About Article Marketing: Article Writing – Where?

From the Desk Of: Stefan Berg About Article Writing – Where? This is number 4 of a 6 part Video Series about Article Marketing. Why, How, When, Where and Now What? You find the 1st part here: http://stefanbergs.com/2009/08/article-marketing-why/ The 2nd here: http://stefanbergs.com/2009/08/article-writing-how/ And the 3rd: http://stefanbergs.com/2009/08/article-writing-when/ Article writing Where? explains the basics about article marketing.
Here is a List of Article Directories: www.vretoolbar.com/articles/directories.php
Next Video will explain Now What? About Article Marketing: Article Writing – Where Feel Free to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: stefanbergscom and Dont Forget to Grab Your 60Min MP3… Head over to my Blog: http://stefanbergs.com Part 5-6 will be there soon on a screen close to you.

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