Where is Your Focus, Is Free Always The Best?

Where is your Focus?

Is Free really FREE? Is Free Always The Best? Do you want a Business or do you want to trade time for money? STOP here 10sec and think about this… “Do I Stefan Berg want my own business or do I want a work? If You want your Own Business what are you prepared to do, to make your business profitable?” All begin in your mind. You have to decide what is your focus, why should I join that or that. Where should I spend my time, What tools do I need?

You need 3 Things to be in Business. 1. Aweber Autoresponder… 2. Hosting and 3. Tracking… look down on the right side “The 3 Musketeers“—

This is No Options, this is what you need from Day1. Illustration: Your car needs to be fixed. You have 2 choices: 1. You do it yourself, buy a book, search on the internet and find the instruction. It says you need this tool, that size. Either You buy that and fix it or 2. pay someone who do it for you. There is no options, you have to fix it, you need your car… Same goes in Business… If you want your Business vehicle to Run Smooth…

When You read in this Business instruction book: – “Go and Get the Tools… The 3 Musketeers now!”You Have to Decide! Do I want my Own Business or do I want to trade Time for money.(Get a work!)
Where is Your Focus Is Free Always Good? I Will Coach You…This is some points from this v

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