Get Online Traffic with Traffic Exchanges!

From The Desk of: How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges?

Many many people come online every day, they start their own business, some only
want to make some extra money others want to change their career, be rich and so on.

A few of all these people find Traffic Exchanges and some of them start surfing…

The Questions all of You should ask Yourself…

1. How do You Make Money With Traffic Exchanges
and Other Free Traffic Sources like Safelists?

2. Do You want to trade time for Money, work for
pennies or do you want to make your living Online?

I have Many years of experience in Traffic Exchanges and Online Business
TE’s are ONLY Good for 2 Things…

1. Build Your List!
2. Brand Yourself and YOUR Brand

Everything else many Members does is a waste of time and will never make you money in the
longrun. Advertise Other peoples Business, their brand or program, direct sell in TE’s
Will never going to help you in Your Business…

Build Your List with Aweber:
Your Own LCP’s, (squeeze pages) then start sell
what You have… with Emails, videos, Messenger, what ever.

This way you use This Traffic Source the way it
was designed… The List Is Your Business!

Only do 1 and 2 … All other ways is a Big waste of time for every serious person who wants to make Money With Traffic Traffic Exchanges

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HERE is a List Of the Best Traffic Exchanges!

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Stefan Berg

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How do you use your time effectively in your Internet home Business?

From The Desk Of: Stefan Berg

Maybe one of your goals with starting a Internet home business is to spend more time with your family – friends and/or your hobby.

Of course it will take time to start an Internet home Business – But do you need to spend hour after hour in front of your computer?

When you´re your own Boss No one beside yourself will decide how much time you spend at work. Surely you don´t want to spend more time then necessary. How much time do you need to spend to be successful?

What are the secrets behind being effective and productive in Internet home Business?

Surprisingly many people have not decided What they want to accomplish with their Internet home Business, and many don’t have a daily schedule or clear goals.

This is something you should spend time on. Think it through, put it in context. It will be much easier When you have this sorted out. A Clear Goal, 100% focus will help you make the progress you deserve.

You need to develop a realistic and effective schedule to be able to get more and better results in less time.

Visualize what you want and will accomplish with your internet Business by writing down your goal on paper. Make up a Step by step schedule.

Take time to learn the best techniques and how to use the best tools. Then – Take Action. You need to practice what you have learned. You will discover how you progress by taking action and where you can save time in different tasks.

Being realistic in your schedule means that you have to think through how much time you can spend on your Internet home Business. If you have a full-time job, it’s not practical to assume that you can spend all night working with your internet business too.

Write down a “What to do” list and write down how much every task will take. Decide how much you can spend on every moment. And then do at least one thing on your list everyday.

Track your results, what ad works, what kind of advertising works best, time wise and money wise?
Don’t expect different results when doing the same things day out and day in… To be effective you need to track and measure your work.

Things that don’t work, drop them and use things that works better… Cost/subscriber.

This will make you much more effective and productive when you are at your computer. You will notice the difference and see that it is not the time on internet you spend that makes you successful – It is how effective and what you produce that makes your success.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
James Lane Allen

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Stefan Berg

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