Do you know where the best places is to publish your articles and How?

From The Desk Of: Using article marketing is a effective way to drive traffic to your site.

This Article is about, how you can use Article Directories and how to use them right. When you are ready with your article and checked spelling and grammar it is time to publish your article. Where is the best place to publish your article?

To get maximum of people to read your articles you have to submit them to different Article Directory sites.

You can make a long list of different Articles Directories that you can use. A few examples are: Ezine,
Article Dashboard, Article Alley and Go Articles. The best way to find them is on Google, search for Article Directories.

Here is what to do;

1. Start setting up an account in the Directories you want to submit your article.

2. Post your articles. Read through the guidelines to get your article approved. URL:s
are mostly only approved in the “resource box”.
Adjust your article if needed – that will save you a lot of time – sometimes it takes up to a week to
get your article approved. – Take your time and do it right from the beginning.

3. You are allowed to have a “Resourcebox” – that is your Pitch – where you can advertise yourself.
It is important to make it look professional. The purpose of this box is to get people to click on your
links, because this is the only way to get traffic to your website or blog.

4. Choose the proper category for your article – use one that reflects your article best. Then it will be
targeted for the right people. If you put it in wrong category your article may not be approved.

5. Take time to find keywords. Of course you already chosed your main keyword or frase for your article – now
you need tags or keywords that are related to the main keyword you use in the article. Fill out the “tagline”.
This will make sure that your article show up when people search for your topic, in the Article Directories, on your blog and other places.

Besides Article Directories you can alse post your article on blogs and in different forums. Social bookmarking is a great place. You may need to shorten your article or do a teaser with a link in this sites.

Last and most important is of course your own website and blog. This will increase vistitors to your site and help you get
a higher ranking in the search engines. Your URL;s should always link back to your site.

If you deliver quality in article marketing you will get customers that rely on your expertise and they are much more likely
to buy something from you.

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3 Comments on “Do you know where the best places is to publish your articles and How?
  1. I read your articles all the time. Since I write scifi flash fiction, I am not accepted in all the directories. Since I am a writer, perhaps you know of some places that pay you to write scifi flash fiction??

    I tried associated content. But they do not allow advertizine and no google adsense.

    I publish my content on social sites, But I was hoping to reach a wider audience.

    • Thank You very much. My Main business, what I do is coach people to become professional marketers. Only a few % is on this blog… The other 97% is inside HERE!

      I guess you make a lot of money with your coaching and I hope that your students also are satisfied.

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