Now I have joined the so called money making machine, would love to see how it works ?
    I would appreciate if you post some info on the concept. As i would like to know everything about a product service, before enrolment

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