Website Traffic Tips – How to get website traffic?

From the the Desk of Website Traffic is the life blood in every online business. Without targeted traffic your business will die. To get results with your website traffic, you have to advertise your products to people who are interested in what you are selling. Here is where “targeted” comes in. I have many post about this… Read my articles and listen to my video about article marketing. One of the keys is to use the latest techniques. Things that was effective 2004 is not the best 2009. Targeted Website traffic is your lifeblood. One very good way is to use videos. Articles, Press releases, Traffic Exchanges (buy credits), Google AdWords is the fastest way to get traffic to your website! If You know how, Google is the best way to go.

How you take care of your website traffic and how you treat every lead you get will do all the difference in how much money, you’ll make. Feel free to comment on my videos, subscribe to my youtube channel…

I Almost forgot… Feel free to grab your free gift. I will teach you step by step how to drive traffic, take care of the leads and make money. You heard me say this before… You must have a system! Otherwise you can’t succeed in the longrun…

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  1. A System in Business is a Business Plan. You need tools to run it smooth. Plan the work, work the plan!
    Meaning, you need a few systems in place to run a successful business. This will help you focus on what works and what is not… sell on autopilot, follow up on autopilot then you can spend your time placing more ads, put in more content in your business. Develop new Products, special campaigns etc…

    Number 1, what are you going to sell?
    How are you going to sell it?
    How are you going to build a relationship with the buyers to have them comeback?
    How are you going to advertise the Business, getting leads?
    What Tracking system are you going to use to see what ads working?

    In a Basic Online business you need the 3 Musketeers! …3 Tools to get started
    1. Autoresponder (Aweber) Build relationship, send emails by auto, broadcast
    2. Hosting … Here you put your Blog, website, advertising sites, banners what ever… Full control
    3. Tracking … You don’t want to advertise in the Blue, you must know what ads works…

    I hope that answers your question…

    Having no system is more like THIS… Yes I want to sell this product, build an mlm business, online business, work from home, what ever! You start advertising randomly and talk to people you know place ads here and there… no tools, services in place.

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